Unexpected events and dramatic transformations

Unexpected events and dramatic transformations


September 22, 2016

Dana Mrkich



September, seriously, are you still here?


This has been one of the most intense months I can remember, ever. Almost every day I have heard about something huge happening to someone we know, and same goes for a lot of family and friends who are either going through massive changes or having it happen in their circles this month. And it covers all bases: celebratory, challenging, emotional, traumatic.


Unexpected deaths, marriages, pregnancies, illnesses, operations, break-ups, quick, short overseas trips, huge family reunions, plans changing ten times, being invited to three things on the same day over again, monumental moments in people’s businesses and home lives. It is like a running news feed of dramatic events.


We’ve had two eclipses plus Pluto stationing and Mercury retrograde which explains some of it, but not all of it. Beyond astrology, there is the energetic fact that personally, and collectively we are continuing to go through a major evolutionary shift. Sometimes the waves are relatively gentle, other times they come crashing like a tsunami. Even if you personally are not experiencing anything life-changing, or feel you have had your fair share of tsunami-like waves for this life thank you very much, it is only human to feel the impact of those waves on those around you.


If you are personally “wave-free”, months like this offer an opportunity to be that calm, steady, stable rock for others. If the waves are lapping at your shore (or crashing you over), find something that is that rock for you: a routine of morning yoga, meditation, journalling or walking. Something that centres you, and reminds you of what is real, and what is important.


It is like there are realities super-imposed on realities right now. You might be watching something that is playing out politically and think, this just seems like a staged reality show. It’s because in a way it is. Vibrationally speaking, there are (at least) two worlds existing now. (Okay, technically there are billions of worlds, but this is about two of them). There is the awake, conscious, authentic, heart-based world, where everything may not be perfect, but people are at least striving to do good, to live healthily, to take care of their families, to look after their communities. Then we have the manufactured world. It is not run by the heart, rather it is a world of warped power, control and fear. It is an old, dying world with very little life-force left. It used to be a world that most people accepted as the ‘normal’ world, but it is far from normal.


With every thought, word, action and choice, we give our energy to one of these two worlds. More and more of us feel repelled every time we give energy to the old world, and are tuning out en masse. Conversely we feel happiest and most alive when we switch our antennae on to the new world and new ways of living.

This isn’t about a polarity war, it is about vibrational, collective evolution. As a collective we are ready for a new chapter, and so it makes sense that the old world is gradually becoming defunct.


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller


Today Mercury goes direct, so where things have been going a bit haywire with scheduling and electronics, they should start to settle now.


On Monday Pluto goes direct. If this year has been one of heavy duty transfomation for you, this is a good time to ask yourself: what has Pluto been wanting to teach me? Have you got the lesson yet? Hopefully yes, so Pluto can go gentle on you as he treks forward going over already worn ground for the remainder of the year.


Today also marks the Equinox, when the day and night is of equal length. Traditionally it is a day of balance, a good day to reflect on where we might need more balance or are out of balance. Today Sep 23 is also 14 years since our mum passed. I cannot believe we’ve been here for 14 years without her😦 It’s also Christian’s birthday, happy birthday to the best partner and daddy ever!❤


How are you all trucking at this point in September? xx

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

The Beacons of Light
September 2016

~ Riding the Wave into 2017 ~
A New Place for Humans to Go

 Greetings Dear Ones.

With your game well in progress, we join you this day to share more about a wave of energy coming in. It is actually more than one wave but you have so many energetics arriving from different parts of the universe. We find it fascinating that recently you have discovered another Earth-like planet in the star nearest you, right in the Goldilocks Zone. It is perfect for supporting life and almost about the same size as your Earth. Exploring the night sky and looking for all this information, people are actually looking for a new place for humans to go and you will, trust us. At some point you will also go to Mars, which is one of the new pieces. We tell you, dear ones, that you will find your own footsteps in some way as you have been there before. Mars used to have life, a thriving life, and you were there. That is why we find it so fascinating when you come up with these ideas about Martians with the two little antennae coming out of the head and always green for some reason. We find it wonderful!

