Taking Action

I love how so many of the teachings from various sources are now coming together with the same messages. Eloheim has been teaching us for quite awhile about not seeking outcome, that living that way is extremely limiting. They have taught how one aha will lead to another when we allow the process to happen naturally. Spinning a story around in our brains, trying to figure things out, and aiming for a specific result or desired timeline tends to keep us stuck.

So we take one step at a time based on an insight or a sign or an aha-whichever word speaks to you. Eloheim uses the word aha. This then leads to another aha and perhaps another step and another aha, each following the other, one at a time, allowing for unexpected but welcome possibilities.

But we have to listen and take a step when the aha occurs. And due to this planet being a free will zone, no one but us gets to direct our individual steps even if sometimes we may wish someone else would tell us the “right” thing to do. Our life, our choice of steps to take or not take.


Taking Action

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

After you take a step in a particular direction, you are still accessing the next steps along your journey to where you are going. You open yourself up to many different possibilities when you take any step at all in a particular direction. Many of you want to know what all of the steps are going to be before you take that initial step, that initial leap of faith. And that will and does keep you locked in to where you are in the moment.

You benefit from initiating a little momentum, and you access the next steps from the momentum that is created. When you are able to release the need for control, the need for you to always know the outcome, that is when you open yourselves to a myriad of possibilities. You actually give birth to possibilities just by taking any initial step whatsoever towards a particular place or experience.

Whatever it is that you want to move towards, it is ultimately up to you to begin the forward motion. What it is that you desire is calling you forth, but it cannot take the step for you. Something else that we witness from many humans is a desire to have someone or something else tell you that it is okay for you to take that step. You want permission from those like us, or from your spirit guides, or some synchronicity. You want signs that will poke and prod at you before you take that initial step.

But how do you know that the signs aren’t waiting for you? Perhaps the signs will come as confirmation once you start the movement forward. You will never know what you are capable of until you take even the tiniest step forward towards living the life that you want to live and being the version of yourself that you want to be.

There is always going to be a certain amount of action necessary on your journeys, and we encourage you to take whatever action you can joyously and with faith in yourselves and faith that you are always moving in the right direction.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”


Your Higher Self Is Ready To Join You

Your Higher Self Is Ready To Join You (Descension)

by Michelle Walling

Many of us are here in service to ground the energies of the shift into higher frequencies. In order to do this, a part of our multidimensional self needs to ground here to Earth while still being connected to the higher realms.

A part of the “work” I do is consciously connecting with my higher self, or the larger part of me that is outside of this matrix. I ask that my body be healed and cleared so that I can accommodate more of my higher self’s energies into this body. The higher self cannot merge into a low vibrating body nor can it stay if there are blockages.

I often ask my higher self to join me as much as possible while doing my meditation. I especially ask for guidance while doing my life coaching sessions, and it never fails me. I have learned to trust my higher self and most of the time it is driving my “vehicle” now without me realizing a difference, other than things seem to flow smoother when my higher self is more in the body.

There are times that the higher self retracts for a while. Lower density emotions can bring this on, however that usually happens so that you can clear out more for the higher self to bring more of its essence. At this time, I have observed many people in the In5d community exhibiting more of their higher self than their old 3d self.

The 3d self is run by the ego and is always in fear mode. That is because the 3d matrix reality uses fear and separation as the number one way to keep your vibrations low. The ego does not necessarily go away when your higher self merges with you. The ego runs the personality, but when the higher self takes the wheel, the ego takes the back seat.

While Earth is shifting, she needs beings planted on her that can stay connected to the higher realms. This keeps her from needing to have too many earthquakes or volcanoes. It also allows her to keep vibrating at a higher rate for her eventual shift from 3d to 4d and 5d in the physical. She has already shifted and separated realities on another level. We are still catching up to this in the slower densities, but it is accelerating.

If you have a sudden change in your personality, preferences, or relationships, your higher self may have walked in. Usually this would attribute to positive changes in your life. However, sometimes your higher self needs to walk in and shake things up a bit. It also likes to stop in to repair something like a relationship, especially if that relationship is necessary in your spiritual development. Some people aren’t conscious of their higher self stopping in, and that’s ok too.

If you have never thought of asking your higher self to join you, you can simply take some time to yourself and connect to your inner space. There are many ways to do this, but I like to imagine moving my consciousness (my thoughts and awareness) to inside my heart. I take a few deep breaths and ask for a connection. The connection has always been there but we have just forgotten. The more you do this, the stronger the connection gets.

