Bending Time to Rest

Bending Time to Rest

Dear Ones,

Even though we, of the Universes, request that you rest, many of you believe a day or even an hour of rest is not possible within your 3D environments.

Because you are adjusting internally to the many shifts that occurred the past few days, you feel exhausted, energized, mopey or just different from what you expected when you were of 3D.

Allow your rest needs to overcome your daily objectives, as you might after a medical procedure. Granted, you may feel as if you could conquer the world, but in truth, you do not yet have the strength to do so.

Your sense of conquering the world is similar to a drug high for you are feeling different and you cannot explain why to yourself or others. So you return to 3D feeling definitions to explain your new sensations.

Allow your body to adjust to your new sensations. For within a few days, the energies will once again ramp-up creating more new sensations within your being.

For some such a thought is fearful, but to others – especially those on their new physical high – that thought is exhilarating. For many of you are so ready to shift, you do not wish to rest.

So it is, we are setting aside a time of rest and nurturing for you. Again, many of you are clamoring that you must care for children, work or the thousands of other reasons you give yourself why you cannot nurture yourself in a 3D world.

Therefore, we will relay a Universal trick you can perform at home, in the subway, during your workday or any place that feels right. Request five or so minutes of blank time from the Universes.

Even though you have progressed beyond 3D, you have not acknowledged to yourself that you have. Blank time is your internal nap that no 3D entity senses or sees. Those around you will continue their life, but you will step out of 3D life for a bit to rest. You are stopping your clock – not anyone else’s.

Some of you claim that you sleep long hours. Such is true. But because you are also working, dreaming, traveling, creating, etc. during that sleep time, you are not resting.

Your five-minute rest can be before you sleep at night, in the office, during your commute or any time you feel comfortable doing so.

This rest technique is a two-fold project. One, you need to rest so that your physicality resets before the next energy burst. And two, for you to test one of your new skills. For even as you read this, you are thinking that it MIGHT work, but you need to test it in a safe place like your restroom or bedroom before sleep.

You cannot yet conceive that you can step out of the 3D world with no 3D entity being the wiser. A simple task that those of other frequencies do throughout the Universes. For indeed, you know that those of the Universes often give you indications they are following you, but you do not expect them to be visually available to you 24 hours a day. Instead, you expect that they will flit in and out of your life and vision.

You can now do the same. And no one of 3D will notice. Only those with similar skills will know that you are “dropping out” for a bit.

So it is we challenge you to care for yourself during this “quiet” time by resting.

You create the resting environment. Not those outside of you as you have always believed, but you from inside yourself.

You may try a five-minutes Universal rest now but will likely expand the time to that which feels comfortable. Doing so, you will discover that you might be in a business meeting and feel the need to rest for a few minutes. When you return your focus to the meeting, not one syllable of wording will be lost to you. To the 3D world, you were completely attentive.

We are teaching you to bend time.

It is time – said with laughter – for you to practice this new skill while of the earth. A skill that will not impact 3D actions, but will change your current life.

You are not alone and never have been. Time travel is now also true for you as you jump from frequency to frequency and dimension to dimension just as your Universal guardians have done throughout your earth lives.

Rest and practice away. The only request is that you do not become so dedicated to our practice discussion that you neglect to rest. Your key job the next few days is resting. Your new skill is merely a way of resting if you so choose.

There are no shoulds. Just know that with your new software, one of your new skills is time bending with no one of 3D the wiser. So be it. Amen.


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As Earth Goes….

The Andromedan/Sirian Alliance ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are pleased to announce to you that there has been a new alliance formed that will give more assistance to the human collective as you continue on in your journey. You are aware that the beings from the Sirius Star System are of service. That is their goal. They are service-oriented. Nothing brings them more joy than to be of service, and they have reached out to several representatives from the Andromedan Star System to create an alliance between the two.

That alliance has one objective and one objective alone, and that objective is to seek out new ways to further the evolution of consciousness on planet Earth. Now, as many of you know, there is much being done already, and there are councils, collectives, and federations set up to form similar alliances. This alliance in particular is significant because the beings from Sirius, who are fifth dimensional, and the beings from the Andromedan Star System, who are also fifth dimensional, have never aligned before.

There is a knowing in the galaxy that as Earth goes, so goes the galaxy. And, therefore, those who are in favor of a shift in consciousness occurring sooner rather than later are banding together. And those who would like to see a shift happen only if it is on their terms are growing more and more outnumbered every day. The momentum is carrying all of you, and the help that you’re getting from other parts of the galaxy is increasing.