Multiple Perspectives on Your Life

Dear ones, the energetics you have experienced on planet Earth, especially during this current year, have felt on the edge for quite some time now. This has been somewhat of a challenge, because it resets a lot of energies and that is exactly what this is. As you move to higher vibrations, all of those things that you have set up for yourself and done—whether it is a belief system, family or relationship—all of them have to withstand the scrutiny of a higher vibration. Now why is that? Well, because when you change your perspective, you change your vision. It is that simple. Take a look at something from here, but the moment you view it from over here, you have a different perspective. Basically, that is what is taking place for all of you now, which allows you to see events from multiple perspectives of your own life.

Quite honestly, you have had so many waves of energy coming in that you are learning to swim in these energetics and move from different levels very rapidly. Frustration is being experienced by so many on planet Earth, and a few are actually trying to  harness it. The frustration comes from not being able to see your own creations, as well as from being a conscious creator who sometimes cannot create or witness their effect on the world. This creates a great deal of internal frustration, which will eventually work its way to the outside in some way.

What is this? What is taking place?  Let us explain, dear ones.

Watch the Wave of Energy Arrive

When you have a wave of energy or light coming in,, you also have its direction. The wave only goes from one direction to the other. However, if you have another wave of energy coming in from a different direction entirely then it affects the harmonics of the wave. Dear ones, do not become overly concerned if you are not following all of this. Toward the end of September of this year, there is a wave arriving that will join up with another one very quickly. The wave that is coming in is actually from a Quasar, which is a total collapse of a star that has exploded. When that happens, the energy goes out in the universe and sometimes travels eons before landing upon its intended target. Earth is the intended target in this one and when that energy reveals itself, the wave will be combining with this energy to quickly move the evolution of humanity forward. Well, normally you would think this is wonderful. We are evolving to our next stage of evolution and do not have to take much time to do it, right? That is excellent! It also means that all those things that you set up with the perfect imperfections will now suddenly be revealed. Because of the rapid movement and escalation some of those systems, such as the economic ones, will have challenges. There are many places where this can actually create challenges, and since the United States has been teetering on the edge for quite some time it may very well start there. The critical part of this, dear ones, is that you do not have to go through any of that difficulty. That is what we would like all of you to hold in your hearts, as you go through this wave.

September 27th – January 17th: Waves of Moving Forward, Back, then Forward Again

The wave comes in first on September 27th, but it has been traveling fir quite some time so it is no longer as defined of as a wave as it once was. For this reason only highly sensitive people will feel the early changes.  Shortly after, the wave then combines with another one to bring in the capabilities of evolving very quickly to another level. You have done this before, of course. Now you are just getting past some of the ripples, because humans simply did not know how to move that swiftly into a whole new set of understandings. This time you will, for you have actually done quite well with this already. When we look at the timeline, dear ones, we can tell you that you have already been wildly successful at this. We must put you back into the Now moment, for you still have it in front of you. Know that we are incredibly proud of the work you are about to do, because you will ground a great amount of light. Many of you are on this planet to be here at exactly these moments. Now, let us speak about what typically happens to humans as they jump up very quickly and need to adjust everything that was supporting them. In the past, dear ones, you even adjusted many of your laws, and your collective agreements on your planet that reflect this.

Of course, what takes place is there is always a backlash. Everything is in waves, so as long as it moves forward, back and then forward again, you still continue to make headway. You will still continue to evolve all of humanity in that way, so do not get discouraged when the backlashes come. Toward the end of September this will begin and carry you throughout the entire year; it will put you into a level space about January 17th. The connection and that energy of next year will open the doors for much of what is to come, for the planning stages have been done through your connections, hopes and dreams. Those who came in left your wings at Home and pretended to be a human in this incarnation.

