Some are still experiencing a U.S. ELECTION ENERGY HANGOVER, characterized as DISORIENTATION, and (more extremely), an internal rise of the effects of Trauma (emotional/psychological reactions). Shock or disbelief at the rise of DIVISION ENERGIES in the world was a theme for many in November. The cracks in society and our current governing structures have become more obvious and more surfaced than we have seen before. This causes internal emotional movement for most.

Some people are getting STUCK in those difficult places inside themselves, others are seeing it accelerate FAST PERSONAL CLEARINGS and HEALINGS resulting in MAJOR BREAKTHROUGHS around IDENTITY, FREEDOM, PRESENCE and CONNECTION.

So if you feel stuck or LOCKED into a cycle of FEAR, ANGER or DISILLUSIONMENT as a result, by all means honor the downward spiral you have gone into.
BUT at the same time, do WHATEVER YOU CAN to attend to healing those parts of yourself. Choose good community, dance, yoga, meditation, creativity, communion with nature and animals to invite light back into your daily reality. If in crisis, focus on DEEP HEALING or therapeutic help. Get support from sources that work for you – healers, therapists, practices, self-retreat time, and keep doing this daily until you notice yourself beginning to lift out of the depths. Be PATIENT and PERSISTENT with this process.

Feeling your feelings is great and important, but when the negative dominates for too long, a downward pattern can develop and it is important to invite yourself back UP the spiral of life. And bring BALANCE back in.

LEARNING BALANCE is especially important for all of us now. Learning to SELF-CARE at A NEW LEVEL.

ANXIETY AND MENTAL FEAR OF THE FUTURE has obsessed some in recent weeks. If this is you, remember that fear thoughts always have hooks into the past – usually based on past history/past trauma in the body. For soul-led and awake people (who often experience dimensions beyond just 3D reality), the fear thoughts can come from ANCESTRAL AND COLLECTIVE PATTERNS that you are tapping into empathically.
Use the mantra “I RELEASE ANY ENERGIES AND EMOTIONS THAT ARE NOT MINE” to help you re-centre in what is truly yours in this present moment.

This past month also stirred up JUDGEMENT and RIGHTEOUSNESS in a big way in the world. DEFENSIVENESS of our opinions is a way to temporarily shield ourselves from the feelings underneath and keep us further from accepting the new situation that we don’t like or are scared to feel. This can cause internal suffering and struggle.

Conscious humans (who recognize these defense patterns in themselves fast as they arise), were thus plunged into deep healing in themselves around JUDGMENT and FIGHT/ANGER energies. The end result of letting this process move through your body consciously is: Greater compassion for others, for the wounds in society, and a new ability to see the light within others and thus see and speak with more love and connection.

CHANGE IS IN THE AIR and it will continue to show itself in the next few years in increasing ways. So learning to know who you are and what you need to show up every day in the world, is vital.

STANDING ROCK has been an example of some of the increasing experiences we will see (and show up for) in coming years.


In DECEMBER AND EARLY JANUARY – It is time to let yourself LAND BACK IN THE BODY, after all these recent weeks of energy shift.
Learn who you are, now that there is so much new energy and CHANGE inside you.
TAKE THINGS SLOW where possible. Let yourself settle back into the body and let the nervous system calm and reset itself.

ORGANIZE or RE-ORGANISE your life. Don’t try and do/create too much NEW unless your foundation is very firm to support that. ORGANIZATION will be supported this month.

Recognize you WILL NEED moments for peace, quiet and connection in order to feel balanced.

FOCUS ON YOUR SMALLER CIRCLE IN LIFE. The ‘big circle’ in life is the wider picture, the wider world and all that is going on around us. This can be EXHAUSTING AND DEPLETING PSYCHICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY if we fix our focus there. Focus on what is directly in front of you; the people, your local community and environment. Create this balance of focus between the smaller and wider circles in your life, then you will ultimately better serve both.

CONNECTION AND THE MAGIC OF CONNECTION will be VERY present in the coming 6 weeks, as a result of some of the recent division and separation energy bringing internal healing for those willing to move beyond their defenses. Healing with people in your life, meeting new and KEY PEOPLE FOR YOUR FUTURE and deepening with existing loved ones will occur more effortlessly in the coming weeks.









You’re the Parent Clearing Boogeymen Now

You’re the Parent Clearing Boogeymen Now

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you wish to rewind your personal clock, to start over. Such is not possible any more than you can unbirth yourself once you entered earth. So you adjust to life as it is.

