Don’t Dim Your Light


In the grandest, most cosmic sense in the Universe, no right, no wrong, just choices to choose in any given moment. What to do when your bright light triggers the unresolved shadow in others to rise to the surface?

Well, you can choose to try to dim your light, adjust it down to make it more pleasing and comfortable for others. You can turn it off and put it away. OR, you can keep shining, serving your higher and greater purpose of being on the planet at this time, and being an effervescent healer of the light just by being as you so naturally are. At your core, you KNOW who you are and why you are here. It’s just the vocal and persistent doubts and insecurities that bubble up to claim otherwise.

We each serve each other so well and so perfectly with our interacting energy fields, and with our light. Each relationship and human interaction, whether just a brief glance and hello, or a lifetime of the most delicious intermingling, is such a rich opportunity to learn, grow, expand all aspects of ourselves, and to know what it is to truly love.

Now is the time to embrace where we are happy, confident, and intuitively strong. It is time to believe in ourselves and that there is no way we could possibly be on any other path, but our own perfect path. It is time to feel into our rootedness and groundedness, and to transform our self-talk of “I’m strange, bad, wrong, or worthless,” into “I’m sane, I’m awesome, and I deserve the best in life. I deserve to be honored and loved as never before!” I start this celebratory party train by loving myself right here, right now.

Today I choose to keep on shining my light into all corners of the Earth, just as I am, believing in myself as a unique spark of the Divine, for the benefit of all!

And so it is.

Peace, peace, peace to all hearts,
Julie Dittmar


The Importance of Authenticity

My entire life I have been uncomfortable with folks who were superficial, who spoke less than the truth of their feelings, who said things to get folks on “their side” (politics anyone? high school anyone?), and who blamed things on others because they couldn’t or wouldn’t claim responsibility for their own life. In other words, people who were not authentic. 

These people usually made it obvious they didn’t like me to show up as my real self either when we interacted. If I spoke or acted from my truth, I used to get into trouble for it, both as a kid and as an adult. It wasn’t appreciated or wanted, and so, I learned to temper who I was to make others comfortable and to keep those people in my life. Too bad I was uncomfortable! Oh no, but people might not like me!

That’s no longer my chosen way to live. I woke up. It was a lengthy, soul-searching process but now I am quite happy and at peace with my true self, and that’s who I show to people. And though I sometimes get blow back from those who are uncomfortable with the real me, it no longer bothers me. I speak with kindness and no malice and don’t beat myself up when others disagree with me. They are allowed to disagree with me, just as I am with them.

Waking up has required me to own who I am. To claim it. It has required me to be authentic. To love and appreciate who I am. To forgive my past self’s way of being. To trust authentic me to be my current guide. And it certainly requires me to openly show the world my true self instead of hiding it to “protect” others or myself. I actually find authenticity truly freeing. It’s far easier than having to remember to be different with different people. And I really find it attractive when it comes from others. 

The change to authenticity has been reflected back to me by my outer life’s mirror. I’ve had people who can’t handle my true self depart my life, and others, who are authentic and real and love me as I am, have appeared to replace the ones who left. In fact, I have more true, heart-centered friends now than I ever did before.


Now, not to say I am perfect in this at all times, old habits are very easy to slip into, but I’m aware when I’m not being true to myself, and so I step back, take a breath, and hit the reset button, again.

I can’t choose for others to be authentic, but I can choose for myself.

The masks are off. And it’s good.


From Matt Kahn:

Authenticity is the new awake. It is not an awake spirit in the absence of body or world, but our willingness to integrate our awakening spirit into the body and express it fully in the world. When authentic, we are able to experience an entire spectrum of personal expression, whether labeled as good, bad, or otherwise, from the perspective of our inherently liberated all loving intelligence. In authenticity, we welcome life with enthusiasm, while remaining open to the miraculous gifts that each moment provides.

As authenticity dawns, we come to see how our most limiting experiences are not based on outcome, but how we respond within and throughout to the circumstances at hand. When authentic, the worst feelings are not the end result of misfortune, but moments when our most vulnerable responses were left unrecognized or under appreciated. We don’t have to like our experiences to be authentic. We just have to be honest about how things feel.

As the heartfelt honesty and courage of true authenticity awakens, we come to see how all things are healed by time, instead of through the instance of your will. From this space, the human experience can be celebrated as the perfection of spirit; expressed through the glory of individuality to honor the desire of Truth to know itself in infinite ways.

Matt Kahn

Let Go

If you stand in front of someone whose heart is quite closed, you are going to have an impact on their energy field. And some of you are still not awake to that fact in a way that is serving you. Some of you are still frustrated by some of the people you are having interactions with that are not going the way you wish they would. Some of you are having relationships with the higher potential of some people rather than their actual behaviours. And this hurts you far more than it hurts them.

– From Own Your Heart Energy

Lee Harris

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With or Against Nature?

With or Against Nature?

Dear Ones,

Let us address your need for shelter within yourself. Perhaps such a thought seems counter-intuitive given the number of earth-based events you have experienced recently.