Creating Home

You are doing well, dear ones. Many of you experienced extreme separation anxiety when leaving Home to come play this game of pretending to be a human. You opened your eyes in a physical form, then looked for Home but were not able to find it. Ahh, but you are not going to find it because you will create it and that time is closer than you know.

The wave of energy which is arriving will last for several months; it is coming in by contract and that is unusual. Every human has the opportunity to jump to new levels. We also tell you, dear ones, that there is a bandwidth of your own vibration. If you were to compare the highest vibrational level existing in humanity with your lowest vibrational level, that would be your bandwidth of the collective of humanity. The bandwidth not only moves very rapidly in evolutions of this kind, but it also tends to elongate a little bit. The higher vibrations become a bit deeper, and a little bit further apart than the deep vibrations of the low. That is of great concern and something that we watch here. As you start to separate yourselves on planet Earth it becomes challenging, and that is where many of these restrictions, frustrations, and the general anger occurring on planet Earth right now. The dis-ease, which is present for many people, is because you do not always have that connection for creation. Dear ones, we ask you to prepare for this and get ready to use your dreams. Connect with your channelings and your own spirit to start bringing this together. Why are you here? What did you come to do? Where are your passions? What is the puzzle piece that you brought? Most of you already have a very good idea of what this is, and many are well on the path to claim your magnificence in this game of free choice. The magic is already set into motion, so we ask you now to step forward and carry this light. You can fear or you can love, but you cannot do both at the same time. So, how much love can you bring to this planet? Can you see how much beauty is all around you and share it with those around you? That will be paramount in the times ahead, for humanity has been hoping to raise its level of vibration for quite some time. You have been on a slow, steady course, but now it is jumping ahead quickly almost as if it is on an exponential track. Dear ones, it is perfect for what you have in mind.

There Are More Opportunities than Doors Closing

Most humans do not like to move at these rapid paces. It creates ripples, affecting other people around you, which you must deal with. Start working with it now and begin by opening those possibilities with your friends and family. What would happen if something really big took place? How could we be part of the solution, rather than of part of the problem? Will you slip into fear if something suddenly collapses or does not work right? You can simply look forward and say, “This is part of the most incredible change that is taking place to all of humanity.” Then step into it. We promise you that there are more opportunities than doors closing, by  almost two to one, so enjoy the journey. And as you start moving through it, if you have not found that space before it will become known to you now. As you move into these higher vibrations, your perception changes and you can see on a much wider scale and larger aspect. In that, you will understand that you hold part of the key. By grounding that light and holding the love, you start to change the world one heart at a time. That is the best way that it can be accomplished, dear ones.

We applaud you on your game. Your changes and all the evolutions that have gone before and even those that are just beginning right now. The connections are amazing. Your energy is here right now and we love you more than you know.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Know that you are looking yourself in the eyes and play well together, dear ones.



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Beacons of Light

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Perspective and Focus

Create Your World ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

Some of you are taking your lives very seriously. Some of you are getting yourselves all bent out of shape because of what is happening in your lives, or what is happening in the world. And this is understandable. This is all very real from your perspective.

As you exercise your ability and your right to focus, you will find that there is far more for you to focus on that is uplifting and heartwarming about your life and about the world at large. There is a great deal of attention being placed on what certain individuals and certain governments are doing, and all of it is in an effort to keep you feeling disempowered, to keep you feeling afraid and feeling separate from one another.

If instead you were being shown stories of people working together, crossing barriers of race, religion, and country of origin to create something beautiful together, you would not be feeling so serious or so sad. And you would not be believing that the world was in dire straits. Everything can be seen from multiple angles, and your world can be seen as doing fantastically well.

If you look for reasons to feel dejected and defeated, and disempowered, you will continue to find evidence to support those states of being. If you seek out what is right with the world as it is, what is right with your life as it is, you will enjoy living on planet Earth at this time, and you will have a much more pleasant experience of the shift.

