Releasing Past Patterns

Message from Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta Gabriel.

For this week, the message from Archangel Gabriel talks about accepting the choices we made in the past with neutrality and moving on.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

Do not allow yourself to dwell in past patterns. Simply accept those choices and move ahead.

Does it seem like all your old patterns are in your face right now?

I certainly have noticed this phenomena in the past two months especially. It seems we are being given a chance to clear the way for some healthy new choices.

What I also have noticed is that if I don’t give these old patterns any juice when they show up, they go away very quickly. In fact, they disappear without my being able to remember what it was that felt so in my face a moment before.

No, I don’t think it is just my advanced age. I am hearing about this forgetfulness phenomena from many people of all ages and from teachers I respect as well. When we are suddenly aware of old patterns, they are actually in the process of leaving our consciousness. They won’t stay unless we grab hold of them with our emotions. We really can let go of memories and patterns from the past much faster nowadays. It has to do with the emotional energy we apply to that memory and doing our best to look at the uncomfortable stuff with much more neutrality than ever before.

Emotions have a strong magnetic resonance, which means they will attract situations to you with the same vibration. The emotions from the past have no bearing on our present time unless we choose to bring them into our world. There is a very fast manifestation process going on now between our strong feelings and what we experience in our lives.

Unless we want to repeat the past, it is exceptionally important that we not bring the old baggage into these new times. We have a chance to experience a level of freedom now that we have never had before. Things have become more simplified since 2012. Where we put our focus of attention is what we receive. Simple as that. It is our habits that continue to drag our old ways into the present time and future events.

I am having surprising success at looking at some of my most painful patterns (yet again) and finding that I really can let go, and forgive myself if that is needed. There is a new level of neutrality around the situation that was never there before for me. Of course I would have done things differently at that time if I had been more evolved. But now there is a new level of acceptance, willingness and a capacity to move ahead with my life without dragging the past with me.

We are all being given an exceptional opportunity to experience True Freedom within our lives. My life has taken on an almost magical quality, as old burdens are lifted and new opportunities continue to abound. This is true for everyone. It is a special creative moment and we have lots of support as long as we stay present. This may mean paying more attention to thoughts and emotions so we do not get swept into turbulent waters.

It may mean paying more attention to our spiritual practice. When we bring a strong element of prayer into life right now, there is more awareness of the massive supportive energy available during the Earth’s ascension process. It really can be as easy as Aligning ourselves with Source energy and Allowing past patterns to fall away in this new resonance.

Moment to moment, may we all awaken and recognize the gifts being offered to us for this powerful time of New Life Awakening.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for helping me to bring more Wellbeing into my life by aligning me with the wisdom of my Soul’s highest reality in this time. Thank you for helping me to look at old patterns from a place of neutrality, allowing them to be transmuted into the Light of Divine Love.

I gratefully anchor a new level of Freedom, Resourcefulness and Stability into every area of my life right now. Thank you God and so it is.

The Gabriel Messages #14

Do not allow yourself to dwell in past patterns. Simply accept those choices and move ahead.

Dear One,

As you move through your life, you are given many opportunities for growth. There may have been times when you chose ways of behavior which now seem inappropriate, and may even cause you great pain when you think of them. You may also have a sense of guilt for the pain you feel you caused others. You are here at this place and time, reading these words, to know that it is time to accept the choices you made in the past and to move on with your life. You were doing the best you could at the time.

What occurred in the past is over. To continue to beat yourself up or wish you had done things differently serves no purpose. There comes a time for forgiveness, and this is what is necessary before you can make the changes you want for your future. When you continue to relive past experiences, it keeps you dwelling in those patterns of behavior, even if you are no longer acting them out. It is necessary to clear those patterns through compassion and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is love in action. It is a cleansing balm which can soothe the tattered places of your mind. There is no person on earth who, as a child of God, does not deserve forgiveness. All that you have been through and all the actions you have taken up to this moment, have taught you lessons you have needed to learn. This is true for everyone. You will continue to receive the same lessons over and over, even if there is a slight variation in the form, until you do learn them.

It is helpful to remember your life is a huge school, where learning experiences are given in every moment to bring you to the peace and light of the Divine Presence within you. At a certain point in life, the peace of God is more important than anything else. All the choices you make will be made from the inner awareness: Does this bring me closer to peace? It is helpful to pray for others that they too might also find this place of peace within themselves.

Joy is found in total forgiveness. It can free you to live your life in the present moment, because you will no longer be looking back at what occurred in the past, or worrying about the future. When you find yourself living wholly in the moment, an energy is released within you. You can find passion for living, and a connection to the Source of all your good. From this place, all the decisions you make and the actions you take will be for the highest good of all concerned. From this place, you can find the peace you have been searching for. It is in this moment right now, and it is within you.


Take the time to look at what is worrying you or what things in your life cause you pain when you remember them. It can be helpful to make a list, or write a letter to God or to the Angels and say all that you want to about that subject. Don’t hold back. It’s OK to go on and on, and repeat yourself. The important thing is that you clear your mind and emotions.

