In the Midst of Chaos

As much I like being in a “spiritual” space, daily physical life makes sure I don’t just meditate, study, contemplate my inner being, and ohm my way through my days.
Here is what is currently going on in my life. The bowling alley my family, in partnership with another family, has owned for 22 years is in the process of being closed down and dismantled. It’s been in business in this town for 84 years. The building needs so much work on the parts of the outside (water damage) that it finally led to one portion of the back wall to collapse as of two weeks ago, on a Saturday night, right as the league was ending. Sometime during the evening it fell and no one heard it, but someone outside did see it on the ground and called it in. Cops cleared the building, code enforcement shut us down, power was turned off. It was shocking, to say the least. 
Engineer said the building is in no danger of collapsing, but we cannot open without fixing the damage according to building code officer. And the engineer wasn’t willing to put his licence at risk to say yes, it’s safe to open, nothing will happen. Without being open, there is no money coming in to fix it and we can’t be open until we fix it. So, catch-22.
Both partners are in their 60’s and neither wants another mortgage (they just paid the other one off in the spring!). Insurance won’t cover it, and it would take at least 100k to fix the concrete wall plus the other dubious areas-which they don’t have-so the difficult decision was made to close the business. And the guys are walking away with not much to show for all their years of work. Seemed like everything they made went back into the business for maintenance and bills, and often, they did not take a personal paycheck just to cover those necessary items. Maintenance was a never-ending task. Bowling alleys are expensive! And especially old, old buildings!
We all have worked there, my kids got their first jobs there, my grandson worked there, and the same goes for our partner’s family. For years I ran the kitchen and worked almost all the positions when needed. We had many leagues, ran kids’ birthday parties, held Christmas parties, banquets, and tournaments, and made many friends there. It’s kind of a big deal for this small community because we were the go-to place for entertainment. We used to have two bowling alleys, now there are none. There is much sadness in letting this business go.
So here I am in the midst of chaos, the one holding the calm, centered energy for my family, being an energetic leader. My kids are upset, people are talking about us (rumors), telling stories about why didn’t/don’t we do this or that? There is a lot to do to dismantle a large, two-story building full of 84 years of equipment and supplies, decisions to be made about the building. Personally, I’m doing well and have been the one to pull othes back to the present moment, to remind them to just do whatever is the next step and not wander far off into the future in their minds, to freak themselves out. We are here now and that’s the moment to focus on. “What is true now?” is a tool I have used for years, one learned from Eloheim, to pull myself back, and now I offer it to others. What is true now? Part of a wall fell down. Period. We are making decisions and phone calls based on facts. Period.  At first, my husband was saying to me, how do I explain this to people? The truth, I answered. The facts. Period. It IS. It just IS. This is what happened and what we are choosing to do now. Period.
And we go from here. Can’t go back and change things. We stand here in the Is-ness and choose from this moment at hand, without beating ourselves up for past choices. And this is where all my learnings from my spiritual studies have kicked in for use in the physical. Without them, I would be a shaky mess of oh-my-gods and wringing my hands in despair just like everyone else. 
This is why those of us who chose to wake up early are here at this time, to be the energetic leaders for the ones who are scared and running around like Chicken Little saying, the sky is falling! We hold and model the energy for others to match until they can access their own wise, calm, loving centers. They match us in our centered Awareness, we don’t match them in their chaos. It is our time to step up.

Protection vs. Creation

Protection vs. Creation ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been noticing the ways in which you tend to protect yourselves from that which is unwanted in your experience. We have noticed that you go through many different actions and speak different words in order to prevent yourselves from experiencing what is not wanted. You will often even pay large sums of money to insure yourselves against some unwanted probability.

Now, if you were to put as much of your time, words, actions, and focus on bringing about the experiences that you do want to have, you would find that your minds would be far less occupied with the unwanted experiences. You want to give yourselves more to focus on that is positive, and you want to release the idea that you need protecting.

Of course, there are beings out there in the universe who harm others and seek to control, manipulate, and even steal from, murder, and do all kinds of nasty things to whomever they can. And we recognize how hard it is to ignore their presence, but we are saying to you that if you are more focused on raising your vibration and putting your attention on what you want to experience, you will not be dipping your vibration low enough so that you are an easy target and a vibrational match to the beings who would do you harm if they had the opportunity.

It is time to stop focusing on what you need protecting from, and it is time for you to start experiencing yourselves as the powerful creator beings that you are and that you continue to blossom into. We know that this must be hard to hear coming from beings like us in the ninth dimension where there are no bad guys. There is no body, or home, or money to protect from any bad guys who would exist. And so we want you to know that we have compassion for you in your fear about manifesting something unwanted in your lives.