Those of you who are focusing on how badly you are all doing as a collective are seeking something, seeking a world event that will turn everything on its head. It is no different than waiting for a savior to come and rescue you.

It is far more empowering and far more to your benefit to seek out that which is life-affirming, that which puts a smile on your face, and that which gives you hope in humanity. We are suggesting that you do this now, so that you can begin to live your lives in joy and as creator beings.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”


I posted this elsewhere but wanted to post it here as a prelude to the Brenda’s Blog post below:

I went through months in the last year when I felt like I didn’t dream. I know I did, I simply did not remember them. I feel like those were times I was either clearing or gathering more wisdom in spirit while my body rested at night.

In the past month or so, the dreams have started up again, fast and furious. Might be because I was missing hearing my dream messages and had mentioned it, or maybe it was “time” and there were things I needed to know.

I am loving the messages I am currently getting in my dreams. A few nights ago I was given directorship of a foundation. The current overseer/director was retiring and as she watched me in the dream, she decided it was time to hand it over for me to run. She also wrote and gave me a blank check to use as I see fit. A gold check- a color symbolizing spirituality, connection to the soul, abundance.

Basically, I am now in complete charge my life (which I always was and just never knew). Meaning, all decisions are mine to make, and with my golden connection (symbolized by the color of the check) to my soul/spirit, infinite possibilities and abundance (the blank check) are at my fingertips. Now, I can always ask for additional help or clarity from my guides and higher self and the Creator, but the final decisions as to direction are, of course, mine to make. As the human incarnated on this world, I am in charge of this life. In the dream, I said I didn’t know how to do what she was asking me to do. She smiled and said I did.

The reason I know these dreams are messages and not a clearing of old stuff, is that they are brand new. The symbols I am being shown in them are new to my dreams. A check has never shown up, I’ve never heard the word adore (a recent dream), nor turned and with a light, chased a fear out of my dream (the night before this one).

So, the post below channeled by Brenda speaks to my Blank Check dream eloquently. I found it a really interesting read.

(As a quick side note here: Even small scenes or flashes in your dreams can be messages to be decoded. It doesn’t need to be a long, involved dream to be important enough to listen to the message. If a short scene is all you remember, that is cool, too! Take note! And see how it feels to you, let the impressions arise and don’t discount. If you are unsure, look it up, ask, or book a session with me. I would love to help! I love dreams!)


Dear Ones,

Others seem to be reporting miracles and glowing feelings that those of you feeling left out do not. Perhaps you once experienced similar miracles or sensations. But that was long ago and does not match the sameness you feel now as you go about your day.

You have evolved beyond the need for daily verification of the rightness of your being. Just as was true when you no longer needed a parent or teacher telling you that your reading skills were progressing wonderfully. You are beyond requiring instant gratification for any part of your being.

In truth, you have arrived at a crossroads most could not envision even a few months ago. For you have evolved beyond the need for teachers and information apart from earth. Even though that information reminds you of details you might have neglected; such information is no more important than was true once you learned to read and no longer required an adult to help you sound out the big words.

If you will, you are evolving to more complicated books that require nothing but your attention and interest. So it is you are feeling somewhat neglected or forgotten as you transition to new you.

Perhaps you forgot you are shifting to places no one has dared or been able to explore. So even though those of us not of earth at this time can observe, console or encourage you, we can not fully understand what you are exploring.

You are shifting the Universes in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Think of those parents who never attended college and glory in the reports of their children as they complete their college coursework and find related jobs. Even though those parents can observe, console and encourage, they cannot fully understand their children’s college environment nor their resulting jobs. So it is for us. We have never been where you are now.

This transition is new to all of us including you – which was expected. The surprise is you are moving ahead so rapidly that there is no time for Universal clearing and collecting of experiences between earth lives.

The original plan was for you scout masters to initiate the shift followed by your children and grandchildren – either of this life or the next – living the life you initiated. The information you gathered was to be consolidated and passed on to those who decided to carry the torch.