Even though you can transition if you wish, you will not most likely for the reasons you entered earth in this lifetime. Perhaps those of you who accept challenges – which is most of you reading these words – take that last statement as a dare. It is not. It is merely stating your reality at this time.

Your world might seem gray, lifeless, unexciting or any number of words that tell you that you are too tired to continue with this silly shift process.

This feeling will soon pass, and you will grasp the stardust of joy once again. For those of you doubting our words, please review your life a bit before you toss this message aside.

Your outer perceptions continue to jump between 3D and 5D. From a 3D perspective, your world seems very glum indeed. From a 5D perspective, it is one of joy. Of course, you cannot believe or note the joy at this time, but you will. For all is an illusion you created.

Likely, your current thoughts are that whether you created the illusion or it is a reality, it is too painful and difficult to change. You are not a protester. In truth, you barely have the energy to accomplish your daily agenda items. So how can your world possibly shift from your current glum state to joy?

Change your perceptions. Think for yourself. Ignore naysayers and doomsday predictors. Think of this time as the beginning of something exciting you never dreamed possible in 3D, instead of this is the worst that could have happened.

You have forgotten how devastating your dark night of the soul felt when you were processing it. Or perhaps you remember all too well how dramatic and painful that time was. At any rate, what you are experiencing now is a combination of the memories of your dark night of the soul and the trauma of those just beginning to experience it.

Your feelings of doom and gloom are not based in your reality, but instead memories or what was or what could be. Memories you can erase with a shift in your perspective.

Is it not true that despite your greatest fears during your dark night of the soul, you not only survived but felt stronger as a result? Yet, when that experience is replicated throughout the globe for those beginning to awaken, you return to your original fear instead of your outcomes.

In a fear-based society, such would be the norm. But you no longer are of that fear-based reality. You are outside looking in. It is time for you to claim your wisdom.

Perhaps you remember a time when you first became enamored of transition information and were concerned about forces taking over your being. As you progressed in the knowledge that you create your reality, you understood that any heavy pieces that did not fit your shift to joy were your inner fears instead of forces taking over your being. That you created your own boogeyman to scare yourself into submission or returning to 3D fears.

None of which worked for you knew deep within you that you were not of the earth to reinforce fear, but instead to overcome it. And so you have internally. You now are doing the same in your external life.

Some of you proclaim that such is not at all how your life truly is. That you have a perfect right to be terrified of this or that person, earth storm or war. Of course, you do in 3D. But most certainly not in your new 5D being.

You are beacons of light for those who wish to follow. Do you wish to play the Wizard of OZ role of hiding behind a curtain of fear with no real power – other than verbal rantings – or Dorothy moving through her fears to realize she is a powerful being without need of help from the Wizard? 

You have danced down your yellow brick road. You have proclaimed your power. Now you stand before the Wizard of OZ curtain. Why pull back that curtain when the Wizard has nothing to offer you? And so it is with your new outer fears. There is nothing to offer you for you are more powerful than any fear you can imagine.

Many of you cry that you are not able to move beyond your outer fears because they are overwhelming and all-powerful. Such is true only if you allow them to be.

Shift your thought processes from, “The world is doing this to me.” to, “I am no longer of the fear world so I can observe, note and do whatever I please.” Or, “I don’t want to return to fear, so I’m shifting my view from fear to, I wonder what this piece will play in the transition of society from 3D to 5D?”

The trauma you are noting throughout the globe now is not about you. You are an observer, not a participant. It is time for you to claim that role instead of adding to the fear now rampant throughout the globe.

You are no longer a fear-follower. You are a joy beacon. Claim your role. Play your role which you can begin by adding interest and humor to your outer fear thoughts.

How did you overcome your fears of a boogeyman under your bed? That is all the fear mongering is right now – a pretend boogeyman. In this instance, this time, you are the parent shining your beacon brightly for all to see that there is nothing under the bed. So be it. Amen.


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What Is to Come

If you find yourself now and then considering the fate of our country (the US) and the world and feeling like it’s not heading in a good direction, listen to this channeling all the way through. It is actually two channelings in one, a short one and a longer one. In the second one, Kryon speaks again of fractal time, expectations, worthiness, physics, predictions, and wild cards. I found it super interesting.