While it is true you are all one, it is also true that someone needs to know how to swim before attempting to rescue another. So it is that your fears and need to caretake or create victims are not productive during this earth shifting process. Your joy and self-love are.

How it is possible to feel joyful when others appear to be suffering? We are not speaking of dancing in the street, but instead that those affected by the storms, fires, military movements and other happenings throughout the globe now have the ability to reclaim their lives in ways most right for them – and nature.

Your fears are based on 3D models of what is important, what needs to happen. Instead, earth events are part of your new normal. The earth is shaking and rattling to remove the debris from its being, just as you did during your dark night of the soul.

Of course, such a thought produces, even more, fear within your being. For you fully understand the need for 3D clothing and shelter, but not that this earth-shaking is forcing new creations that will be used by all.

This is a new earth in a new age. So it is that which was acceptable or the model of being is shifting also. Perhaps you will better understand if you review natural housing structures no longer in common use – the sod shanty of the United States plains, the mud huts and moveable tepees of some American Indian tribes, or the thatched roofs and mud/shell structures of England.

Even though such structures were once considered viable, most of you would not live in them today. Not because you are that different from those who once called those structures home, but because you have accepted more convenient and sturdy homes as the norm. That norm is what is being destroyed in so many ways throughout the globe. What was is no more. What is has not yet been.

So it is you are being encouraged to create a lifestyle that includes the needs of both the earth and humanity – no longer expecting the earth to follow humanity’s lead.

Much of the destruction the past few weeks is the result of creating homes and lives counter-intuitive to earth’s needs and natural protections. Grasslands, forests, reefs, Everglades,  aquifers, deserts, and on and on have been bulldozed to create just the right human home or industrial site.

Your natural disasters are about human hubris – not creating a unity of humanity and nature.

Cities, homes, water distribution and even recreation sites most often are designed counter to what is natural in any particular area.

The dreams of those who build new homes or communities have little compatibility with nature. So it is many of those structures have been or will be destroyed by natural forces.

Such is not punishment, but instead an eye-opener to reality.

Perhaps you experienced something similar when you were moving through your dark night of the soul. That which was once familiar and supposedly loving did not appear so once your blinders were removed.

So it is now for the earth. The earth accepted humanity’s need to control it. From rain-making to preventing natural forest fires to building on flood plains and ocean fronts. Trees were cut, land paved, and homes and industrial sites built in places not natural to earth or humanity. So all could realize the 3D dream of living in a house in a United States desert that looked the same as a home in the northern part of the US.

Throughout the world, similar activities can be noted. The difference is that buildings and activities in other countries negated the earth’s needs in ways most valued in that country.

That is not to say that you should return to sod shanties, but to learn to live with the earth instead of trying to control it with the results you have been noting – earthquakes, forest fires, weather anomalies, the extinction of certain plants and animals, pestilence, and illnesses.

Your need to control the earth is backfiring in ways you could not have envisioned even a few years ago. A need that has expanded to space – with used weaponry and satellites floating aimlessly about, just as is true for the human debris found throughout the oceans and water systems.

What can you do? Let us return to your joy. Instead of fearing the future, think in terms of how you and others can create harmony with nature. Neither humanity nor nature was created to suffer. Yet, most humans have not thought of nature’s needs as they try to ensure human comforts financially, emotionally or spiritually.

How can new housing be economical and yet blend with earth instead of creating another gray or beige home that reduces or eliminates nature’s freedom to care for itself?

So it is that the joyous part of the recent earth shifts is that they encourage those excited by thoughts of new designs and processes to create that which flows with humanity AND nature. Unlike the designs of the past, which catered to humanity and negated the natural healing powers of the earth.

Allow yourself to heal as you do the same for and with the earth. This is a time of new creations – that is your joy. Not the destruction of others’ lives, but instead the call to action to create better and more harmoniously than ever before. So be it. Amen.

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Card Pulling

So, in the beginning of my spiritual exploration, I was encouraged to practice tarot as a way to strengthen my intuition, to learn to receive, and to trust the messages I got. I was pretty darned good at it, according to feedback. Several years ago I misplaced one of my favorite decks, a deck given to me by a friend. So I haven’t used it in a long while but lately it crossed my mind again and I have been wanting to find it and use it. I filed that thought away, knowing the deck would show up eventually. I found it yesterday when sorting something completely unrelated. Now I remember why I stuck it there.

Before I got into bed last night, I took the deck out of its bag and felt the joy of it my hands again. I cleared it with a smile, shuffled, and pulled a card with the question, “What do I need to know right now?” *

Yikes. The smile dimmed. The 10 of Swords, not one of my favorite cards. I used to interpret it as taking one too many blows or wounds in life and being overwhelmed (using the book interpretations mostly.) But when I sat back and let the current meaning of it come, it was, your old life is done. Dead. Over. That self is no longer valid. Ten is a 1-0 or a one number, meaning a starting over, endings and beginnings.

And so, for clarification, I pulled a second card. 