Such is no longer a valid expectation of you or us. You have transitioned so rapidly that you are creating new you without the parameters once expected to help you.

This is neither terrible nor frightening, merely that you have, in a sense, outgrown your teachers and parents.

So it is we offer encouragement and observe in amazement your courage and tenacity in continuously moving beyond expectations.

Which returns us to your original fear that you have done something wrong for you are no longer experiencing the miracles others seem to receive without question or doubt.

You are the miracle. And we, of other dimensions, are collecting data on how best to encourage you to move beyond what you have achieved.

Think of us as proud parents who never attended college. As you complete the coursework we cannot yet understand, you are moving to a life we never dreamed possible.

Even though we are gathering in collectives – including some of your segments – to enhance your journey, we have not yet established key points of interaction.

Perhaps that thought is a bit frightening for that means you are on this adventure without a map or a reward. We are gathering to discover the best way to encourage you without shifting your projected path.

You are scout masters discovering new trails to be utilized by those following. But those trails are so new; we cannot tell you what you will feel or experience until you report back to us.

Perhaps you have not yet understood that your mission – that you so graciously accepted – was to shift the Universes, as well as earth. A mission to be accomplished over several of your earth lifetimes or by those who followed. For no one, least of all you thought you could nullify your past karma and move far beyond as you have done.

Those of you ‘stuck,’ as it were, with dreams that never seem to come to fruition, beg to differ.

You have moved so rapidly that we of other dimensions and collectives, do not yet quite understand how you are evolving. Do we point you in the direction of the reward that seems important to you now? Or do we point you in the direction of the reward you will find important in a month or year? That is our quandary.

Those of you reading this message are most likely screaming within yourselves to point/nudge you to your reward or miracle now – and to yet another one when you have evolved beyond that.

Such is the debate within the various non-earth dimensions and collectives. Of course, that makes you angry for you have worked diligently to reach this point and need something to earmark your courage.

Yet, you have not completely accepted your being. That is the center of our quandary. Will a reward now shift your direction from your 3D world to beyond? Or will it encourage you to remain of earth, instead of floating into the ethers?

Not that we are stopping your adventures, instead we are reviewing our original projections and determining how much you can achieve without our assistance – and when and where to intercede.

We are indeed in this glorious venture with you. But we need to assess our role so that you do not move forward more rapidly than you can comprehend or tolerate physically.

Much is going on within your being throughout this equinox and eclipse time that you cannot detect for most is occurring in your night and daydream states. Is your being overloaded or is your dream the piece you need to feel comfortable in your new you being?

A bit like the parents of a college student who wish to reduce the amount of time that student is in college, so their financial burden is reduced. Do they push their child to take more coursework that will reduce costs, but might result in that child’s spiraling stress or exit before graduation?

So it is for us now. How can we best help you achieve your ever-expanding goals without harming your physical or emotional being?

Know that we love you dearly and are extremely proud of your accomplishments.

Because you are courageous souls, you chide us for not encouraging a more rapid forward movement. But we are pondering that approach as you evolve internally and much more rapidly than either you or we believed possible before you entered earth in this lifetime. So be it. Amen.

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Energy Update – Way down we go


The energies coming in are amazing, intense, fantastic and brutal all at the same time. These are the higher timeline energies coming in. It’s a pre-wave before we jump timelines as a collective. The reason this is important is because it is a beautiful opportunity to clear up all that is unsustainable in the accelerated energies. This is the reason that so many are experiencing that what they thought was stable is crumbling. If it is not going to serve you in this accelerated timeline it has to go. For some this will feel like a giant roadblock has been put in your path so that you have no option but to go elsewhere, yet for others it is subtle and confusing. Being in the midst of Mercury Retrograde does not make it any less confusing either. This is a good time to go deep within and make sure that all of you, your mind, body, and spirit is on the same page. For others doorways have opened and the path looks beautifully clear.