“If you change something in the circle of time, you re-write the future.” Kryon

Now, I am not a fan of the current president-elect, our latest wild card, his prejudices, or what comes out of his mouth, but this channel is fascinating in it’s exploration of the potential path and what we avoided in not choosing the other candidate. Should be a very interesting year next year and it’s important to not prejudge or predict disasters. We need to hold the Light of God within ourselves and stay out of fear.

“Little things change big things. Big things change even bigger things.” Kryon

Shine your Light, be a butterfly and flap your wings. Send loving and positive waves outward. Think of the beautiful hurricanes we can create with our combined wings of Light!

“What is the order you’re going to place? Physics is on your side.” Kryon

Faith and Trust

Faith and Trust

From Live Kryon Channelling,
“The Nodes and Nulls of Earth – Part One”
May 2013 in Moscow, Russia
Let’s say you had one of the most complex auto engines on earth. Let us say it was a quantum race car with tens of thousands of parts, and you’re here studying one nut or one bolt in that part. Let’s say that the plans for the engine are not known to you, but you are putting the part together anyway. How could you possibly see the whole thing?

Instead, you’re trusting that the engine works. You’re learning how to make one part, and match it to another, and put it where it belongs. You haven’t even seen the race car! Then… when the race car is done you don’t even know where it’s going to take you!

This is why we honor you today, because at some level you feel what you are doing. At some level, you are all steering the race car…

That’s the definition of faith and trust, and – an old soul. Blessed is the Human Being who remembers a big picture that they cannot yet see. But they know it’s coming from the Great Central Sun and their efforts continue to build the parts of the engine that someday will bring them to an ascended planet. In the process they will have a longer life, health and love, even without ever seeing it.

through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

Ambassador Fungie

Around the world there exist a number of ‘Ambassador’ dolphins.  These are individual dolphins who have chosen to spend most of their lives interacting with humans.  They often live in bays near towns and can be reliably seen on a daily basis approaching boats, swimmers and putting on a show for people who come to see them.  Today, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to Fungie, the most well known of the Ambassador dolphins.  Fungie lives in Dingle Bay in Ireland and the entire town loves and celebrates his presence in their little bay.  He first appeared in Dingle Bay in 1983 and to this day seeks out the company of humans to play with.

Several years ago I was asked by a researching studying the phenomena of Ambassador dolphins to communicate with Fungie about why he has chosen to spend so much time with people and here is what I received:

–  “I love humans!”

–  “ When I was a young adult dolphin I was a bit reckless and was caught in a fishing net.  My family was frightened of the fishermen and fled.  A very kind fisherman found me and very lovingly cut me free.  He even fed me some of his fish as I was very weak when he found me.  I did not have the strength to search for my family right away.  I felt lost, alone and frightened and found shelter near Dingle Bay and I made friends with the people there.”

– “I love to see and feel the Joy and Love of the humans when they see me.”Interesting Image

–  “I hate it when people ignore me.  I am so happy when people pay attention to me and even get in the water with me.”

– “I am a ray of warm sunshine in a cold and drab place.”

–  “My soul purpose is to reach out to humans and show them interspecies kindness as an example of how humans should treat each other and all life on the planet.”

–  “Come see me, come play with me.  Do not be afraid of me.  I bring only Joy, Love and Appreciation to you.”

– “You should bring more to see me.  Children and autistic, mentally handicapped and depressed people. Spending time with me will really help them the most.”

 Interesting Image

Dr. Horace Dobbs of the UK has brought several clinically depressed people to swim with Fungie and other Ambassador dolphins and after just one swim with these dolphins, these people who had been completely controlled by overwhelming sadness, came away from the experience able to function in the world again!  They were able to now hold down jobs, have relationships with their loved ones and handle life without sinking back into depression!

– Bill Bowell, 65, had suffered from chronic depression for years reports after swimming with Fungie one time: “It was a moving experience and one I will never forget. Since then I have swum with dolphins on several occasions, in Wales and in Ireland. I am now fully recovered; I take no medication and have returned to work. I am finally able to talk to my children again after almost 10 years of barely knowing who they were.”

– If spending just a few hours with Fungie can so drastically improve the life of someone severely affected by depression, just imagine what spending time with the dolphins will do for you!

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s Whale and Dolphin Wisdom newsletter and feel free to share it with your friends who love whales and dolphins too.

