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For humans, it appears that everything is moving quickly now as they have experienced reality as three dimensional and that reality manifests as an observer, a human in (3rd position) observing duality, the other two dimensions that compose the polarity of opposites. Really there are many dimensions, and time is not linear.  In meditation, humans can experience a much more expansive consciousness comprised of all consciousness, feedback from all aspects of creation, which is in totality the wisdom of the ALL or God-consciousness. Horses are able to open the avenues to connection which open through the heart. The mind of humans confuses the higher truth of the One Consciousness as it is vested in ‘human mass mind consciousness’ which is made up of all beliefs only known and agreed upon by humans. The world, the universe is so much larger. It is only recently recognised that the heart is the organ or really just the location of memory as it is not held on the physical level but on the etheric and located at the heart chakra. When higher states of vibration are attained such as being tuned by something of higher resonance like creations of the natural world, animals, trees, and all of nature or leaving limiting belief structures as in deep meditation and opening to Oneness, humans experience a whole new reality that is limitless and eternal. Gaia is speaking up being the ‘macro’ biome for all life on the planet.  Her microorganisms, particularly the humans are growing out of control and threatening the life of their host. As above so below and Gaia is trying to eliminate the disease with flooding, fires, shaking, winds, all the extremes in her arsenal, She is calling to humans to re-connect and share in a symbiotic relationship with their fellow inhabitants all so necessary in the synergistic functioning of all of creation. Cut down the trees, and you have no oxygen, poison the waters, and you die of thirst. Really we are all calling to humans to wake up, to connect to the truth, and follow their intuition as the rest of creation teaches.”

Below the ‘Creation Story’ as the Herd understands it:

The Creation Story:

In the perfect realms of spirit, a group of creator Gods, with blessings from the Oneness or the ALL imagined and conceived a perfect planet E.A.R.T.H. (Expressing And Recreating The Harmony) Also the same letters in H.E.A.R.T. (Holographic Expression and Re-creation Tuning Device ) which would contain a living evolving library expressing the great beauty and diversity of Love In Finite Expression (L.I.F.E.)  all in harmonic alignment, all interdependent, all one in the body of the ALL. (The Garden of Eden story.) The creator Gods descended from heaven to play in their creation and returned to spirit at will. Over time, the density and laws of time and space drew them deeper into their creation until some were too dense to return to spirit and chose to be part of a great experiment to see if the seeds of the Oneness planted in the good earth would ultimately grow to become the fruit and flowers of that Oneness.
The animals, minerals, and plants maintained a clear connection to the Oneness while the ‘humans’ as they became when planted in the hum-us of earth chose a veil of forgetfulness, partly to ease the deep sadness of separation from spirit and to become part of a ‘blind study.’ This forgetfulness encompassed the human understanding and connection to its own creation, its brothers and sisters, and all the children of its own creation. The humans descended into a place of separation and aloneness broken only by a faint glimmer of a memory glimpsed in heartfelt moments of the awareness of the underlying force of unconditional Love in ALL things. The animals and the non-human earth beings, all of us One with you in your creation call to you to leave the cloudy confusion of your minds and join us again in the eternal knowing of Love and Wisdom held in the heart. Spend unstructured time with us. Let us tune you again to the highest levels of vibration. We vibrate with the pulse of ALL creation and share the One breath of spirit that breathes through us ALL. We are ALL the One  ‘I Am’ and your hope to re-connect and re-member the dream of L.I.F.E. and prove ultimately, the parable that the seed of God planted in the good earth will multiply and become the fruit and flower of the sower’s inspiration.”

– The Herd

Blessings, and excitement at the realization of a whole new perspective that is soon to be realized,

The Good Parts

So sorry for not posting lately! I have been gone visiting a friend for several weeks who has no wifi and I hadn’t put data on my phone yet as I hadn’t needed it. It was a challenge not being connected!

