Stronger Than You Know


March 18, 2019
From Kryon Book Eleven: Lifting the Veil

Stronger Than You Know

If you know how much you are loved, this message is going to be more profound for you. I gave you information not too long ago that told you who you really were. I asked you to see the hidden relationship between myself, as Kryon, and you, whose real name you cannot pronounce. The name that you hear and read today is not your real name. You have an angelic name, indeed, which is unpronounceable since it is sensed as interdimensional light. And the lovely females in the room, are you aware of your warrior backgrounds? Do you know and feel a maleness that is there? If you could see the record of the Akash in your own DNA, you would see the joke. You came in this time as female, with an extra piece of early intuition, to get you going faster. But believe me, we still needed the warrior. Even as I look upon you, sister, I will remind you of your battlefield experiences that you wish to deny as you sit there. You are far stronger than you know.


through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

Mindful Action

Mindful Action ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been aware for quite some time of humanity’s willingness to engage in activities that you do not really want to engage in. We see you acting, doing, out of routine, and we see you taking action because you think you should, rather than because you want to take that particular action. And we say to all of you that one of the important things that you can do there in the fourth dimension is to be mindful.

So we are suggesting here that no matter what you are doing, you put your consciousness into it. Do what you do with awareness of what you are doing. Pay attention. Be curious about the thing you are doing as if you are doing it for the first time. Because if you are going to do something anyway, you might as well get something out of it. And when you are present with what you are doing, you are getting more of Source to participate. You are allowing more energy to flow through you because of your attention.

Now, this is very easy when you are doing something that you love to do, when you are doing something that you truly want to do. But when you are driving your car on the same road for the hundredth time, it’s time to make that drive more interesting. And we are suggesting that you be the ones to make it more interesting, rather than waiting for something outside of the car to happen, something that will excite you, or something to appreciate.

Instead of waiting for that to happen, see how present you can be while you drive. Focus on the feeling of the steering in your hand. Focus on the way your body feels in the driver’s seat, and of course, focus on your breathing. Focusing on your breathing is the quickest and easiest way to be present with what you are doing, and by consciously breathing you know you are activating more of Source and inviting more of Source to come and play with you in that seemingly very mundane activity.

Of course, we also suggest that you wait until you genuinely feel inspired to do something before you do it. But for those of you who find yourselves in positions where you have to do that thing that you don’t really want to do, this being mindful trick is the key to bringing more spice into your lives, and isn’t that something you all want?

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Cellular Muck is Out of Here

Cellular Muck is Out of Here

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you are a bit foggy or will be in the days ahead as you clear your cellular memories of all that has disturbed you for 3D eons.

Many of you cry that you have cleared and cleared. So you have. In truth, you have cleared more than you or we thought possible before your entrance to earth in this lifetime.

This is a physical clearing to help you better know yourself. Imagine your cells sparkling beneath layers of muck and mud – much as would be true of a diamond in nature. For a diamond is a diamond whether it is covered in muck or polished to a brilliant shine.

So it has been for your cells for eons. As one cell completed its work, your new cells landed in the same muck until your interior became a gray/brown mass with a sparkle here and there when you allowed yourself to be fully of the light.

En masse, you decided to clear one more level of your being – your interior cells. So it is that your being is or will be in a resting stage for the next few days or weeks. During this time, you will likely forget dates, actions, and motives as you move through your day. That is not to say you will be accident prone or cause accidents, but that you will catch your mind wondering during times you are usually focussed. You will forget names, dates, places, and yet find doing so somewhat humorous.

Your diamond being in all it’s brilliance inside and out is claiming it’s being. Something you have longed for, but were not certain how to obtain. For how could you mine your personal diamond cells if you did not know they existed beneath the muck?

So it is you are finalizing pieces of new you within your physical realm. Something you could not do while of 3D or before now as the Universes needed to send energies to correspond with your en masse request.

The result will be more rapid physical healing than was true before because you will receive clear messages of your cellular being whenever you wish. Most importantly for this Universal transition, your being will sparkle inside and out.

Many months ago, we informed you that you had a glow about you that was either attractive or frightening to those with whom you interacted. Now your glow will be both inside and out. No longer will you have to plead with your cells to note their needs or status. No longer will you fear that your inner workings are beyond your abilities.

Even though it was possible for you to be of 5D and beyond despite your cellular muck, you, en masse, requested a thorough cleaning. So it is your fearful memories are either of the past or diminishing. And so it will be that your interior workings will no longer be a mystery to you for you are soon to become a clear radio signal, if you will, inside and out.