If you have experienced a road block in your plans, take it as a sign that the direction you were headed is not in your highest good long term. Prior to an accelerated timeline you could have explored that direction and learned from it even if it didn’t stay stable for the long term. However, with this timeline jump, we will be moving very quickly and the soul understanding this is now saying – that won’t work out and I don’t need to have the experience. So when things appear to fall apart, take a step back and say – Thank you, you saved me from something that would not have been worthwhile in the long run.

I understand that this is a lot easier to do when it is business opportunities that fall away verses relationships. Yet, the premise remains the same, what would not have lasted for the long term is being shown to us now.  That does not mean that all that stays now will not end at a later time. What it means is that if it stays at this time it is still in your highest good and you are growing and learning from it.

Not only are we seeing where things have shifted, we are also seeing where our loved ones, pets included are transitioning out of form. Contracts have ended, roles are completed, and their energy is ready to move on. There seems to be quite a few pets leaving us the last couple of months and it is in their absence that we realize just how deeply they supported us. I am not surprised when a client asks about a pet and I hear from their ascension team that the pet is a soul mate or guide.  Many of you can look back and see where animals have helped you through patches in life and when that is complete, the animal leaves.   Being an animal on earth is just one of the many experiences we undertake before coming in as a human. As with us, the animals have a task and a goal, when it is completed, they return to spirit to learn something new.  With the accelerated timeline, the timeline in which an animal companion completes their role has changed as well.  Though it is painful, it can also be a sign that you too are ready for the next phase in your life.


Not only are we seeing really rapid shifts in our life with the energies, but we are also experiencing deep, deep introspection. As we embody more and more of our soul, our I AM, we must reconcile all that is within us that does not match the higher frequencies. This is really taping into not only our patterns but the Ancestral patterns that have affected our lives. Ancestral DNA is being cleared in these moments. It’s an opportunity for you to look back through your family history. Can you see where you continued the pattern or fought against it to the point you created one just as problematic? (For example: the abused child who now as a parent does not instill rules or discipline in their children.) Now is the time to see your patterns and the deep emotions swirling around them. From here you can release them and choose different. This is happening on a collective level as well. Groups that have been subjugated are now standing up not only for what is taking place in this now, but to discuss what has taken place through the years. It has to come up for acknowledgement and releasing, without this we just keep recreating it.

I am blessed that much of my understanding of this process comes from working with clients and their guides. It leads to huge AH HA moments and I know that they must be shared. Recently I was working with a client and her guides were telling me that what was holding her back was deep anger and pain over things that happened in her life. When I told her about it, she said that she had reconciled all that, understood that her soul chose the experience and that she grew from it. Then I got it. Really got it. As we awaken and merge with our highest self we learn the concepts of soul path and choosing the theme we experience and the soul growth that is obtained. This helps us to understand the bigger picture, but if we haven’t dealt with the emotions created by the events, then it’s like throwing a pretty bag over a feral screaming cat. Eventually that cat will find its way out and it is going to be madder than ever.

Somewhere along the way many of us thought that to be spiritual we shouldn’t feel negative emotions, we reasoned them away with knowledge and logic. Well, that only works for so long. The only way to fully release all those emotions, the pain, the disappointment is to feel them and honor them. Otherwise it creates this build up that must be released. Imagine this conversation:

Human Self: I feel cheated that my dad was an alcoholic my whole life. That he was never there and then when he finally sobers up, I am out of the house. Then he dies just a few years later. I never got to know him and I’m pissed.

Spiritual Self: Well, you planned this, you see. You learned a lot about yourself growing up with an alcoholic, uninvolved father. He showed you want kind of parent you did not want to be and the type of man you didn’t want to marry.

Human Self: What does that have to do with how I FEEL? (As the human self wants to punch the self-righteous spiritual self in the face)

Can you see how that lack of validation of feelings could just create more anger?  More feelings of not being heard? Can you see how this can get louder and louder until it can no longer be ignored or placated away? This is what the energy is showing us. It is showing us what has been glossed over and stuffed down. Give yourself permission to be ANGRY. Give yourself permission to be SAD. Give yourself permission to FEEL anything that is coming up. Sit with it until it no longer needs to be acknowledged.