February 17, 2020
From Kryon Book Eleven – Lifting the Veil

The Good Parts, Part II

“Kryon, I just want the good parts.  I don’t want those other parts.  Isn’t there a process where we could just go to the good stuff? Dear one, it’s all good stuff.  You have predetermined that challenge is going to occur, and you have predetermined that “challenge” is negative!  What if challenge is simply going through the steps of learning?  Your request is like a woman saying, “I don’t like the pregnancy part and the delivery part of having children.  I like the stork story a lot better.”  Well, that’s mythology!  So, indeed, you must experience all growth, since it’s something that is yours alone to do. That’s what the duality gives you.



through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

Downloads and Activations

New Ways to Deliver Downloads & Activations to You ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to discover new ways of getting you to open up to receive. We understand the importance of getting you to slow down, to stop altogether, and to allow in that which you have been summoning, whether on the physical or energetic level. And we have discovered that when you are confused about something, when you don’t know the answer, when you have given up on trying to figure something out, those are excellent times to get you to open up and receive.

We are very interested to see how you are going to receive what we are offering in those moments, as we begin to drip in little pieces of information, downloads, and activations to help you along on your journeys. Confusion is very similar to being in a space where you’re not thinking anything at all, because anytime your mind has to give up control, that’s a good thing. That’s an avenue for you to go beyond your physical mind. It’s a similar phenomenon to when you cannot find what you’re looking for in the physical realm, get frustrated, and give up. That’s usually when the item you’ve been looking for appears magically.

You need to give up sometimes with your mental processing. You sometimes need to stop trying to figure out the solution to an issue and just accept it as it is. You are capable of doing this consciously, of course, and you certainly can create enough issues for yourselves in your lives to get you in that place of giving up, but your guides can also help facilitate this process, while working with your higher selves. And that’s when we come in to deliver something that you can only receive in those moments when you let go of control.

You do need to let go of that desire to know everything and to have it all figured out. Right now, many individuals are trying to figure out what’s going to happen next, and certainly a great deal of individuals want to know when and how the shift will be completed. When all of the information that you run across is contradicting other information, that is by design. That is meant to get you into a state where you throw up your hands and recognize that there’s plenty of life to be lived in the present moment without knowing what’s going to happen and when.

There’s plenty of life to be lived when you just accept that this problem you’ve been facing has no solution. There’s plenty of life to be lived as you are completely uncertain about whether what you want to manifest will ever come to fruition, and that’s the sweet spot. That moment when you give up and just decide to live happily ever after, that’s the moment that we wait for, and we invite you to anticipate good things from now on when you’re in that moment.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Equinisity Newsletter

2020 is feeling like a pivotal year, and I’m very excited to see what is in store.  It is a number 4 year, and we can learn so much more about the Number 4 and what we will experience during a 2020 Universal 4 year when we observe how the Number 4 is ever-present in our everyday lives.  In fact, the Number 4 exemplifies the structure of the Divine within our physical world.

  • The 4 Elements – Earth, Fire, Air, Water
  • The 4 States of Matter – Solid, Plasma, Gas, Liquid
  • The 4 Seasons – Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn
  • The 4 Directions
  • The 4 Winds
  • The 4 Points of the cross
  • The 4 Noble Truths in Buddhism
  • The Tetragrammaton is the four-letter Hebrew name of God
  • The 4 Corners of the World / 4 Points of a Compass
  • The 4 Freedoms – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • The 4 Chambers of our Heart
  • Our 4 Blood Groups – A, B, O, AB
  • The 4 phases of the Moon – New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Third Quarter

The number 4 has a way of bringing spirit into physical reality — energy into form. 

When I drew a Collette Baron-Reid, Wisdom of the Oracle card, I got Soul Mates. The card briefly said: 
“You begin to attract the perfect people to support your dreams – mentors, business partners, helpers, employees, creative partners, friends, and strangers open doors for you, and step through the portal to join you in a harmonic dance of collaboration, commitment, and co-creation. This is what you have been waiting for!”

