Others Call It Luck

Others Call It Luck

From Kryon Live Channelling, “Five Concepts for the New Human”

February 2016 in Red Deer, Alberta, CAN

Compassionate action is coming from a compassionate heart no matter what. It is a position of strength and wisdom. Now, some of you who are listening to this need to hear this: It is not a weakness to be compassionate. The masters who walked this planet exuded compassion! They broadcasted it! The very ones that you may worship are all about compassion. They were not weak, dear ones. So whatever you’ve been told about a kind, compassionate person, you’re going to have to rearrange your perception. Balance is strength. Compassion is strength. A balanced Human Being will seldom catch disease, did you know that? A balanced Human Being will have that which you will call synchronicity. Others call it luck. Synchronicity is to be in the right place at the right time and have perfect things happen, because they’re the result of compassionate action. Compassion actually is an energy that pushes the idea aside of luck or chance. You control your reality.


through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

The Levels of Consciousness

From Eloheim’s teachings, here is a description of the Levels of Consciousness.

Veronica says: This is from January 2014. We have been learning about the Levels since late 2011. Right now, Eloheim is focused on teaching us about Levels 7-9 (you can see how little there is in this summary about those levels as we barely spoke about them back then).

Veronica has been offering lots of freebies this month if you’d like to explore more.

Learn more here http://www.eloheim.com/birthday-month-day-10-eloheim-teach…/



Move your issues up the levels. The levels are fluid to begin with, but consciously move them up. We have wanted you to at least default to level 4 but, for 2014, aim to default to level 6. Be honest. It’s deeply empowering to own the level that you’re on.

I: Duality.  A fact of this system. The temptation here is to feel there are only two options. Adversarial systems. (ie Yes/No. Black/White. Right/Wrong. D) To open this up, use the “color with all the crayons” tool to see the other options, to see at least a third way. Do you want to be right or be happy?

2: Victimhood.  This is a sticky place. “Somebody (or something) is doing it to me. I pay the price for their choices. They are controlling me.” You have no power here.

3: I create my reality, and it sucks.  This is a self-victimization; you are a victim of your own creation. “I created this?!? It sucks, therefore I suck. What the hell was I thinking coming here?!” (This is just being mean to yourself. E’s one and only rule…we don’t get to be mean to ourselves! D)

You can roll among these lower three levels very easily. Most humans live within these three levels all their life.

4: I take 100% responsibility for my reactions to my experiences (a better word than ‘creations’). “If it’s here, it’s happening for me”. In this level, you are clear on how you choose to react, and then detach from outcome. Choose and choose again. Since you’re not hiding in level 3, being in level 4 creates a new foundation for you. You are not in resistance to what is.

5: This trigger is mine. This is the Warrior level; it’s fierce. You make a deliberate choice to not distract yourself from the charge of the trigger. In fact, you use the charge as fuel to allow a revelation of what’s there. “This is my first choice. I don’t want to be anyplace else”. You understand that triggers can be hand-holds on the wall of ascension. (Turn towards the trigger and face it, own it. See what it’s telling you. D)

Levels 4 and 5 tend to be a combination.

6: What trigger? This level can’t be forced into. It’s more a situation of achieving a certain critical-mass. You don’t feel the trigger anymore and instead ask: “what else is here?” There’s no disruption to your state of being. This is a non-adrenaline, non-fear-based, state – so it can feel boring. You start to look for what you haven’t been able to see before, because you were in a triggered reaction. You start to explore fascination.

7: It’s all me.

8: Watch it move.

9: Choiceless choice. This is a level of vulnerability. “I can’t choose away from this thing that I don’t really understand, can’t explain, can’t defend.” (Note: Vulnerability† is not a flaw or a weakness. It’s allowing yourself to be who you are. D)


*Note from me: Learning about the levels of consciousness has helped me change how I see the world and how I live in the world. I definitely started out deep in victimhood. I usually maintain anywhere from Level 6 to 7 to 8 now (working on Level 9) and am aware when I drop into the other ones. I don’t choose to stay there long as I use my tools to change them or ask for help to get out of them or yes, even, get called on them by my fellow students. The levels are fluid, as Eloheim says, so dropping into one or the other is not unusual, it’s how I handle them using Eloheim tools with my new perspective that is completely different.

If you have questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.🙂


†Here’s a bit about vulnerability from Eloheim:

What do you think of when we say the word vulnerability? Many people will think, weakness. However, we believe that the audience for these messages knows better.

Vulnerability is strength.

To access that strength you must assume a neutral, even passive seeming, stance. That’s where the “equal sign” to weakness tries to creep in.

Neutrality opens you to the strength of vulnerability by hindering your habit of “I know everything about this situation, I know what to do, I am ready to act now based on old patterns and an old version of me.”