But it is also hard for us to watch you not step into that power that you have out of fear. And so we just want you to know how much support there is for you when you are aligning yourselves with all that is of a high frequency, and ignoring that which is not.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The Alpha and the Omega

A message from God

Hi Everyone – For over 17 years I’ve channeled angel messages. This one is different. I was sitting in a comfy chair late at night, fingers on the keyboard, waiting for the angels, when this came through. I’ll describe the experience in my message this week. For now breathe and ask to feel the beauty of the Presence sharing these words…

I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. I am the seen and the unseen, the manifest and that waiting be born. I am all that is was, and ever shall be. I live in you and you live in me. I am one with you, one with creation, one with all that lives and breathes, and all that has yet to be imagined. I am never away from you. You are never without me. We are One Love, incarnate in many forms, and dreaming many possibilities.

Look into your own eyes and witness me there. Feel my heart beating in your very own pulse. Feel my rhythms in your breath and in the ocean tides, and in the cycles of day and night, and turning of the seasons.

Allow me to rise up within you and I will bring you to life as never before. Sit with me, breathe, relax into my vast, infinite being where you will come to know your true nature and magnificence, for you are anything but small, anything but insignificant. You are nothing less that the Presence and embodiment of my love in physical form. What you see when you look into the mirror, and who you think you are as an individual, is only a tiny refection of the immensity of our collective Being.

Relax. I can easily guide you towards those other aspects of myself who can help and assist you. Relax. I know your needs. They are just a dream waiting to be dreamt. I dream for you in every moment, all you want and all you can imagine. I dream for you a life filled with love in all ways. I dream for all the beings that incarnate to experience our collective wonder to know themselves as love, feel my love, feel the love that we are all as One.

As you dream of possible realities, you expand our collective being. As you live fully we all feel the richness of your being as waves of your joyous energy ripple into the sea of the One love that we are. We are inseparable, infinite love. You are not a part of me, you are an expression of my love, one with me, one with all that is… You are the ocean masquerading as a wave.

Relax. Rest in the infinite Sea of Love that you are. Sit comfortably. Shut your eyes and allow yourself to fall back into my ever-present embrace as a wave relaxes back into the ocean, knowing it will be carried towards its desires and rise up again, powered by the One who Sources it.

I love you dear embodiments of my Love. I am One with You. You are One with me. You are anything but small. You are unique, precious, amazing, beautiful expressions of the infinite. You need never worry. You only need to relax, and allow my love to pour into your heart, your mind, your body, and your being. Then your lives will become a dance of Divine love with other souls who have come to know their true nature as well.

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Your Energy Fields

Your Energy Fields ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to examine the different fields of energy that exist on your energy, and we have been examining these fields for the potential that they have to hold more high frequency energy within them. We know that you are affected by the various fields of energy that you have there on Earth, and we are looking to take advantage of that. As you know, there are lots of energies and frequencies bouncing around on Earth that are disruptive to your fields.

They can give you the feeling of being tired, or they can even affect your bodies enough to make you sick. But there is hope, and we are here to provide you with that hope. We are here to help bring in a sort of protective shield that will still allow all of your electronics to function. You won’t have to worry about your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals getting scrambled, but you also won’t have to worry about your fields getting scrambled anymore.

Once we have completed our examination, we will make recommendations to ground crew members who can implement the necessary changes to the fields that are most conducive to providing you with high frequency energies that you can easily tune into, feel, and benefit from. And the best way to prevent lower frequency energies from affecting you is by holding higher frequency energies in your fields.

Some of you have been asking for this type of technology for a long time. Some of you have found crystals and other devices to help, and they do have a certain amount of effectiveness, but you are being bombarded constantly with energies that do not serve you, and this is making it harder for you to be the best versions of yourselves that you can be. You’re more likely to get irritated, you’re more likely to get triggered by something or someone when these energies are disrupting your fields.

And again, we have heard the asking that you’ve been doing, and we have been working on a solution. We feel that this solution will be implemented by the end of your calendar year and that you will feel much better in your bodies by 2019.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The Equinox & You

The Equinox & You ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been observing how you are all doing with the equinox energies, and we are pleased to report that we see the vast majority of those of you who are awakened receiving the energies and integrating them for your highest good. Now, just because something is for your highest good doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to reap the benefits right away. The influx of love and higher frequency vibrations can also stir a lot of things up within you that you’ve been holding onto.

We are talking about very core issues coming up to be purged. So even though the energies are very high frequency and very loving, you can feel their impact as having created some unpleasantness in your experience. What this means for all of you is that you have to stay grounded in spite of what you’ve been feeling, physically and emotionally. If you stay grounded, you will stay out of your heads, because let’s face it, your heads are where a lot of these issues are maintained and perpetuated.