We have been holding the space for this higher level of vibration and heart-centered creation. The world, with its individual pockets of human consciousness, is spinning off in many directions and many levels of vibration. What we the animals and the natural world are contributing is a stabilizing influence through our heart-centered connection to source. We are helping humans to synergize with the magnificent synergistic dance of creation. The definition of synergy, in essence, is “the behavior of whole systems that is greater than and unpredictable from the behavior of the parts of the system when viewed separately.” Love is the underlying current and foundational element of that behavior and the choreographer of the dance. It is exciting to be experiencing on a planet of such beauty and diversity and to be in service to the force that created it. That force is available to all of us through our heart centers. The secret is that it can only be greater when whole systems are combined through heartfelt connection and individual truth. We are masters of truth and bring all truth to resonance in our presence. Consciousness is expanding rapidly now. Let us help guide you to its highest expression.”

– The Herd









You’ve Become a Universal Hybrid

You’ve Become a Universal Hybrid

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for LifeTapestryCreations.com

Dear Ones,

Many of you expect to grow wings or something similar to physically indicate you are a chosen one. You are, but so is every one of the earth. For this is a group project that has been in process for more years than you or any human can count.

Earth is an experiment that has matured to becoming a member of the Universes. An experiment that was initiated before the earth was formed. The hypothesis was that if a beautiful and lush environment were created, those who populated that environment would live in peace and harmony.

Even though there are other populated environments throughout the Universes, none include the multi-colored beauty of the earth. Other Universal environments emphasize learning or experiences with various emotional or physical attributes, but none combine all as was the earth concept.

Format after format was tested and refuted as various Universal entities populated the earth focussing on this or that attribute. It was not until fear entered the earth domain that the experiment finally took root. For fear was a coalescing attribute that best suited the variety of earth species.

So it was that those enmeshed in fear whether of the earth or formerly of the planet decided the next format would be shifting from fear to love. And if that experiment was successful, the earth would become part of the Universal family. So it was.

This brief history is important because many of you doubt you are transitioning from fear to joy and love. If such were not true, the earth and its inhabitants would not be Universal beings. But of course, such a statement means little to you, for you have no physical evidence that the earth’s experiment was successful. For your media seems to report the opposite – that the earth is being destroyed and humanity is entering an extremely heavy period.

Such was true months ago but is no longer. For what you cannot sense is that those not in front of a camera are shifting or have shifted from fear to love. That those who are silent physically are not silent within their beings. They, just as is true for you, are hungry for love in all its facets.

You and others are changing from within. Something you have known for some time. The difference is that the need for love is expanding far beyond your expectations or knowledge. Granted, those with the loudest voices are angry, fearful, and mean. But those with the soft voices are now the majority heralding the earth’s entrance into the Universal family.

Perhaps such does not seem that important to you as you observe fear seemingly spreading throughout the earth. But that soft voice of love is much stronger than any fear. The earth experiment was successful.

So it was that the earth was designed and redesigned with different species and humanoids only to be destroyed and started once again. Almost as if the earth were a piece of clay that was not fired until recently. You are the final piece in this extremely sensitive and long-lived experiment in beauty and love.

Your earth will be saved. Granted not necessarily with the same creatures or topography, but one that expresses love and joy. And humanoids are no longer humanoids but instead a hybrid of a Universal being with many human attributes.

Until this time, you denied your Universal attributes so you could have a complete human experience. Such is no longer necessary or even appropriate. So it is you will begin experiencing new skills and interests if you have not already. And you will welcome those skills instead of denying or fearing them as was true before you were of the Universes while of the earth.

For just as it was inappropriate for you to start your earth sexual life at ten years of age, so it was until now inappropriate for you to display or acknowledge your Universal being.

You are a new being of the earth, but not of the Universes. For indeed, your courage to be has allowed you to meld your Universal being with your limited earth being. And by so doing, shifting the earth and the Universes. A successful experiment that is heralded throughout the Universes. For you are now a complete being on a Universal plane, much as has been true throughout your Universal experience in most other environments.

You will not grow wings, nor will you cage those who do not express love as you experience it. Instead, you are merely the first to acknowledge your true Universal being while of the earth, the experimental planet of beauty that has morphed – because of you – into a Universal entity.

