Listen to You

Listen to You

Dear Ones,

We, of the ethers, have already informed you how far beyond expectations you have progressed, as well as we no longer fully understand what you will create or are capable of.

That last thought is not to frighten you, but for you to understand how much further you traveled than we or anyone thought possible. You are like a self-made millionaire rising from poverty faintly remembering that you once hungered for food and shelter.

Our assumption before your earth entry in this lifetime was that you would create a comfortable life and your children and grandchildren would shift beyond that. In a sense, that our millionaire analogy would not be created for a few generations.

You have transitioned so far beyond all expectations that you can now literally fly to the moon. Even though that statement makes no sense to you now, it will in the near future.

Such a flight requires yet again a study of all you wish to leave behind. And so it is that many of you are clearing deeply, but with a different approach than was true when you initiated your transition cleansing years or perhaps decades ago.

When you first began cleansing, you did so without knowing why and so those clearings seemed fearful. You are now clearing in joy, asking yourself, “What’s next? Where can I go or what can I create if I do this?”

But some of you do not wish to cleanse one more piece of your being. You are content where you are.

You now have the freedom to stop, ponder, continue, or exit. For none of you expected to be at this place in this lifetime.

You completed your initial role by creating the New Age/New Earth bridge. Nothing else was required of you. But upon completion of that bridge, you en masse decided to transition further.

So it is you now have a decision to make that does not shift this transition, only you. No one is making you transition further – it is your choice. If you wish to take advanced courses, you will clear all necessary baggage. If you are content with who or where you are, there is no need to continue clearing.

Before you en masse created the bridge to the New Age, before you crossed the 5D Rubicon, you were heavily influenced by your cohorts to push a bit further, to remain with the team. Such declarations of right or wrong are over. You are free to do whatever you wish – from ending your transition journey in this lifetime to continuing on with whatever beckons you.

There is no longer a push, nor is there a right or wrong. You are free to be who you wish to be. Perhaps you are too tired to continue. Or you are so excited by the possibilities that you cannot stop. You must make that decision.

Some of you are feeling put upon by mentions of the ongoing clearings. Stop. You need not follow directives from anyone. You are a god/goddess, free to do what you wish.

Perhaps you expect someone ‘out there’ to tell you when to move forward, rest, or stop. Those messages are no longer relevant for you are the commander of your ship. No one is more knowledgeable about you than you. Meaning no one can entice you to move forward if you do not wish. Nor can anyone stop you if you wish to move forward.

You are a self-contained entity. And for you to cry to the heavens or your guru that you have had enough believing they have some sort of control over you is for you to have forgotten all you have achieved.

No one or no entity is more knowledgeable than you about you.

Why do you feel the need to give your power away, after working so diligently to reach this point of personal power? There is not a naughty witch sending you messages to look here and there for pieces you wish to remove. Nor is there a good witch telling you that if you do this, all will be wonderful. There is only you. What are you telling you? That is all that is important now.

If you wish to continue this farce that if you cry long enough, the gods will take pity on you, realize they cannot help, for you are the god you are crying to.

The energies floating about now, as all transition energies, are permanent energies of the earth. If you wish to rest or stop, you are free to do so. And if you wish to continue, you are also free to do so.

There is no need to complain to others that you are tired of clearing – just stop, rest, or continue, for their dictates have NO meaning to or for you. You are a now self-contained entity following the messages from your inner-being. A voice no one but you can hear.

You must take responsibility for who you are or who you wish to become. For you to expect others to feel sorry for you because of your clearing, informs you that you have not yet internalized your power.

In truth, expecting someone to tell you what to do next now that you are of 5D or beyond, is tantamount to a college graduate expecting a kindergarten student to give them direction.

You have the power to stop clearing at any time and to create a life of joy. Or to create a life of joy as you now understand it and then continue on. Or any framework that is best for you. You are a god/goddess. You do not require anyone’s approval or direction.

It is time for you to take control of your life.

Listen to you. That is all that is required. You can create joy here and now. Or you can create a different kind of joy wherever or whenever. That is your choice and your role. So be it. Amen.


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Releasing Your Collective Past

Releasing Your Collective Past ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are in partnership with as many beings as we can possibly contact in the decisions that need to be made in regards to how much humanity is ready for. When we see you processing as much as you can possibly process and using the energies that you are receiving to your benefit and the benefit of all humankind, we naturally assume that you can handle more.

We are pleased to announce that the energies you are now receiving are meant to release you from the bondage of your relationship to your past. We are not just talking about your past in this lifetime, or even your past lives. We are talking about your past as a human collective. Everything that you’ve experienced as a collective up until now plays a role in how you perceive yourselves and in what you believe you are capable of.