Whale Blessings,


Anne Gordon de Barrigón

CoAuthor of the Bestselling book  Dolphins & Whales Forever

Author of the forthcoming book Listening with your Heart


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Message from Matt Kahn:Standing Rock

Standing Rock

While many have been called to North Dakota to stand with the water protectors in response to the planned oil pipeline expansion throughout their sacred lands, I have been called to visualize a specific outcome that I wish to share with you. If you feel inspired, please join me in visualizing this exact outcome so we may work together on an energetic level to create a collective tipping point for the well-being of our beloved planet. While nothing can be guaranteed, it is essential that we always visualize the results we desire with absolute passion and focused intention, so the highest outcome can be actualized into present moment time.

Before sharing this vision, let’s explore a lesser known facet of the law of intention. It was described to me by the Universe as the Law of Divine Inevitability. Through this law, outcomes are inevitable, but require our individual and collective participation to make it so. It’s as if the time and energy we put into one direction allows each participating individual or group to expand in vibration. The higher individuals or groups elevate vibrationally, the faster consciousness expands to manifest a new reality on both the individual and collective levels.

While outcomes are destined, it is our individual and collective efforts that determine the path of how quickly or slowly destiny unfolds. Each option of how quickly or slowly outcomes play out exist in parallel timelines of reality. So in essence, through the law of Divine Inevitability, we focus our efforts to call forward the highest outcome that allows our individual and collective consciousness to move into the highest timeline of spiritual and social resolution. Even if the outcome we desire doesn’t match what is bound to unfold, the individuals working through the Law of Divine Inevitability still have the power to shift timelines, entering a reality where the highest evolution unfolds as a result of any outcome, while allowing any heartbreaking outcome to negatively impact the least amount of lives.

This means that every moment of intention counts, whether or not the outcome you are anchoring matches the results that are meant to be. No matter what unfolds, the individuals participating in anchoring the highest intention of all always expand in vibration. As this occurs it increases the likelihood that others around them will expand to create a tipping point where injustice, inequality, suffering, global warming, abuse, greed, and deception ceases to exist. In essence, we anchor the highest outcome with relentless passion, while surrendering to the will of Divinity to reveal what is meant to be. This is how we assist the tribe members of our soul family on the frontlines of Standing Rock or any other social circumstance as peaceful guardians and heart-centered wayshowers of a new vibrational reality.

In knowing the benefits we contribute to the sum of whole, no matter which timeline plays out, I’d like to share with you an intention I am anchoring:

When tuning into possible timelines for the stand-off at Standing Rock, I was shown an image of President Obama holding a press conference. During this press conference, in one of his final acts as President, Obama officially declared Standing Rock a historic landmark prohibiting any future pipeline expansion on or around it. As he made it official, the vision then shifted to Standing Rock, where thousands of water protectors reacted in the triumph of peaceful victory, as law enforcement was ordered to back away and retreat.

Through the Law of Divine Inevitability, I invite you to strengthen your intention muscles by anchoring this outcome many times throughout the day. Simply visualize these precise images and allow yourself to feel whatever depth of peace, harmony, excitement, or joy bubbles up within you. Even if not feeling such positive emotions, simply envision this outcome to increase the likelihood of it manifesting into form. Whether this occurs exactly as we intend, or moves consciousness into a higher timeline of less violence and a faster trajectory of global awakening, our efforts always count as we participate in the unfolding times of our long-awaited destiny.

So many of us know exactly the kind of world we wish to live in, but when the outcomes we seek appear daunting or insurmountable, one of the most counter-productive thing we can do is to stand by and do nothing at all. Egos either fight for or against change. Souls anchor change while standing for peace. Spiritual egos turn away from difficulties while waiting for someone else to create the change they secretly yearn to see. Now is the time to decide through our choices, words, and actions who we truly wish to be. Resolve can be swift, peaceful, and powerful in its unfolding, but it requires the conscious intention of many to focus their efforts in a singular direction, as energetic support for those standing on the frontlines in person.

May we unite together as One, intending for Standing Rock to be made a historical landmark as our first bold step in restoring power to the consciousness of the people who live with reverence, honor, and respect for Mother Earth. If you also wish to visualize light surrounding each person at Standing Rock as protection from the cold weather and brutality, please feel free to contribute whatever you called to envision for the benefit of all.

No matter how much or how little you wish to offer, thank you for your help in anchoring this intention, as well as forwarding this post to everyone you know to maximize its power and potency. Julie and I both stand for Standing Rock and gladly offer our time and energy to visualizing the positive outcomes that we wish to be. Together we stand united as one, as never before that I AM now.

#waterislife #standwithstandingrock

Many blessings to all,

Matt & Julie