Standing in the “I don’t know” place connects you to the moment as you must explore what is really happening in order to respond authentically. Authentic response arises from connection to now without preconceived notions about what is going on.

Allow yourself the strength of that, the strength of being vulnerable enough to “not know” so that you can explore the more of the opportunity of this moment.

Vulnerability isn’t as much about laying down defenses between you and others. It’s about choosing the stance of “I don’t know what is truly here” and abiding in the discomfort that the survival instinct throws up. Remember, the survival instinct isn’t a fan of you being in the moment. It wants to think about the past and plan for the future with a singular focus on staying alive.

Experiencing the discomfort of exploring “I don’t know” of being vulnerable is unlikely to feel “natural” to you. You have been programmed to believe “I don’t know” is weak. In reality it requires commitment to choose and choose again to be vulnerable with others and within yourself.

Boundaries are important in this exploration. Just because you are willing to explore “I don’t know” doesn’t mean “anything goes” You still want to be clear on what is acceptable to you in your interactions.

Vulnerability connects you to infinite possibilities which gives you more choices. It opens you to insight from your soul which adds more texture. It allows you to see the more that the moment offers. Be willing to neutrally “not know.” Be willing to be vulnerable.

A Great Deal of Shifting

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

For the next several weeks that you have on your timeline on planet Earth, you are going to feel like there is a great deal of shifting going on all around you. You are going to see changes occur that you did not expect but that you welcome with open arms. There are going to be individuals who are going to play out massive themes for all of humanity, and they will do so on a very large scale.

So what will these changes mean for you as individuals? Well, you can do many different things. You can observe and decide that none of it matters. You can take on too much of the drama and make it about you. Or you can sit comfortably where you are, in your stable core, and offer love and compassion to all who are involved. We think you know which one we suggest you take on as a choice.

We are not here to tell you what to do, or how to live your lives, or how to respond to anything. But perhaps our message will inspire you to be more aware of the choices you are making, because we do suggest that you make conscious choices in regards to how you respond.

If you want to experience all of this with grace and even in a state of joy, you certainly can do so. You are under no obligation whatsoever to freak out just because others are freaking out.

You have all been anticipating changes for quite some time, changes that would be undeniable evidence of the shift. So you are prepared, but not everyone else is. And you get to decide what your role is going to be as it all plays out. You get to decide who you are in relationship to these worldwide changes.

And we know that you are beings of service, beings of love, and beings of compassion. And so we invite you to recognize those traits within yourselves and to seek out the stable core within yourselves so that you can be who you really are no matter what is going on in the world around you.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”


Which life are you choosing to create?

Kryon talks about a lot of things going on in the world, how all the dark is rising up to defend itself as the light gets stronger and stronger. They also hit on one of my experiences, that of having a friend who, over and over, created the same drama, and I tried for twenty years, oh how I tried, to show her a different perspective. Until I couldn’t do it anymore. I let the friendship wane several years ago. I met up with her recently and yes, it’s still the same old drama. I have chosen to live differently.

5D Love is a Larger Experience

And…yet another one with the same theme….

5D Love is a Larger Experience

Dear Ones,

Feelings of love are starting to radiate from your being as well as others. Even though you expected such a shift, this new sensation is different from what you anticipated. For you were anticipating the love you experienced in 3D instead of the more global love you are beginning to sense and address.

Perhaps your heart melts a bit as you focus on baby humans and animals. Or you feel something warm and loving for another race you previously had not accepted. Or your worldview is shifting politically, economically or environmentally. It does not matter for all are indicators of your new love.

Some of you are concerned because you are not experiencing all the pieces just addressed. Such is so for a reason. Your heart is opening first to those pieces that are of your path. Other pieces will fall into place eventually.

You are focussing on your mission, your development at this time. For you to pretend you are concerned about issues that you are not is to return to 3D living.

Allow yourself to be in all facets of your new being – including that which your heart focusses on now. Your focus will broaden with time – just as your new focus now is a bit of a surprise to you.

In 3D love, your attention was drawn to those people, places and things that potentially returned your love including family, jobs, homes, communities, sports, school, political or country affiliations.

Some of you doubt this last statement for how could a political affiliation return your love? Easily by proving that your life theories are correct, potentially giving you something you want, or providing you with a community of like-minded people. Such is true for any love you experienced in 3D. In your mind, it was a give and take. And if you were not provided all you wished or thought should be provided, you moved on.

We previously informed you that love is a sharing process. What you are sensing now is counter-intuitive to that concept for you cannot exactly pinpoint what is shared or experienced.

Love in 5D is a larger experience without immediate rewards other than feeling the feelings.

How does that concept connect with the sharing of love described as important just months ago? In 3D, it does not. But in 5D, it provides a global/universal portrayal of love that does not require an immediate reward as the experience is enough of a reward to continue or complete the sharing experience.

