The furnace is not happy to be working so hard

It is so cold.  The sun is shining but that means nothing!  It’s an illusion of warmth!  The furnace is also being finicky and taking unwanted breaks during this frigid spell, leaving the temps inside to drop unexpectedly.  Swearing and banging and jiggling of switches ensued all through the last two nights.  Monday we need to get someone over here to figure out why and fix it.  However, with that being said, I am really grateful not to be in Minnesota with their 50 degrees below zero, or anywhere else in that subzero polar-blasted zone for that matter!  Five minutes or less outside there and you have frostbite on exposed skin.  Here it might be ten minutes and you feel frozen, but nothing like how it is through the middle part of the US right now.  (And stupid people are playing and watching football outside there today!)  It also makes me wonder how freaking cold it is in Canada right now!  And how in heck do they do this all the time?

Dreaming of beaches and flip flops…..


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