Eventually, those that choose to ascend to a higher vibrational frequency will simply be their higher selves all of the time. The higher vibrational essence of their oversoul will have seated into the body and this will continue shift our reality. Everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency, and whatever frequency you resonate at will determine what reality you tune in to. Earth’s higher self is assimilating with her, and she is supporting those who wish to vibrate away from fear and separation.. The re-connection to all that you are is now occurring and anything blocking it will be shown to you so that you can clear it.

Those that are working to integrate their multidimensional aspects are truly bringing heaven to Earth. They are building stronger bridges of connection, and when one person accomplishes this, it helps the collective. Change is inevitable in your reality as you change your vibration. If you are having a tough time right now, don’t forget that you always have guides by your side that you can count on. Be sure to utilize them by asking for adjustments to occur smoothly and painlessly.

Michelle Walling

This and That

The  closer this election gets, the more work I have to do, the more conscious I must remain in order to not take in the collective’s fears. I feel it and then I think, why do I feel this way? I didn’t a minute ago! Or I was sleeping, why do I feel afraid? Because it’s not mine! So I clear it out and regain the calmness and peace that resides in my center. I never realized before how much of a sponge I was. 

The family has spent the last few weekends moving my daughter out of her apartment into her new place almost two hours away. This weekend was moving furniture. Next weekend will be all the little stuff that’s left and cleaning. We spent the whole time saying, how did you acquire so much stuff?? My car is full of things to donate and she already threw out and donated bags and bags. Amazing how we humans like to hang onto old things and buy new ones and stockpile!

My college grandson showed up Friday night. What an awesome surprise to see him walk through my door! We had a great chat and he even hugged me several times over the weekend. He’s growing up. Speaking of growing, the boy has filled out and holy cow, grown an inch since he left in August! He hasn’t grown since 9th grade. He looks great with a little meat on his bones and he is very to be his own boss. He stayed the night and helped out Saturday with the moving. So great to see him.

Weather is cool at nights and still warmer in the daytime but that changes from day to day here. Been a few days where I wanted to wear long johns lol. Soon it will be cold all the time if it follows old patterns. But hey, we are in the new energy so who knows what’s going to happen?

I am missing my Boquete tribe and activities, but I look around at my family here and like being with them as well. I will go back to Panama in January for the worst of the weather and return here probably around June. No decisions on anything have been made. I really like traveling and I get antsy after being still for so long. I will for sure honor that part of me that enjoys traveling around as long as it fits my needs.

Still no car, but I am not actively looking. Too much other stuff going on to pursue it at this point and the ones I did check out were duds. My current car just needs to keep itself together until I figure this out! It may not happen until I return next spring.

Well I need to head to my job. Have a great day everyone. Blessings.



Mathematicians of the Sea, the Dwarf Minke Whales

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Weekly Whale Wisdom Newsletter                
                                                                                                   #37 October 16, 2016
   Yesterday, was the official end of Humpback whale season, and I had a group of 9 people on the boat.  We had a lovely day and ended the season with 100% success in sightings with a pair of adult Humpbacks, one who made it’s presence known with some spectacular tail throws just outside of the city.  Then in the Pearl Islands, we found a very gentle and gracious mother, who swam close to our boat and proceeded to have some quiet, cuddle time with her calf by allowing him/her to rest on her face as she hung just below the surface.  It was so sweet and such an honor to witness these tender moments between whale mother and calf.
The rest of October, I will be working on some writing projects and preparing to attend a big Joint Venture marketing event in early November run by Rich German who many of you may know from his amazing paddleboarding adventures with dolphins and whales in Southern California. If you are an entrepreneur, especially in the coaching, healing or spiritual realm, I highly recommend this event. To check out Rich’s JVX event, go here.
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Recently, I watched a video of my friend, John Rumney’s Eye to Eye Encounters with swimming with Dwarf Minke whales and so I thought it would be fun to tune in and see what this little known species of whale would like to share with us.  What I received, was a bit of a challenge for my numerically challenged brain, but fascinating as you will see. If you are not already familiar with Dwarf Minke whales, you might want to skip down to watch the video before you read their wisdom.  Their words will make much more sense after watching the video below.



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Dwarf Minke Whales


–  “We love hanging out and playing with the people.  It is such a polar opposite to what we do the rest of the year.  When we play together with the people it is a family reunion of sorts for us.”


– “We are the mathematicians of the sea.  Our work is serious and we often work alone, spread far apart so this pod gathering is an important social event for us.” 


