Head or Heart

The Way of Love ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very much in love with each and every one of you, no matter who you are and no matter what you do. This is our way. It is the way of love, and love is the way that we have decided upon for ourselves. It just so happens that the decision to love is harmonious with our true nature. It is more than just a coincidence, however. It is a calling, and you all receive the call as well.

You receive the call to love each other no matter what, but the call is often obscured by the reasons that the mind comes up with to not love another. These reasons can be quite compelling, and they are often chosen over love in spite of the fact that your true nature is love. We want you to observe how differently you experience your life and your world when you lead with your heart instead of your head.

When you see someone walking down the street with their shoulders slouched, their head down and forward, and their chest sunken in, you can tell that the person has been leading literally with their head and trying to protect their heart. One of the reasons why many humans choose not to love is because of the risk of getting hurt.

When you are walking around your house, or down the street, or at your place of work, see how differently you experience life when you stick your chest out and pull your head back and lead with your heart. It may seem like a silly and simple trick, but it actually works because you are putting your focus there, and your heart has as much to say about how you live your life as your mind does.

The mind is emphasized more than the heart in society, and it’s time for that to shift. It’s time for everything to shift. It will begin when enough of you are willing to be vulnerable, to love all others in your path, to lead with your hearts and to forget about all of the reasons your mind can come up with to shield yourself and to keep your heart hidden away. You will eventually do this.

You will eventually become beings of pure unconditional love. If you do it now, and if you do it consciously, you will have a much easier time with the energies that are coming in.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



Dark Night


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This struck me as truth when I read it.

I have been there. Massively stuck there. I had huge problems for 20 years with attachments to beliefs, with beliefs that I could never change things. Boy, was my human self wrong. And I had to go through that “dark night of the soul.”

However, I do agree with a comment I read that it’s the dark night of the ego, rather than the soul. Your soul is always shiny and fine. It’s the human ego doing the exploring, the resistance to letting go, and finally, changing.

Sensory Time

“You are moving into a more sensory time on Earth. If you resist that sensory time and try to play the game the old way – which is the more linear mind, the more conditioned human being and the old way of doing everything – things will get complicated for you. If you start to surrender to a more sensory and non linear time and an increasingly non-driven way of being – you will find that you become supported by what some of you call the more feminine energy on Earth. For she is beginning to ‘take charge’ a lot more. And this is also why you are seeing increased shadow masculine playing out in the world in more gross ways and in more positions of power.”

channeled by Lee Harris

What’s really underneath those actions you take?

The Effectiveness of Action ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have let ourselves observe the consequences of every action taken by every single human for an entire twenty-four hour period, and we did this because we wanted to see the effectiveness of your actions. We wanted to measure, objectively, what you were getting out of the actions that you have taken. And there’s something peculiar that we have noticed about the actions that you take.

They are mostly done without really examining what it is that you are doing. They are often done without having set an intention for them. Many of the actions that you take are habitual, and therefore, meaningless to you. So there is less attempting to utilize action for personal gain going on than you might think. Most of your actions are taken out of a sense of duty or obligation. Some are taken to cover up feelings, and those are the ones that we want to talk to you about here.

When you take an action because you want to avoid feeling a feeling, you are really engaging in some ineffective behavior. You look to action at times to compensate for something, but as many of you have noted, there aren’t enough hours in a day to give you the opportunity to take enough actions to compensate for something that is happening deep down inside of you.

And so here is our recommendation for all of you. Observe your own actions. Be present and mindful when you take an action. Know what that action is meant to accomplish for you, and be aware of the vibration that you are infusing the action with.

If you do nothing to change your vibration, then no amount of action taken from that vibration is going to change your circumstances. In fact, in order to serve you better, many of those actions will get you further into a hole because it is only when you hit rock bottom that you are willing to look at the vibration that you are holding, the vibration that is at the heart of the actions that you’ve been taking. When you look at, feel, and raise your vibration, that is when your actions become most effective.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Your Cohort is in the Wings

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com


Dear Ones,
Many of you are concerned you are not creating as you feel you should. That somehow this transition passed you by. That because you are seemingly a worker bee, you will receive no honors or rewards for all you have done and are doing.

Such is so because you have not yet reached your peak of creativity. You and your group or cohort are waiting backstage – nervous about your skills and frightened that you will not complete your assigned role. Not because you have not practiced enough, but that you are not capable of shining onstage or anywhere. Much as you once believed no one would find you attractive enough to love – until they did.

Your concerns are merely pre-stage jitters that will dissolve as soon as you move to your onstage place.

Perhaps you are wondering why everyone is not onstage dancing their unique dance? You, en masse, decided before entry to the earth in this lifetime, that your 5D or beyond awakening would happen in waves so that others would not be frightened by the power of an instantaneous shift from fear to love.

An instantaneous love shift would be overwhelming for those wishing to remain enmeshed in fear, as well as those merely dipping their toes into the freedom of love.

So it is that other cohorts or groups are on center stage before yours.

You are all the best of the best in your area of transition expertise. But if that much love radiated on earth all at once, love would become dominant because of a power play instead of an acceptance of joy as the natural way to be.

You are all forerunners who trained for eons to shift earth and the Universes. And so you have, and so you are. At the same time, you are all, so to speak, Universal winners, so you wish to be at the forefront of the forerunners as the biggest and the best.

Such is not possible for numerous reasons, not the least of which is that you selected 3D physical bodies with varying degrees of stamina. Some of you need to rest more than others, and some of you need to move more rapidly than others. You cannot force yourself to move/transition faster than is possible for your physical being – a physicality that you selected before birth in this lifetime.

Those different feelings or actions do not detract from your forerunner status – you are all on-course but in different degrees of transition as was planned by you before entry to earth in this lifetime.