You have worked diligently to clear your emotional and spiritual beings. Opening you to vistas you never thought possible. So it will be for your inner cellular structure. The difference is that this clearing will be gentle, even fun.

You will likely forget this and that and laugh at yourself as you do so. For you are not at the beginning of your clearings, but instead the end. And your prior clearings will be buffers during this clearing.

You might wish to judge yourself for not being as clear-headed as you would like, but doing so will likely be meaningless as you automatically sense the humor in the situation.

If you had cleared your cellular structure at the beginning or even months ago, your 3D judgment would have jumped into the fray creating fear or anger within you. Now that you are fully enmeshed in self-love, even if you try to dislike yourself for your fogginess, you will find it difficult. Just as it is difficult to dislike a toddler for being themselves. You might find yourself amused and surprised, but not wrong or bad.

So it is this cellular clearing allows you open communication with all parts of your being.

A side effect of this cellular clearing will be an even greater light. A light that combines your outer being, emotional knowingness, spiritual joy, and now, diamond cellular structure.

You are indeed the light of the Universes.

Some of you reading this message claim you are not yet of 5D or beyond. Such is your right. You can pout, cry, or self-judge as much as you like. Even so, your brilliance will show through despite your 3D need to hide, to run for cover whenever someone approaches you in awe or love.

You can hide no longer. You have been outed by yourself. It is time for you to fully accept you and your powers. Because not daring to claim yourself will not change your shining, loving brilliance. So be it. Amen.

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Kryon: March Issue

Kryon Family Bulletin Banner
March Issue 


March is upon us, and Kryon is starting to address this time as if it were a very pivotal year. We are also starting to see a shift in the variety of those who attend our seminars.


Most of you may notice that many Lightworkers and teachers this year have totally gone on-line for their teaching. I truly feel this is inevitable for all of us, since social media is becoming easy and powerful. It also allows a connection to many individuals all at once. Still, the basis of my work continues to be traveling from city to city, meeting and teaching as many people as I can. I’m resisting the on-line teaching for a while, even though it seems to be the future.


For me, it’s because of what Kryon is telling me. “Old Souls need to see each other and meet each other in person. There is a confluence of energy created which simply cannot be accomplished in a cyber meeting.” Indeed, I think in this pivotal year, it’s really needed for us to gather and hug and talk and laugh. This has always been my way, but this year it seems to be even more urgent.


We are seeing increased audiences who are completely new to metaphysics and Kryon in general. As many as thirty percent (30%) of our audiences are first-timers to Kryon. This is very unusual and very profound. There seems to be an awakening of sorts, to the idea that the old ways need to be looked at, refreshed, and that these changes are very important and practical.


Practical is the key word, for Metaphysics used to be the study of esoterics by an older generation who didn’t have much to do. (smile). At least this is what I thought about 30 years ago. Today the increased attendance in the multiple cities that I visit each year is showing me something: More are interested. Younger people are coming. This means that it’s more practical for life, and many of them are waking-up on their own. Young mothers are there, more men are coming, and the intellectuals are starting to show up and ask questions.


All in all, this is a report to you of why I still travel, and why I’m very excited to see the very changes in people that Kryon told us would happen after 2012. There is more and more validation all the time that our planet is starting to shift.




Website: Kryon



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Your Earth is being immersed in the next wave of energy.  This means the release of any faking or hiding of emotions.  You will no longer have to ‘fake it until you make it’ because it is already there.  It is also a very important shift in your growth and learning; stepping further into your truth and learning to let go of the negative things you have been saying to yourself on a regular basis.  If your needs are not being met, find out why you have chosen not to meet your own needs.  If you are bemoaning the lack of something in your life, look at why you may feel unworthy/undeserving of receiving.  If you feel you are being ‘put upon’, ask yourself why you are allowing yourself to carry all the weight.  These may seem like complicated questions; however, the answers are often very simple.  Take your time, darling child, there is always plenty of time…the beauty and peace from these self-inquiries will always be worth the effort. ~ Creator


The Creator Writings

Jennifer Farley

Are You a Lone Wolf?

This message feels right on target for me and, I’m sure, for many. I have whittled my own circle of friends down so much as I have grown that I can count on three fingers the people I consider close friends, as opposed to the eight or so good friends I used to have. In truth, all three of these close friends have entered my life in the last five years while I upended and rebirthed my sense of self. Only one of those three is in a very similar stage of transition, and unfortunately, it’s not the one who lives near me. Two live hundreds and thousands of miles away, and we communicate maybe once a month but it’s heart-centered. I do have lots of people in my life that I have shared wonderful experiences with, and I’m quite fond of them, but I rarely, if ever, talk to them, and/or don’t feel connected anymore. It seems I am very much a lone wolf these days. It’s a good thing I like my own company.  🙂


You’re Not a Friend Control

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Dear Ones,

Perhaps it seems as if you have no true friends for those you once thought of as friends are in different transition stages. So it is you cannot understand them and them, you.