That revealed the 3 of Cups. Whew. Okay. Family, friends, celebration, happy were the old meanings to me. The current meaning shows a meld of three aspects of self, and it’s a joyous thing. Body, Personality, Awareness (Eloheim’s terms), or in a similar vibe, the name of this blog-Life, Heart, and Soul-the physical body, the person that directs the life, and the nonphysical or the intuitive, guiding aspect. Trinity coming together as a whole in this lifetime.





Old me is dead. New me is a meld, a joyous reunion of the nonphysical self with the physical. This was a reminder to me that this is my path and exactly what I am currently doing (and yes, I have occasionally wondered that as of late). Perfect message. Direct and to the point. Got it.

So glad to have my old deck show up again. What a pleasure to feel the current ease in getting messages, to feel the growth in my abilities. 

(*I was actually looking for something about Irma and this is what came up. It does start with me. And the 10 of swords is definitely pertinent to the rest of the world. Our old way of being is over.)


Ho’oponopono, Irma, and Pamela Aaralyn

I listened to Pamela Aaralyn‘s latest videocast yesterday (not yet uploaded to Youtube) and in there, she channels Hurricane Irma, Gaia, and the Hopi Collective, all with a message about evolution, and in particular, a message about all the storms and planetary upheaval we are currently experiencing. Irma is direct, curt, with a get-with-it-NOW energy while Gaia is more gentle and loving. Irma says she is the amalgamation of all the shame in that area of the world. Gaia and Irma both say Humanity-on a soul level-asked for help in clearing these heavy energies from the planet so we can evolve faster. Thus we are getting it via fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Gaia is obliging.

Releasing and forgiving what shames us, basically any of our wounds, is what is going to mitigate these storms and help release dense energies from the planet. Even though we might believe we have done it already, there may be wounded places inside us that we are still unaware of (either from this life or from other ones), places that would benefit us, personally and humanity as a whole, to face and love. So, Pamela suggests using the Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono. I have used this myself in the past and found it very effective. After watching Pamela’s video yesterday, I did ho’oponopono several times and was surprised at what arose each time. I also come out of it feeling extremely tender. There are still parts of me that need to be seen and loved apparently! I plan to continue practicing this process.

We are connected to All, and what affects me, affects all. What I think, feel, say, do, affects all. So, though I may intend this as healing for Irma and Gaia, it is healing for me and humanity as well, spreading outward, like ripples in a pond, just like all lightwork does. It begins with me.

Center and come from your heart first to receive and give the full benefit if you choose to practice ho’oponopono.


I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

Mother Nature and Compassion

Light Streaming September 2017: Mother Nature and Compassion

Chaotic nodes, energetic disruptions and intentional directives all contribute to the shift in the global consciousness. Like a pebble thrown into a still body of water, Mother Nature has been serving, and will continue to serve, as the catalyst for this current waveform. She is breaking up old structures and inwardly prompting us all into a stance of surrendering all that we are and all that we have to fulfill our individual and collective purpose. 
Current events are reminding us of our inherent compassionate nature and our connection to others–community through cooperation, family through love and support as friend helps friend, neighbor honors neighbor.
When writing A Call to Remember about the global patterns through 2052, this was the year, 2017, that stood out the yearof chaos, of mass awakening, a global turning point. As I’ve been watching and serving others, I know for sure, w hat happens right now will define our way of life for generations to come. 
Programs of separation and division have no place here. We are anchoring into oneness as our new normal. As we each learn, in our own way, to align our thoughts, words and deeds within the context of what it means to stay in the flow of divine grace, the whole of humanity will move toward global healing and transformation. 
For starters, growing number are leaning to call upon the nature spirits to calm the storms, and ebb the tidal tsunamis that contribute to the chaos. Oneness goes well beyond human beings. We are light expressing as human. Oneness encompasses all beings and living things. Even so, growing millions are already remembering that we are one global family of humanity and compassion is a strength not an inherent weakness. 
Can you feel the shift afoot? It’s time to build structures that will sustain this new awareness. But how can we each do our part?
The guidance is simple: Live in Love and deeply listen to what is yours to do in the moment, each moment. If you have been feeling stuck, trapped or blocked, internally soften and let go of  thinking that would have you feeling separate, alone or unsupported. Shift your awareness to gratitude. Help someone as you so feel called. Find solace in nature. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this world. Love and honor yourself. Rise above petty arguments. Avoid the polarities inherent in fear-based thinking.
If you have been listening to your inner voice, September marks the time of the fulfillment of your heart’s desire. Drop the doubt and embody joy. Set your dreams into motion. Manifest. Honor your intention and trust the way forward. 
Overall, remain humble and in the flow as your angelic helpers conspire to help you move your version of mountains over rivers as you joyously work toward the fulfillment of your calling.
Love to all, and flow with your version of chaos. It means you are embracing change, and gladly so. This is what we have been waiting for! 
Carol Fitzpatrick
Love. Honor. Appreciate.
Carol Fitzpatrick 

Channel, Visionary Guide 

and Soul Coach 

Follow your heart,
change the world.