Favorite Inspirational Links & Blogs

Some of my favorite sites and blogs are listed here for you to visit for inspiration if you feel so inclined.  Many of them also have Facebook pages where you can interact with the community and founder.  I am drawn to those teachers who do it not only with great love for humanity, but with great humor.  


*Eloheim  This is number one in my book and has been for at least ten years.  This is where I have learned the most about myself, humanity and the creation of this planet.  I have had deep transformations occur from their teachings.  They teach personal growth and self nourishment, offering a multitude of detailed and useful tools so we can emanate the truth of who we truly are out into the world without all the baggage and static. 

I first found Veronica Torres and Eloheim on youtube.  She has been channeling Eloheim (their choice of spelling) for more than 12 years.  Veronica regularly channels 7 beings who call themselves the Council and an occasional one who unexpectedly pops in during a meeting.  Very interesting and uplifting, often hilarious, and occasionally vehemently loud while they get their point across, all the sessions from Eloheim and the Council are full of information that is extremely useful for humans interested in self-responsibility, creatorship, and raising their vibrations from Homo sapien to “Homo spiritus.”   

Full meetings are available for a fee, but you can enjoy her vast collection of over 500 free video clips and still gain much insight, which is where I began and stayed for a couple of years. She has meetings several times a month, including a Q&A once a month where anyone can ask a question and receive an answer for a small fee. You can also purchase a yearly subscription to gain access to all of the meetings. Veronica holds wonderful retreats during the year. Details are on her FB page or website.

Warning: the Eloheim are plain spoken and not for everybody. No bunnies and rainbows in their teachings. They are intensely interested in our individual growth and well-being and do it with great love, offering tools and step by step help. They and the Council are teaching us to see our own beautiful selves just as they do, helping us to evolve into the beings we are meant to be and always have been. 

YouTube – Eloheim’s Channel   

Eloheim Channel on Facebook.  If you’re a fb person, this is a great place to go for information and to interact with others who are interested in the teachings. Veronica has also just begun a new and private fb group called Connect with Eloheim that is open to those who want to delve deeper into the teachings but prefer to keep the conversations private amongst those who share similar beliefs.

Introduction to Eloheim and the Council: my very own blog post about how it has changed my life.


*Angel Souls – Michelle Patterson, my new favorite card reader/psychic, who does monthly, weekly and yearly readings using angel cards.  She also offers individual readings on her site.


*Matt Kahn – an amazing spiritual teacher.  I am totally resonating and deeply loving his emanation and teachings.  Here is his website True Divine Nature.  He hits my heart every time.


*The Shift of Time and Energy  Lisa Gawlas, energy reader, teacher.


*Lee Carroll and Kryon – is an old favorite of mine. This site features channeled information from Kryon of Magnetic Service. Lee has been channelling Kryon for over 20 years. Kryon speaks with a more “scientific” aspect of spirituality, merging both aspects together in a beautifully understandable way.  Lee has a wonderful, deep, loving voice that’s easy to listen to.  Kryon begins every channel with “Greetings, Dear Ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.”


*Bashar  “I bid you Good day!”  These are the words with which Bashar, an extraterrestrial channeled by Daryl Anka, always starts their meetings.  He has a wonderfully dry wit and I learn something every time I listen to one of his videos.  Plus he makes me laugh, important!


*Lee Harris – an excellent source for upliftment and clarity. He offers free monthly energy updates as well as other information and connections on his site.


*Expect Wonderful – Meredith Murphy channels Archangel Michael.  Full of wisdom and information about the Shift.


*Creative Evolution – conscious guidance for the shift by Sandra Walter.


*Pamela Aaralyn  channel whose gifts opened up to her at age 5. She channels everyone from the Archangels to Nicolas Tesla to Dolores Canon. Her YouTube channel holds much fascination for me. 


*Spirit Library – more articles and channelings


*Abraham  channeled by Esther Hicks and one of my first teachers along with Eloheim and Kryon.  Esther is an inspirational speaker and author who dialogues with a group of spiritual teachers called Abraham and manages to do it all with a great deal of humor.  I resonate with their teachings, and I laugh every time I listen to one of their videos.


More Blogs I enjoy:


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