That collective past, that human history, can be released by assimilating the energies that you are receiving right now. You can release guilt. You can release limitation. You can release feelings of being persecuted and feelings of being enslaved. In so doing, you will empower yourselves in moving forward to embrace what humanity is actually capable of.

You will make peace with the past. You will accept it, but from now on you will not use it to create your future. Instead, these energies are going to encourage you to be more present and to access more of the truth of who you are. The truth is that you have more access to your true nature as Source Energy than you have ever had before.

Clinging to a past and a history that seems to indicate otherwise no longer serves you. It’s time for that full recognition of yourselves as Source Energy beings, and we are here to help you make that transition.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The Power of Your Personal Lives

The Power of Your Personal Lives ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

There is no doubt that humanity is taking strides forward, and we are pleased to report to you that your personal lives and what you are living in your personal lives are the reason why humanity is taking strides forward. You have the ability to affect the entire timeline that you find yourself on.

You, as an individual, are connected to all other individuals, and we mean that quite literally. There are cords connecting all of you, and if you want to experience what it is like to be at one the entire universe, all you have to do is feel for that connection that you have to all other beings in it.

So as you navigate through your personal lives, and you affect the collective in a positive way, you help to raise the vibration of the entire timeline, but then you shift onto another timeline, where you can affect all on that timeline. The beings on the new timeline are just other versions of the beings from the timeline you just came from and helped.

This may be confusing or seem like science fiction, but actual scientists are exploring parallel universes, which is just another term that means the same thing. And these scientists are fascinated by parallel universes. They are considered by many in the scientific community to be a reality and not at all part of a fictional story.

So you are an individual, jumping timelines, affecting all of the other individuals on that particular timeline, and all of the timelines come together at a point and create an experience of a shift in consciousness for all. You are bringing together all possibilities, all potential realities, in this shift in consciousness because this is a universal shift, but it also involves the entire multiverse.

You are changing the past on those timelines where it appears that humanity didn’t make it. You are changing the past. Think about how significant that is for a moment, and know how powerful you are in the living of your personal lives, facing the challenges that you face head on. That is how you create a new universe for all.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

You’re Your Creator

You’re Your Creator

Dear Ones,

Have you taken the time to breathe in the light?

Many of you tell yourself that you must do this or that before you enhance your being with the most recent light energies of love and creation.

Step one to any creation is knowing you deserve what you wish. Perhaps that thought does not seem that difficult for you feel you deserve the best of everything. We beg to differ.

You are at a place in which all you desire is waiting to be created. But then, waiting is the operative word in most of your creation statements.

Perhaps you learned that you must chant something, purchase a creation package or meditate in a certain way. All of which are important steps for the person who created their dreams as a result of those actions, but not at all for you if you have not yet created the life you wish to have.

It is time for you to put aside all lessons learned – whether your own or the messages of others – to realize you, and only you hold the key to your creations. And it is time to ask yourself what piece you have not yet connected to within yourself. For this is a time of creation with the enhancement of the ongoing energy waves of self-love.

Most likely, you have yet to tap into the piece within you that declares you are not worthy of self-love, of self-creation. That you must pray more, act more loving or clear more within you – anything, you can think of to stop yourself from creating your dream life.

Many have even used world chaos to hide your true self. For in your outer beliefs, you cannot create the life of your dreams while the earth is in chaos. And if you did, how can you believe that such a life would continue following the destruction of all earth structures?

You procrastinate in your dream creations to care for earth or others, so you do not need to look within.

Is this procrastination not similar to the beliefs many of you had when you initiated you transition? “I have no part in this pain so after I leave my job, spouse, community, or nation, I will finally be happy enough to create the life I want.” A concept you learned was the opposite required for your new you transition. So it is now.

Look within, not outside yourself for your path to a joyful life. No one can create or even help you create the life of your dreams. You are the one and only creator in your life.

What parts of your being are withholding joy from you? And why is such so?

Perhaps you believe you cannot answer those questions because you are not yet skilled enough to look within without assistance.

Of course, you are able to look within and have always been able to – you merely did not believe you could in 3D, so you created a barrier to your inner world. Once you were of 5D, you became even more skilled at self-observation, of looking within. Who are you? What makes you happy? What stops you from creating that happiness? And so it continues with questions you will create to unlock your path to happiness.

You are as skilled in the creative realms as any guru or New Earth instructor. You merely do not wish to acknowledge that to yourself for that would mean you are the creator of you.

Even though that last concept has been acknowledged by you for a number of years, you have not yet applied it to the extent that you now wish.

Granted, you have removed many, many fears within you that negated your forward movement in this transition. Now you are at a stationary point in which you have time to create the life you wish. Or the time to mull over world crises, family woes, community difficulties or any other issue that removes you from your inner-being.

