My Own Q&A Message

I have a journal filled with what I call my own channeled messages.   I started doing these several years ago when I learned about automatic writing.  Well I don’t feel mine are automatic as my pen does not take off on its own but when I write, I have no idea what’s going to come out.  If I think, then the writing stops so I have to push my brain out of the way so I can allow the words to come!  Not always easy for those of us who tend to think too much!  I do not know where the words come from, my soul or guides, but where ever the words come from, I always get so much out of them, especially when I go back later and read them.  Most of the time, I am amazed they came out of my pen.  It occurred to me that there might be something in there for others.  So I decided to post some of them for you.

From my latest question and answer session:

Q:  Is giving up the guaranteed security of a job with good pay and benefits and retirement a good idea for me?

A:  Is staying the same a good idea?  We would be inclined to say “no” based on your feelings of boredom and ennui.  The job, does it fulfill your passion?  Are you happy to go to work?

Me:  No. I feel stifled.

Q:  How do I overcome my fears?

A:  Let go.  Worrying begets more worry and will bring to you that which you fear.  You “know” this yet have not fully embodied it, embraced it into your heart.  (I felt a reference to the Law of Attraction there.)   You have much support here (non-physical) and there (physical).  You will not be alone.  We have endeavored to show you this in your dreams lately.  LET GO.

Q: How do I leave my family behind? (I was unable to put words to the feelings behind the question but they answered it anyhow)

A:  Your family, those that love you, will not stop.  Those who profess to not loving you after you go, never have.  Those who cast aspersions have their issues and will use your departure to cover their own feelings of disempowerment.

Q:  I need some clarity about this delay.  Am I the cause or is there something more going on?

A:  Child, you are definitely…no, not the cause, for that assigns blame and shame…you are a Creator.  You have not totally aligned yourself with leaving.  Your doubts and questions slow the process.  When you have let go – let go of people, places and outcomes, your way will be open and clear of obstacles.

Q:  I have done so much clearing and letting go, I thought I had done it all or at least enough so I could pull myself out of this sucking mud.

A:  You have done so much, so much that we stand in awe and applaud your courage.  You hesitate to write that word but that is the correct word.  Courage.  Now however, there is a remaining tug, a bit more to release.  There is the letting go of your doubts and then allowing yourself to trust that we have your back.

There is still a part of you that fears the joy.  You fear you don’t know how to enjoy yourself or how to let go.  You fear you will not be happy in the next place either.  Well, that could be true, if that is what you choose.  The choice is always yours.  Remember how you felt as a young child before all the masks were donned and the walls were built.  That is where you will find your joy, not in a place.  With people who are in like vibrations you will find this inner joy easier to access.

*So we say, Let it go.  Listen to your heart.  Take me dancing tonight.  I can see clearly now.

Me:  Thank you so much.  Namaste.

*Except for the first one, these were all songs I heard this morning immediately after I asked for a solution to the funk I have been in the last three days.  From the movie Frozen which I took my daughter and I took granddaughter to see, Let It Go.  This song made tears run down my face and my heart break open as I listened to it this morning.  I have listened to it before and it never had that affect on me.  Listen To Your Heart, which I took to mean stop hamster wheeling in my head and change to listening to my heart instead (I didn’t feel that the rest of the words fit me though).  Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, what fun fun song and it made me want to go dancing!  I think I was being told to get up and move and have fun.  (And woohoo look at those short shorts in the video, hahaha.)  I Can See Clearly Now, a feel-good song I hear a lot at times like this.  I asked my question, turned the radio station and these came on in this order.  Perfect.  I car danced and sang loudly to the third one (good thing the road was empty) and by the fourth song,  I felt much better!

I have more messages but this is a good start for now.  Gotta leave you wanting more, right?   🙂


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