It may be helpful to picture yourself as a small child who did something which was not appropriate. Forgive this child of God, for if you had known how to do it differently, you would have. This is true for others involved in any situation. Forgive their inner child, even if you cannot forgive their actions.

When you feel complete, sit quietly and breathe balanced breaths. Call on the Angels of Light and Love to be with you and guide your way. Next, pray to your Higher Power, and ask for forgiveness for those actions that may still cause you pain. Ask that you might feel God’s forgiveness at the deepest level of your being.

Have an intention to heal all experiences within you from the past so you may now live in peace. When you have this intention, the flow of energy in your life will move in the way that will reflect your highest good. In this truth you can trust. Free yourself by forgiving the past, accepting the present moment as it is, and allowing miracles to be your future.

This is as it shall be when you remember your inspiration for today:

Do not dwell in past patterns. Simply accept those choices and move ahead.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel

Your Turn

Your Turn

Brenda HoffmanY

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Monday, 10 June, 2019

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you are concerned about your future direction – or not. It does not matter for as you evolve your direction is changing daily.

Some of you have difficulties believing that anything in your life or understanding is shifting. Yet, you catch yourself laughing at a silly object or becoming unusually angry at something that has happened many times before.

Both your internal being and your outer world are evolving more rapidly than you comprehend. Perhaps some of you experienced past global upheavals as your 3D personal life was changing. In all likelihood, your life was of greater importance to you at that time than world events. So it is now.

You question your judgment, actions, and friends, allowing little interest in global events. Even though you likely know a smattering of what is being reported, your main interest is your immediate world. Do those world events affect your life or your worldview? If so, you are interested. If not, you merely add the information to the unimportant knowledge collection.

Your world, your being is shifting from macro to micro. So it is, you are now more interested in your life than that of others. LIkely, you contend such is not true and never has been. We beg to differ. Your world was once more global than is now true. Not because you are an uncaring being, but because you are learning to love yourself.

Perhaps you once marveled at that special person who gave his or her life to save another. And while you might still do the same given your 3D training, you will not do so without questioning the wisdom of that action. For your new being is learning and accepting the importance of you.

Past measures were to save women, children, and infirm – anyone defined by society as weak. Your safety was not part of the equation – especially if you were a male. Now that loving yourself is becoming the new ‘law of the land’ more are questioning saving others before themselves.

Such statements make you cringe for you were taught for eons that others were more important than you. That you should deny yourself before you deny others. That you can always take care of yourself, but those poor others do not have the capacity to do so.

Is that true? Such are your new frightening thoughts. Not because you are a terrible person, but because the logic of loving yourself informs you that you are as capable as anyone and the same is true for those who were once considered weak.

Likely, you continue to believe the model that you are stronger than anyone, that others can never care for themselves as well as you do, that you are superior to others. At the same time, you worry that you are not enough, not as good as others. Do you see how you have tortured yourself for eons? Knowing internally that you were an earth savior and yet, believing you were not acceptable as you were. A dichotomy that created such pain within you that you no longer valued yourself.

You and your neighbor are equally valuable. This transition that you initiated cannot be completed without your global friends and neighbors. You are an earth angel in the correct earth place.

Others who follow will soon begin to feel more compatible with you for they, too, will learn to love themselves.

But until then, do not pressure yourself by attempting to determine who is more valuable or weaker or whatever sets you apart from others. Your only role now is to learn to love yourself. And you will do so by finding and following your joy. As will those who follow.

Those who follow are not weaker or less than you, they are merely playing a different role in this transition drama. Even though their stage entrance is after yours, without their input the drama would fall flat – your entrance would end the play for there would be no middle or end.

So it is you need to remember that you are not more or less important than those who follow. Just as you need to remember that you are strong, and so are they. Different roles in an extremely dramatic play that require the full attention and input from all actors, no matter how small their role appears to be.

It is also time to realize that your infant or the infant down the street is entering earth in this lifetime to add a role to this amazing play. There are no bit players. For without the entirety of the actors, this transition could not be.

Your inner voice is telling you how important this new stage of learning and accepting self-love is. There is no we as you do so for you have given your life and many others to that concept. The 3D we is no longer the stronger entity – that which made you feel wrong for you believed those who created the 3D we were more important than you.

Even though your heart perhaps continues to go out to children and the elderly, please remember that they too have an essential role to enact. For if you feel you must control them because you are so much wiser or more important, you lose your sense of self-love.

You and others of the earth are equals. Something you have never felt before while of the earth. For your personal history is of others being better and you being odd or somehow not quite complete. That thought process is now fading, which concerns you. For you feel you ‘should’ be more loving, more of a caretaker, more of the giver you have been for eons.

This is a new world and a new time. You are a new being in a new play. Allow yourself to learn how to love yourself before you feel the need to care for others. In this new world, there are no entities more or less important than you. Something you, even now, find difficult to understand.