Such is so because you have completed many of the phases they are just starting to address. Which is neither good nor bad, merely different. A difference that is displayed in ways you did not anticipate.

You believed you would become more like a parent gently leading those you love to a particular arena of spirituality and belief. Instead, you are discovering that compatibility has become almost a friendship liability.

Should you continue the friendship hoping they will finally embrace your point of view or end the friendship as you have done with others?

Most of you want us to tell you to continue the friendship for you already feel lonely in your new world.

But we cannot tell you what to do or when because we do not have the knowledge you have. Perhaps your current interactions are based in difficulties you had with them in previous lifetimes, or indicate you are no longer on the same frequency and may never be again. Only you know. What does your heart tell you to do?

Some of you in long-term relationships have fallen in love with your partner several times within decades of togetherness, just as you might have fallen out of love. Your heart guided you then and your heart will guide you now.

Some of your friends are ending their evolutional development out of fear. Others are doing so because they need to review their current status, and still others because they are tired of climbing their mountain of clearings. All are appropriate actions for them. Your decision is whether they have moved so far beyond you or your frequency that you no longer have an interest in maintaining the friendship.

That decision is your fear. For your current friendship pool is smaller than you would like and yet, you feel you need to make painful friendship decisions when you wish to be in joy.

This is not a time for final decisions for so many are evolving in so many different directions that what was true for them yesterday may not be tomorrow.

At the same time, you do not have the energy to wait until they blend perfectly with you as they once did.

Your decision is to be true to yourself whatever that means to you.

Perhaps you will wish to prolong the time between connections. Or eliminate connections. Or choose different connections. All are possible – the deciding factor is you.

As a forerunner, your thoughts and beliefs are no longer of 3D fear. Even though thoughts of losing a friend might produce fear, you no longer base your decisions in fear. So it is if interacting with someone makes you upset or fearful, you know deep within you that such interactions are not what you wish.

But then, are those interactions permanent or temporary? Only your inner being can inform you of the advantages of either delaying your decision or ending the relationship.

The decisions you make now are your decisions. Not ours of the Universes nor any one of the earth. Just as we cannot force you to do anything, you cannot force yourself. And continuing the same close relationship despite great discomfort forces you into a box of denial which is no longer appropriate.

You, of course, are wondering where is the joy in loneliness?

Your forefront role created a foregone conclusion that you will be lonely at times, especially at the beginning. As you become stronger in yourself, you will discover others who better understand you or better blend with your frequency.

You cannot force someone to blend frequencies with you, nor can you allow yourself to make decisions on small tidbits as you once did. It is time to review the whole – including you. Are you more or less sensitive than you used to be? Are you accepting that those just beginning their new you transition might be a bit rough around the edges? Or are you tired of being around others who do not understand why they are shifting?

You have the power to decide how if at all, you wish to continue relationships. There is no right answer other than the one you find within you. An answer that might change from day-to-day, which will confuse you more. For you are used to having someone tell you that such a person is wrong for you or to drop a friendship based on some words of wrongness in your mind.

We will remind you that it is likely 99% of the earth’s inhabitants do not yet think or act as you do. And that the 99 % are stunned daily as they evolve, just as was true for you.  Do you remember how quickly your needs and tastes changed during your dark night of the soul? So it is now for many – including those closest to you.

Your shift encouraged those closest to you to shift also. The difference is you were almost forced to change by your pre-earth entry decisions. Those shifting now are doing so because of you.

As you radiate more, those following are picking up your light, so to speak, causing them to want to shift also. But their shift is more of the moment than was true for you so they will flounder a bit more than you did. You did so because you had to. Those following are doing so because they want to.

As your loved ones shift their beliefs and thought processes they will continuously return to 3D fears, not because they have to but because it is more comfortable for them to do so. Allow that to be. They are deciding what is best for them in this lifetime. You must honor their decisions even though you wish to jump in and carry them through, so your friend connections are as delightful as before.

You forerunners are the only ones now of the earth who had to evolve to new you. Allow others the freedom to choose just as we allowed you that freedom eons ago.

If your friends decide not to evolve to a frequency similar to yours, honor that or end the relationship. And if they decide to continue the frequency relationship that holds them dear in your heart, allow them time to do so. You are not in control of them, just as they are no longer in control of you. So be it. Amen.

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