At that point, the deeper spiritual understanding is wonderful and we can begin to see just how perfect all of this has been. Until then though we must honor the one who was hurt, disappointed, betrayed, ignored, and unloved. As we honor this part of ourselves and we love it fully and deeply, this in itself sets us free.

“And way down we go-o-o-o-o
Way down we go-o-o-o-o
Say way down we go
Way down we go

You let your feet run wild
Time has come as we all oh, go down
Yeah but for the fall oh, my
Do you dare to look him right in the eyes?”

Have the courage to go deep and look yourself, ALL of yourself right in the eyes. Once you get through & honor all the layers of pain and emotion, you will see how beautiful you really are.

Sending you all so much love.❤



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Create Your Truths

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

It is better to believe that something is true and act upon that belief than it is to believe that something is false and take that lack faith in your moving forward. You are beings who construct your entire reality upon your beliefs, and yet you are also often in search of a singular truth. You want that truth to guide you in making your decisions, and you also want the truth to tell you what you can expect.

Wouldn’t you all like to know what is going to happen in the coming months? Wouldn’t that just be so exciting for you? We think not. We think it is more exciting to create your reality and to decide which truths you are going to cling to and make real for you. You are choosing the future and aligning with a particular past. You are deciding what works for you.

Remember your placebo effect in science. It is not the pill or shot that is doing the work, that is creating the reality for you. It is your belief, or lack thereof, that will determine the outcome. Therefore, if you believe something is true, then it certainly behooves you to act upon it. And if you don’t know what to believe, if you don’t have any truths to cling to, then create some of those as well.

Make up your reality. Make up stories that you want to be true, not because you are delusional, but because it is fun. It is fun to create and then to act. It is also fun to not have a set of rules or truths that you must adhere to. That type of simplicity is woven into the various religions of the world, and many people cling to those truths because in some ways it is easier than taking ownership of your Divinity and creating your reality for yourselves.

You and you alone get to decide, but how often are you taking ownership of that, and how often are you seeking a truth outside of you so that you can make your life simpler and more predictable? We know that you came here to be Creator Beings who would decide for yourselves what is true for you and what is not and act accordingly.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”


Your Truth Is Not Mine.

I am a work in progress. Even with all that I have learned over the last fifteen years about myself, the healing and growth I’ve done, and the numerous tools in my spiritual toolbelt, I still feel stung now and then by what someone says to me about me or to me personally. 

Someone expresses their opinion about what I’ve said or done, and for a moment, or even for longer than a moment, I feel  stung by their opinions and statements. About me. About how I choose to express myself.

Now sometimes I reexamine and make a different choice. Their statement has some validity. But it is still an opinion. Sometimes I disagree and go on my merry way, undisturbed. And sometimes I spend way too long in my head disagreeing with them. The conversation is long over and I’m still replaying it on my brain’s personal hamster wheel, going over the conversation and trying to figure out how I could have done/said it differently and worrying that I offended someone. 

One of my favorite Eloheim tools, after I get past the initial sting, uses the example of someone telling you you have ugly pink hair but your hair is blue. Do you take that on as your truth? No. Your hair is blue. Just because someone says something about you, it is not your truth to take onboard. Their opinion is just that, and maybe it is their own personal truth, but it has nothing to do with you.

Have had to remind myself of this many times this summer. Statements and opinions and expectations from others have stung. Yet, I know myself better than anyone else. I know my truth. To them I say, I’m sorry you feel offended or dismayed or whatever, that’s your choice to feel that way. My intentions are never to do that. My choices are simply not the same as yours. I know my worth and what’s in my heart, and your opinion does not change that.

So, I am taking a deep breath and moving on to the next moment without your baggage.

*This post is not aimed at “you” in particular, it’s a reminder from myself to myself!