You are an earth angel. But you will not display any paraphernalia that the earth of fear created to limit those who were moving in love. For in 3D, if someone did not have wings, was not perfect (as defined by other humans), and did not glow, they were merely human. A degrading term for those who wished to experience fear.

As you evolve further, you will understand that there is no one physical display or action that defines an earth angel. Merely being in all your joy is your display. No wings, no white gowns, no halos, only the joy of knowing you helped shift an experiment from fear to love through your courage and tenacity.

You are finally free to be you in totality in this place of beauty and love. Not because you are different than any other human, but because you dared to be first. So it is this earth fairytale has an extremely happy ending created by you and all who dared to be despite others’ attempts to return you to fear. So be it. Amen.

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Holiday Thoughts

I ran across this as I was cleaning out my old emails today. I had sent it to a friend who was having a hard time, and I thought it might be helpful now for anyone who is struggling to deal with family dynamics or interactions with those who are incompatible with their own beliefs, particularly over the holiday season.

Below are some of the teachings from Eloheim and the Council that have helped me (and continue to help!) as I navigate through personalities and holidays.


Eloheim: So, your physical world is a movie screen. Your internal journey is projected out on to the movie screen. Change the internal journey, and you change what’s projected outward into your physical world. Your physical world can also show you things that you are shifting away from, so you can go, “Yes, I’m done with you.”

So, if you see something you don’t like, you confirm. “Yes, I’m done with you, and if there’s any of this left in me I want to find it now. Thank you very much.” A little shortcut two-fer.

The Girls: Every single person in your life is there by your choice. You cast them in your story. You hired them to perform with you. You empowered them to be present in your life.

So, if you interact with someone it’s because you chose that interaction to occur and if you decide not to have boundaries around that interaction, well, you chose that, as well. And if you choose to get triggered by their reaction, well, there you go, another choice. If you choose to stay conscious in your reaction, there you are. If you choose to be habitual in your reaction, there you are. It’s all about the fact that you are deciding what happens in your life. 

Eloheim: You are having simultaneous solitary experiences. And you are all participating in each other’s journey because you really are all one. The way we like to say it is it’s one big diamond. Each of you is a facet. So each of you is looking out of your own windowpane but if you look back there, everyone else has got your back.

Every single one of you sees the world differently than everybody else. That’s why we keep telling you, you can’t tell anybody else what they need to see or what they are seeing, and you just need to deal with what’s in your lap first.

The Girls: Love yourself as you are showing up. Love yourself as you are here. Love yourself for the very existence you have. Not what you will be. Not what you have been.

Embracing yourself with the—what do they say—attitude of gratitude, for your simple… the simple act of being.

So, you can love yourself because you breathe. Every breath is a doorway to loving yourself more.

Every breath is permission to love yourself more. Every breath is the expression of loving yourself more.

Every little bit of you is lovable. Everything you’ve thought.

Everything you’ve done.

The more you love you, the easier it will be for others to reflect that love back. If you love you, you open the door for others to love you well.

So, during this season of family get-togethers and interactions with those who might not enjoy the same beliefs as you do or those you don’t understand, or even, particularly like, be sure you stand in the love of your complete self. Love yourself as your soul does. Love yourself like you are the little four-year-old child you once were. It starts there.

Know that others are living what they know, just as you are doing. Know that your soul recruited them to be in your life–for the moment, for the season, for the lifetime. Others are showing you who they are and reflecting things in yourself that you are loving or are ready to let go. And yes, sometimes it’s challenging to acknowledge that some of those things linger inside.

Use your boundaries if you feel the need. It doesn’t mean you are unkind. It may mean you simply remove yourself from the situation by going to another room or conversation, or maybe you acknowledge the difference in beliefs to yourself or out loud and leave it at that. You don’t cope or explain. You make the choice to stand in your own truth without feeling victimized by others. You love yourself enough to live your truth without backing down or allowing yourself to feel crushed.

Lots of love.

Dorothy Foster's photo.