The love you share is now equal, whereas you once gave hoping for something in return.

You have a right to say, “No” or “Yes.” Something you have denied yourself for eons as you filtered the needs of others and your need to be loved through both actions.

You are finally allowing yourself to be. As you do, your actions might not be as you expect, but all are to help you understand that you are not more or less important than others. And others are learning the same. So be it. Amen.


You Are Here to Hold the Light

You Are Not Making the Shift Happen ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been noticing how much pressure those of you who are awake put on yourselves. It is a different type of pressure than what most of humanity is experiencing. You have your normal pressures that align you with everyone else, but then you have that extra pressure of feeling as though you are the ones who are making all of this happen. You are the ones who have to right all the wrongs – that is how the story goes within you. You are the ones ensuring that humanity does not have another false start in the ascension process.

We want to take that pressure off of you by letting you know that you are just accessing trauma from past experiences like Atlantis and Lemuria. Everyone who is on the Earth right now was a part of those highly evolved civilizations, and for those of you who are doing the math right now, don’t bother. We could explain it, but that would be an entirely different transmission. Just take our word for it that every human was represented in some way in Atlantis or Lemuria, or you have taken on those memories as your own as you would if you were to walk in to another person’s life.

So given that you are all carrying those traumas within you, it is no surprise whatsoever that you are putting so much pressure on yourselves to carry humanity forward into the fifth dimension. You want not only to let go of that trauma that you experienced when Atlantis fell and when Lemuria fell, but you also want to do everything in your power to make sure humanity does not go through another cataclysmic event like those. What you are doing now will actually be an even greater accomplishment because there are so many in physical form now and because all of humanity is involved in this shift in consciousness.

It isn’t just about one civilization. It’s about all nations across the world, and you are there as the awakened ones, holding the light. You are there making the shift easier on yourselves and others, but you are not there to make it happen, and you are not there to make sure that it is free of any and all cataclysmic events. That’s a decision that you will make as a collective, and you can also rest assured that this is a very natural thing that is happening.

It is simply time for this entire universe to shift. So even though we tell you that humanity and Earth are going to be that first domino that falls and has that ripple effect for the rest of the galaxy and the rest of the universe, we don’t want you to take that on. We don’t want you see that then as your responsibility. You are doing it. It is a guarantee, and what you want to do now is have the best possible experience of it. So that is the challenge in front of you. Everything else is already taken care of.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

How You Grow Spiritually

How You Grow Spiritually ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have enjoyed watching all of you grow so much in these past few months there on Earth, and we know that the growth spurt will continue. You are on an upward spiral, and the energies within the galaxy are supporting this up-leveling of your consciousness. As much as you might get frustrated, and even angry at times, with the lack of progress you see in other humans around you, there are millions of you who are making tremendous progress and doing the lion’s share of the growth for the rest of humanity.

You are bringing the change. You are becoming the version of the collective that you want to experience. You are harmonizing more with Mother Earth. You are receiving more of the higher frequency energies that are coming to you non-stop, and you are examining yourselves and asking yourselves how you can be better, more caring, more compassionate, more loving, more at peace.

That last one is the tricky one because it is so challenging to be at peace when you see so much of what is going on in the world with those who are not taking the growth. Those who are clinging to the third-dimensional us-versus-them mentality are getting a lot of the news coverage. They are getting a lot of attention. They want things to go back to the way they were, where there were no conversations about gender, for example.

And when you encounter these individuals, realize how hard it is for them to cling to their old and outdated ways, and have compassion for them. You grow so fast in those moments that you let go of the need for anyone else in the collective to be different from who they are, and when you take that growth, you do experience joy and ecstasy. You go with the flow. You do what those who are clinging to the third-dimensional reality cannot do. They cannot find it within themselves to let go.

So you let go twice as much, and you receive even more growth, and you carry the consciousness of the collective into the fifth-dimensional frequency. That’s what you do. That’s what being awake for the rest of humanity is all about, and we see you doing it, and we are very proud, happy and excited, and we know it will continue.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Time to Be Bolder

Image may contain: one or more people and text

It is time for women to be bolder. This will not be in the way that men are bold. It will not be with the hubristic boldness that you judge in certain men you see who are bold with their action.

It is simply time for you to speak from your heart. It is time for you to go into the world without fear or judgment of who you are, because the world needs you.

And the important thing to understand here is that the current shift in energy will make this easier than you think.

Those of you who fear what I am saying, it will not be the way you think it is, for the world is changing rapidly.

Lee Harris

Humans are Multidimensional

Marshmallow Message

You are dearly loved!

May 6, 2019
From Kryon Book Ten: A New Dispensation

Humans are Multidimensional

So you continue to believe in “one body, one soul.” The reality is that every Human alive is multidimensional and is in many places at one time. Even as you sit there reading this, parts and pieces of you are in other places doing other things. Is that, then, one soul in many places, or many souls? The answer is both. Your single-digit dimensionality limits your concept of how this is, since everything before your reality is singular.


through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

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