You bring a lot more mental energy to something when you focus upon it, and that mental energy can snowball. So instead, you want to focus on being grounded, you want to focus on being in your bodies, and you want to focus on the love that you can feel coming to you from the higher realms and from other parts of your galaxy. There is so much love for humanity, and as we said, you are doing a beautiful job of receiving it, but don’t expect the results to be what you want them to be right away.

Give the energies time to do what they do. Give yourselves time to purge and release, to let go of what is no longer serving you. And as you practice steadying your consciousness in your hearts, you are going to find that this time is the best time that humanity has ever had on planet Earth, and we promise you it will only get better.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

What Should I Eat?  

I often hear conflicting messages from different sources as to what are the “best” foods for our bodies, what we “should” or “shouldn’t” be eating. I really resonate with what Kryon says here. It makes sense to me. I feel that every one, every body is different and unique, and what works for one, does not work for all. Just like everything in life!
Marshmallow Message
From Kryon Book 14: The New Human

What Should I Eat?  

Marshmallow Message



Every single biology [Human] in the room is different, and now we bring up something that we have not brought up for some time, but you need to hear it.  What works for you in health is based almost completely and totally upon your Akashic inheritance.  Where did you spend the most lifetimes?  Perhaps it was in Asia?  Perhaps India or Tibet?  Perhaps it was in the Southern Hemisphere?  Each of those places and cultures will have had different food, which worked to keep you balanced and healthy.  Yet, here you are in the Northern Hemisphere, in this lifetime.  What I want you to know is that you are significantly influenced by the kind of diet that you used to have [in your past lives].

 Perhaps you were vegan.  Perhaps you ate only grains.  Therefore, your cells will crave that diet to feel balanced.  Do you understand?  There are others who come mainly from North America, from Europe, and who never had those kinds of diets from Asia or the south.  Therefore, they won’t have any trouble at all with the food of the land.  Listen: There is no one, generic answer to the question:“What should I eat for Spiritual health?”  There are no absolute “shoulds.”  Instead, there are good signals from “inate” inside you, which gives insight as to the most healthy things for your own body.  In other words, listen to your cells!


~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll 

Be Where Your Feet Are

Image result for laying down in bed

Frequently, as I lay in bed or sit on the couch, or in any random moment when I’m alone, I start arguments or discussions. With no one. With myself. I find myself explaining things to an invisible person (maybe even to myself) or laying out the reasons why someone in my life needs to consider how my way of being, doing, or thinking is valid. I’ll go down this rabbit hole for awhile before I come to an abrupt halt, realizing that I’m, as they say, preaching to the choir. Who am I talking to??

I shake my head as I realize I’m the only one here listening. I’m not in that particular moment I’m imagining. I’m not actually talking to that person, so why am I taking up space in my head trying to convince someone who isn’t even here? Why am I wandering around in the past or way out in the future when my body is right here, and the current moment has nothing to do what is going on in my busy brain?

My practice of late has been to notice when I’m off in a different moment than the one I’m actually experiencing physically. It requires much vigilance. It requires me to notice and then choose to come back to where my body resides. Some of us think and think and think. And wish for a different outcome or moment than the one in which we’re truly experiencing. That habit keeps us out of the present moment, which is where our life actually happens. All that other stuff we’re thinking about has or has not happened or might or might not happen, and it’s not the Now. 

The Now I speak of (when I pose theoretical arguments) is where I currently exist in space and time. I am physically safe with no pressing needs, and all is well. It’s where my body exists. Yet my mind is elsewhere, fretting. What am I missing by letting my brain wander around in the chaos of my thoughts? I am missing out on the current, precious, unreproducible moment. I am missing the purr of my cat, the smell of my room, the taste of my food, the warmth of the sun or my bed. I am missing experiencing my Presence in the present. I am missing the opportunity to change my thoughts or change my experience.

Image result for be where your feet are

Occasionally, I watch a video series where the person ends it by saying, “Be where your feet are.” I don’t know the origin of that phrase, but I immediately connected to the energy of those words. They feel very powerful to me. So, I claimed that power for myself and use that same phrase to return to my body and the moment. When I catch my brain presenting an argument to an invisible person, I remind myself to “be where my feet are.” 

Be where my feet are. I’m not there. I’m here. They’re not here. I’m here. My feet are here. I am here, my body is here in THIS moment. It causes a relaxation to occur. An exhale of tension. And what follows is a big inhale of new, now breath. And a sensation of my whole being being present. And possibilities. Not expectations, possibilities.

Be where your feet are. Try it.

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