Yep, It’s January in Upstate NY.

Originally I had set tomorrow, January 4, as the day I wanted to be flying out of here.  Wouldn’t have happened!  We are practically shut down here with all the snow and subzero temperatures, and airports are not an exception.  We are supposedly to get more snow and continuing low temps through Sunday and Monday. 

Do you really wonder why I am ready to live elsewhere?  The older I get, the less I like this cold, white stuff!  I do not handle being cold well at all and this storm is just another confirmation of my decision. 

I haven’t left the house in two days and will only go a mile to and from work today.  There will lots of layers involved and I will dig out my snow pants so I can unbury my personal and work cars.  My work car is a van and I can barely reach the windshield, so picture me clambering all over the thing, trying to get the snow off so I can see to drive.  Thus the snowpants.  It’s a lovely and graceful look for me.

When I get outside this morning I’ll take some pictures for you.

Brrrr.  This is the color I’ll be when I get done.   😀


6 responses

  1. Below zero today. I am so cold. I had on several layers and still was cold. My face and fingers hurt from the cold very quickly. I was thinking about the animals and hoping they all had somewhere warm to be. I changed my mind about the pictures, it was far too cold to stand outside and take one when all I wanted to do was to run inside as fast as possible!
    NY is beautiful, six months out of the year. The rest of the time, I am cold. Of course if you like snow and cold then it’s pretty then too!
    Sumr < brat
    Sue, I'm so glad you are where you are happiest.
    Cheryl, I used to think Snowbirds were kind of dumb, now I get it! Six months in Florida, six months here. Be a Snowbird!


  2. I am so with you on the dislike of winter in the Northeast. I see how the season affects me in more ways than one, so I’ve got to either live somewhere more temperate permanently, or find a way to live in two places and leave the area from Nov-Feb. My heart is totally torn because I don’t want to give up New England for good.


  3. In Hyde Park, Vermont a high today of minus 6. A low of minus 26. I do miss the sunshine and warmth of my year in Sonoma, but being close to family and a baby warm me despite the temperatures.


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