If you are one with yourself, you do not require your community to provide you with accolades for you give yourself those accolades.

When you were of 3D, rewards were provided by those outside yourself. Graduations, political contests, and similar community experiences provided you with the knowingness that you were right, and others were wrong, incompetent or any word you care to use that tells you that you are the winner and others are not.

You do not require rewards outside yourself for you are complete as you are. Those who value your completeness will be attracted to you. Those who do not or are frightened by your completeness will fade away.

So it is you are learning that loving yourself means a major shift within your being. A shift that includes a self-containment element not easily attainable in 3D.

Now that you are beginning to feel complete within yourself, you have less need for adoration, acceptance, and rightness from others. You can love something or someone without reciprocity. Loving it or them is enough for you.

If you pine for a certain house because you will look better in the eyes of others, it is a 3D love. If you pine for that home because you will be more comfortable, it is a 5D wish/love.

In 5D, you have no need to outdo others. You are merely creating the life that is right for you. In 3D, you have a need to create something, including romantic love, that not only enhances you but is appropriate for your community and society.

Perhaps you beg to differ with that concept. But would you allow yourself romantic love with someone 50 years younger or older than you or of a different culture or race? Even though you might affirm that such is entirely possible, in 3D you would probably question the wisdom of such a relationship. Not because of the individual you love, but because of your family, society or community.

So it is you are now following your heart in all matters including love relationships and societal contacts. You are doing so for you – not because of your community.

Perhaps you do not yet understand this concept – but you will. For as you shift so is your love shifting. From that approved by others to that which is right for you.

You are evolving into the complete being you have long pined for – without anyone’s approval other than yours. So be it. Amen.


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Know Yourself

“The Core of Shadow Work is this: To KNOW YOURSELF FULLY, from as many angles as are required, in order that you might dare to let yourself go free. Being neither judge, jury, prosecutor, nor defender—you give no explanations, nor do you require any. You are AT HOME in your place between the sun and the moon.”

~The Reconnections

Daniel Jacob


“You can’t hold someone’s darkness so they can find their light.” this may be helpful to remember in the coming days, I think the next few days are going to be very hard for some people. The intense excavation energies of the next few days will bring out a lot of deep seated emotions such as shame, fear, self judgment, self criticism, doubt, and regret. You may inadvertently trigger someone and wonder why they are so upset or angry and you have no idea what they are talking about or why they are so angry. You just brought up the darkest of their darkness. The best thing to do is not engage, let them process it on their own and fight their own demons. You don’t have any insight into these matters which may involve this and many lifetimes of tough emotions rising to the surface now.
Just remember you can hold a space for light but you cannot hold someone’s darkness. Shine on now, it may get a little tough in the next few days.

I think this week’s eclipse on the 18th, whether it’s an ‘almost’ eclipse or not, is driving people crazy. I have heard some very weird things from people who sound like they are going out of their minds. I had to step out of a conversation because it was so inconsistent with what I knew the person was actually feeling and thinking, it was like talking to a stick figure and none of it made any sense. It’s going to be a wild couple of days I think.

~Jennifer Hoffman


We live in a society where an enormous number of what we call ‘suppressive agents’ are around us. Our media corporations give us ridiculously high aspirations. So let’s start with magazines. Models are all over magazines. You don’t tend to see the everyday person on the cover of a magazine and it really helps support this idea that we’re not enough. We’re not good enough. And if you can distract someone as to how not good enough they are for long enough, they’ll never uncover how good they are. So it’s a very clever suppression agent to someone’s authentic power. This is why working with your own self judgment becomes a practice until you get to the place where, either through age or through an enormous experience in your life, you get over the idea of self judgment.

Clearing out self judgment is a really important practice. And the truth about self judgment is, it’s all self-oriented. So even if your friend says to you, “You know, you’re a really terrible person,” you have to agree with them to make that a real horror to you. Yeah, you might be disappointed that they said that or they didn’t see you because you don’t feel you are a terrible person. The truth is, for anyone to wallop you with that kind of statement, they’ve got their own stuff going on anyway.

But when you get to the point where you no longer feel like you will take on their attacking and unsupportive words, you will walk away and go “Wow! I would never call someone a terrible person because that’s a bit like condemning them forever.”

– From Authentic Power

Lee Harris


All the teachers are sharing the same theme…the gist of which is to know yourself without judgment, and refrain from taking on the responsibility for others’ baggage. In this intense energy, knowing yourself and your truth while holding your center will be what carries you through. And remember, don’t claim another’s baggage, emotions, and energies as your own!


Here Kryon talks about becoming compassion and radiating kindness as your default way of being. They go on to describe how the opposite is going to have direct consequences in the fields of those who are unkind. There is so much more light in the world and the field’s responses are going to be immediate. I have often asked, “how do they sleep at night?” when someone acts unkindly towards others. Kryon addresses this.