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– “We see numbers in everything.  We know how everything in the sea works mathematically. We see the algorithms that keep the flow and balance of the sea.  Our job is to make sure everything adds up correctly.  In other words. when there is pollution, toxins, oil spills, over fishing or any other imbalance in the sea, we work out the mathematical problems to bring the ocean back into balance.”


– “It is no coincidence that we sound like Beethoven’s 5th as symphonies and all music can be broken down numerically.  We love the combination of numbers that result in music.  The blending of hard fact and the emotions.”


– “The ocean itself can be broken down to pure numbers, but when you look at it, you don’t see numbers, instead you feel something.  It brings up emotions, it touches your heart and soul.”



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 –  “We are the masters at weaving numbers into the perfect, symphonic blend to bring out the very best of emotions in you.  When you look at the ocean, just by being with the ocean, it creates a natural and easy flow in your breathing, blood flow and releases blocked emotions to flow and be released as they should.  That is our work.  You honor us and our work every time you feel an emotion just by looking at the ocean.”
– “The sounds that humans have recorded of us are just a small sample of our symphony of songs we sing.  We are using the basic, Beethoven’s 5th first 5 notes to get you to take notice of the similarity to music that you already know.  One day, when you as a race are ready, we will share our much more complex songs with you.  But, you are not yet ready to feel the depth of emotions that will be released with our music.  Keep doing your inner work and transformational healing and you will be ready to have your hearts blown wide open by our songs.”

Interesting Image

Here is a fascinating video about Dwarf Minke whales and you will see my friend, John Rumney and his Eye to Eye Encounters trip to swim with the Dwarf Minkes.  Click on the video above to watch.

It’s Not Weird

It’s Not Weird
From Kryon Live Channelling, “Getting Connected–Part 2” April 2016 in Columbus, OH

Old soul, you are the one to start having these dreams, these new realities. As your DNA starts to increase in its efficiency and you give permission for a higher consciousness, it may begin. It won’t just happen to the children. It can’t be only them, since you’re the ones with the most experience at the moment. The children will get there eventually, since they’re old souls too, but you have the wisdom to understand it now.

As these things start to happen to you as an adult, no matter what age you are, old soul, there’s a tendency to suppress it. Perhaps you will instead question it and go to somebody who will listen to you and say, “I’ve had a weird thing happen.” Don’t you dare say that! It’s not weird; it’s a normal thing! The only thing weird is a Human who has lived with the grand potentials of this for eons and never used it! That’s weird!

If you’re someone who can transmute time, and there’s some in here who know exactly what I’m talking about, I want you to claim it. If you’re one here or listening who has had what I will call a multidimensional experience, I don’t want you to tell somebody it was weird. I want you to stand up and claim that you’re moving out of this 3D box and you’re starting to realize that you are having experiences that you’ve earned! The shift is here and the old soul is starting to feel the new tools!

through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

Awareness Serves You

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

As long as you are aware of something, it is not affecting you in a negative way. When you become aware of a vibration, a thought, a pattern, a behavior, or anything else, your awareness is serving you tremendously well. And the important thing for you to know is that once you become aware, you don’t need to fix anything. You don’t need to change or transmute anything at all.

All you need to do is dive deeper into that awareness. Being aware is allowing you to experience whatever it is, and if you can experience whatever it is that you are aware of without judgment, without suppression or denial, then your awareness has served you very well, and you can move on.

The idea that you need to fix something comes from your minds. But if instead, you can sit with what you are experiencing, allow it, and breathe into it, you will not need to continue to experience that emotion, that thought or that behavior.

When you are unaware that something is running within you, that is when you have reason for concern. Many of you want to know what subconscious beliefs you have, what blockages you have, what attachments you have, and the reason you want to know about them is because you are unaware. The simple way in which you become aware of any and all that affects you is by feeling into your space.

Feel into your body, feel into your energy field, and feel into your chakra system. Do so because being aware keeps you present and because it is only through your awareness that you can create something new. It is only through your awareness that you can create something consciously. What you are unaware of is creating for you, and it is creating for you subconsciously.

Your awareness and your attention to something unwanted, or low-frequency that is within you is not going to create an unwanted experience. Your awareness is going to move that energy through you, creating space for you to put something there in its place, consciously and deliberately.

And so, be aware. Check in, and feel what is happening within you and around you so that you can be the effective creator beings you were born to be.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”

Daniel Scranton

I love knowing that I don’t have to DO anything, that awareness is the key!