In The Midst

My sessions usually begin with a short meditation or just by getting centered with some deep breathing and calling light to myself.  I have also found that I get better answers and more of a conversation if I ask questions rather than when I just sit there and wait for inspiration to flow through my pen.  If these seem short, it’s because I am not posting entire messages as some of it I would rather keep personal.  And sometimes, it’s just a quickie during a break at work when I feel like making a connection, it gives me a jolt of sweet encouragement and inspiration to help me in my day.


When I was wondering what I could do that would deepen my spiritual connections I asked,  How can I get closer to you?

Be at peace Dear One, you are already close to Me.  Your presence alone is testimony.  Stand ~ sit in stillness every day.  Take note of your surroundings.  Take note of your Body.  Take note of your joy.  Be aware of All That Is.  It Is.  It is everywhere, and you are in the midst.


Contemplating my path and abilities, I asked, What is the best use of my talents?

Your talents are many and varied, and we understand you feel as though have no depth in them.  Understand this – your depth is under no question – your talents are strong and deep.  You will come into them gradually for you are an iceberg, slowly moving like the ice tsunami, and you will have no choice but to inexorably move forward.  You will grow and expand more rapidly now.  “Time” will show you where to use your many talents, and each will be needed.


Ending the session, I asked, Do you have any other words of guidance you would like me to know?

Be kind to yourself, Dear One, this is not a race and you have all the time you need.  You are anxious and eager and feel you have wasted much time.  There is no such thing.  Your efforts and time have been well spent learning many facets of this life.  It is what you came here to do, not to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, but to climb your own personal mountains.  And you have done so, admirably.  We are so proud of you.  Be kind to yourself.  We love you so much.  Love yourself.

Thank you and Namaste.




2 responses

    • Aw thanks Sue. I have to fight down the tendency to feel like while these are so meaningful to me, they look very different when I post them here ~ they don’t look like much. I’m glad to know the energy comes through the words! I’m not near as eloquent as our favorite channeler. :p However, I am practicing being kind to myself!


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