Perhaps that thought makes you angry – which is wonderful. Why are you angry? Most likely, you are angry because you have no one to blame. Your karmic slate has been wiped clean. You have cleared those pieces that stopped or negated your transition efforts. You have climbed your mountain of fear and rolled down your hill of self-love. Now it is time to create big, small and in-between. And this current stationary point is your creation class.

You have learned through practice that others are not able to create for you – that something within you is stopping your joyful dreams. It is time to discover your hidden terror or stop point because the current energies flowing from the Universes are designed to enhance your creative skills.

Maybe you feel you do not yet love yourself enough or that you are not worthy of joy. Go within and discover why those pieces come to mind. Allow yourself to be an open book to and for yourself. There is nothing you can hide from yourself any longer for you have initiated self-love. It is when you do not love yourself that you hide pieces of yourself of which you are ashamed.

You are beyond shame and have been ever since your 5D crossing. Allow yourself to believe that, then begin your self-exploration. What is stopping you from being you? Only you can access that piece. And this is the time to do so for this is a time of creative energies.

Allow that to be. And allow yourself to grow in this time – not to caretake earth or others, but to caretake you. So be it. Amen.

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Now Is The Time

Now Is The Time!

In each moment, with every breath, you are given an infinite number of choices.  Each decision you make changes the course of all that you experience!  If you choose to manifest something then you are manifesting in this moment.  If you add a thought, it changes the course of your history.  There is much inner work to be done but, you have been focusing your energy on other things which puts a ‘delay’ on what you are wanting/needing in your life.  Now is the time to begin that inner work, my beautiful child!  Do not be the young one who, while floating in water, fears drowning and ignores the fact that the water is only knee deep.  (Chuckling)  Remember, you choose….you choose……YOU choose! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

Jennifer Farley

A Reboot

Image result for reboot

Having spent the last two weeks sicker than I’ve been in over three years, I finally feel more motivated to do something, anything – beyond occupying my couch.

It has taken me this long to actually feel like I want to do more than just be still. There was no thinking, planning, or doing, beyond simple human needs for two weeks. Breathing was an issue and my sense of smell and taste left until yesterday when, as I chewed a bite of macaroni and cheese, I was suddenly aware that I could actually taste. Shocked, I exclaimed loudly, “I can taste this!!” to the amusement of those around me. I spent the rest of the day going, I can taste! I can taste! I didn’t appreciate how much I use and enjoy my ability to smell (is this clean? do I smell? does this litter box need changing? is this expired? what does this essential oil smell like?) and taste (food tastes like dirt to me without it, I don’t know how to cook without taste testing, and forget eating chocolate, why bother?) until it was muffled.

I did lose a few pounds though hahaha. And because I couldn’t drink my beloved coffee (or anything else, for that matter) for four days, I let go of my afternoon cup, something I’ve wanted to do for a long while. Not being a fan of caffeine headaches (even though I normally only had two cups a day), I hadn’t yet. I am now down to half a cup in the morning. I enjoy the taste and the morning ritual so I am keeping that because, why not?

So, that’s been my experience the last couple of weeks. Life, my body, decided I needed a reboot. Seems to fit in with what is going on in the outer world.




The Challenge of Awakening

The Challenge of Awakening ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

In the awakening process, you usually encounter some resistance from outside of you. This may come from friends or family members. It may be that you are leaving behind a faith and those who still believe in that particular faith are upset. Whoever it is that is resisting your awakening process, they are doing so because you asked them to before you incarnated.

You wanted to have a voice of dissent in your circle because you need that in order to solidify what you are moving towards. Sometimes you need someone else to resist you so that you can dig in your heels and be absolutely certain that you are moving in the right direction for you. You don’t have to take anyone with you on your journey, but many of you want to bring your friends and family members along because it can be a lonely ride.

You can find yourself wanting to connect with other individuals who know what you know, and it may be challenging for you to locate those individuals, especially if you live in a small town. Again, the process of awakening as an individual is something that you choose to do in spite of the opposition. Even though it would be easier for you just to remain as you were before your awakening, and it would be easier to fit in, you must be certain that you are on the right path for you.

If it were easy to believe what you believe because it was some sort of trend, then it would also be easy for you to abandon it. The sacrifices that you make to be different are necessary for you to be certain that you are following something that is coming from within you, something undeniable.

Your awakening can be messy and challenging, and can leave you feeling alone, rejected, and abandoned. But what you gain in the process is so worth it. You gain more of yourself. You gain a deeper connection to Source, to the universe, and to all of the other beings who are awakened within it. You create a network that spans the globe, creating a grid of energy so that others may join you when they are ready.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”