When you decided to enter earth to initiate this transition en masse, you readily agreed to transition in waves both individually and in groups. So it is that your group or cohort is composed of forerunners, but within that group, each of you has a different role.

This Universal transition plan is more complex than you can now understand.

You want to be at the front of the class – always. Even though such is not possible because of your physicality and the grand plan.

This transition is similar to a ballet in which you might all be onstage, but only a few are in the spotlight.

The spotlight has not yet focussed on you nor has your group been called to the center of attention. So it is you feel you are not doing enough, not doing it right, or not rewarded as you should be for all your work.

Such is not to inform you that you must do more before you can be in the spotlight, but instead to let you know that you are not an underachiever, you are merely progressing at the pace correct for you and your group. You will be in the spotlight as will all forerunners and all who follow – just not at the same time.

This is a group production featuring specialists instead of a group dance without headliners.

You have a special skill that you may or may not have discovered. A skill that is your personal featured dance.

Some of you are beginning to question yourself for you have no inkling of what that special skill is. There will be a time when you will KNOW you are the focus of attention, that you are onstage to display your expertise.

A focus much deeper than the 15 minutes of fame some 3D humans claim – a focus that will shift earth and therefore, the Universes. Even though you are likely not yet aware of that focus, you will be.

So there is no need to worry or be angry that your life seems to be at a stalemate or frightening. For one of those pieces of fear, many of you are holding onto is that you are not shifting as rapidly as others.

Which brings us to another piece about which many of you are fearful or angry. If you are a master creator, why has your ‘bare bones’ life not shifted despite your attempts or wishes for it to change? What’s wrong with your creative skills? Why do you have to be enmeshed in 3D fears even though you wish to be of 5D or beyond? What are you doing wrong?


It is not you or your group’s time to be the onstage focus. But it will be so near the new year. For those of you reading our channels are of one group or cohort of dancers who have not yet claimed your center focus. Once your dance troupe is on stage, the light will find each of you at the right time.

Of course, this lengthy explanation does not necessarily make you feel more secure, for you wish to know now that you are in the right place at the right time. Even though we can inform you of that over and over, you need to experience it within your being. For most of you, that means you need to be onstage with the light focussed on you.

Do not waste your time, wishing for that moment. Instead, listen to your inner-being to discover your joy. For the more rapidly you discover your joy, the more rapidly you assist your group, your cohort in moving onstage. So be it. Amen.


Copyright 2009-2017, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author/channel: Brenda Hoffman & source website link: http://www. LifeTapestryCreations.com.

Healthy and Grateful

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I have neglected my beloved blog here due to some ongoing health issues recently. I apologize for my absence. It has been a huge challenge for me to share posts or focus on my spiritual self for months as I began to feel worse and worse since July.

Now, I am a fan of organic, natural remedies and try to avoid putting chemicals in my body as much as possible, but sometimes there comes a time when I relent and go see a mainstream doctor. It takes a lot for me to get to that point. I finally waved the white flag last week and made an appointment with my old doctor, someone I haven’t visited in about 6 years. Sometimes it’s what I need because the illness is beyond what I am able to do for myself, and this was definitely one of those. It took me a long while to acknowledge that. I tried and tried to heal what was going on, sometimes berating myself because I was “failing.” When I realized how mean I was being to myself and that I was letting my ego/personality self run the show and just getting worse, I called the doctor. I couldn’t do it alone anymore.

Doctors exist in this reality for a reason but it always takes me a long time to agree to access their care. I am so glad I finally did. Turns out, I had pneumonia. The doctor was a bit shocked I was still up and moving, it was that bad. They threatened me with the hospital due to my breathing issues but since I was without a fever and still walking around and my stats got better after a breathing treatment, they sent me home with meds and a nebulizer.

I tell you, I never want to do that again. I learned a lot through the experience of pneumonia, and once was definitely enough. I had been having continual allergy issues happening during my stay in Panama during my last visit, and on the way back to the U.S. I think I picked up something in my travels because I began to sneeze 3 days after arriving here and then got really sick for a week. I didn’t feel good for about 2 more weeks then thought I was getting over it. Apparently, it just incubated in my lungs. Breathing was a chore, my heart was racing every time I moved, and I coughed constantly. I couldn’t focus, couldn’t sleep, and had zero energy. The couch was my best friend. I depleted my inhaler, something I hadn’t needed in years. I used essential oils and herbal supplements as well as called on my nonphysical friends. I explored what was going on behind the illness. None of it worked. Doctors had diagnosed me with asthma and allergies about ten years ago, but I have never felt like I had to rely on the meds every day, or even monthly, only in flare-up times. This time though, whoa, it was constant. This was an experience I absolutely don’t care to repeat.

So. Here I am, a week later, feeling great after a week of conventional medicine and a better understanding of self. I have so much energy running through me, I don’t know what to do with it all! I haven’t felt this good in four months. I feel like a new woman. And hahaha, I have also felt like a bottomless pit all day today. I ate and ate and ate and never felt full no matter what I ate. And everything tasted good. I wasn’t hungry for months, food tasted bad, and today I wanted to eat everything in sight! I am amused at myself.

It’s a real joy to feel healthy again. Cheers!


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Path of the Lightworker


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The path of the lightworker is constant change. When a lightworker resists that change at a fundamental level, they become sick or stuck. Some of you reading this are in happy relationships, happy jobs, happy locations of living and your fear is that you have to get rid of some of those things. Hear us when we say that fear is not rational. You do not need to get rid of anything that is working in order to change. You simply need to be willing to transform, and to transform any area of your life that will transform, and trust that your transformation is the transformation of others.

– From Rise of the Lightworkers 2017-2024

Lee Harris