Some of you will meet members of this new alliance while you are asleep. Some of you will astrally project yourselves to meetings with the representatives of this alliance, but all of you will benefit whether you are receiving direct communication or not. We have observed these Andromedans and these Sirians, and we can say that their coming together will have a synergistic effect, and the impact will be felt, one way or another, by all of you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Your Role in ‘The Event’

There has been a lot of talk and predictions going around about an “event” that is to occur here on Earth in the not too distant future. The talk is that this an energetic event (or events) that sweeps across the world, affecting our lives and functions, a disorienting one if one is living unconsciously but for those who are awake and aware, not as overwhelming. Here is what the Arcturians say about it.

Your Role in ‘The Event’ ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

In ‘The Event’ that has been talked about and written about so much, have you considered what your role will be? Have you taken into consideration that as much as you are anticipating such an event that not everyone will experience it in the same way? This is true for all of life, so why would this event be any different?

When you have a massive influx of high frequency energy that must be felt and experienced by every single living being on the planet, there is certain to be a bit of shock that is also experienced. There will be people who will not know what to do with themselves. They will not know how to handle that much energy.

Now as we have stated previously, you will have many smaller events leading up to one big event, and those smaller events can and will acclimate you to these energies. But there are those of you who will consciously and actively receive the energies of the smaller events, and there will be those who will continue to remain shut down and will not be acclimating themselves.

Therefore, those of you who are awake will need to take an active role in helping others. You who are typically the ones who take care of other people are going to be called upon yet again to be of service. You are going to recognize where you are needed, and you are going to know exactly what to do.

You already have a sense that you have a bigger purpose for being here. And for those of you who have been wondering what that purpose is, this will be an opportunity. It will be an opportunity for you to shine, to finally feel like you are fulfilling your purpose for being here at this time. And as always, you will be happy to help.

Now, in the meantime, live your lives and focus on receiving. Focus on integrating and acclimating to these higher frequency energies that are coming more quickly and with greater magnitude than ever before.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Poof Goes the Illusion!

I have long been a vivid dreamer. As a kid, they used to scare the bejabbers out of me. It was only as I got older that I realized the messages I received in them were helpful and I began to translate them, first for myself, then for others. I have been sitting with this recent dream I had because it felt so profound, and I wasn’t sure I could put it into any kind of meanful words that anyone could truly feel into or understand. But here goes.

The gist of it is this: I was shown that the world we know as our truth is actually a movie, an illusion we are currently in the midst of dissolving. 

A bunch of folks were in a line in a busy place, like at a mall or a marketplace of some sort, me included, all going down some concrete stairs. We ended up in a small room underneath a building. At the bottom of the steps there was a male standing at a door, waiting for us, opening the door for each person to go through. As we would step through that door, our bodies would dissolve into mist and water. Along with that knowledge, I was shown that the rest of the world, the set, the illusion of our world, would also just poof and be no more. It was all an illusion anyway. The movie was over. The story was done. It felt like a death.

The guy at the door was smiling and saying, yes (paraphrasing because I can’t remember the exact words-if he even actually spoke them out loud), it’s time for this made up/dreamworld/illusion of yours to be dissolved, to disappear like the smoke that it is.

I was so sad about it, I remember saying, But I love the trees and the animals and everything in it! This world is so beautiful, I don’t want it all to disappear! And so I turned around and escaped back up the stairs.

It turned out I had no choice and somehow ended back up in the same line and back to the door.

I got woken up before I stepped through that door. 

This dream has seriously stayed with me and affected me on a deep level. It affects how I perceive life and gives me a clear glimpse of the plan, of what is going on underneath everything right now. It’s quite obvious that we are pulling aside the curtain on all the untruths and illusions we have lived by on this planet. Daily we are treated to some new, uncovered, stunning, unexpected truth. And it’s time for a huge shake up, wake-up call, a massive change in how we live together on this planet.

Every time I remember that scene in my dream depicting life as it has played out on Earth, just poofing away like a scene in movie so it can change over to the next scene (which I didn’t see), I FEEL it. I feel the tenuousness, the insubstantialness of life. I feel how much like a dream this play we are directing, this movie we star in feels. I very much feel the body as a watery shell we don and will eventually release. Everything felt so nebulous.

I am truly not able to put meaningful words to the feeling behind the vision I was given. 

Not to say that I didn’t already “know” these things, lessons learned from many different spiritual teachers over the years. I long ago took to heart my main teacher’s* analogy of life being a play. We write our own scripts, we are the leads and directors of our own plays, and we participate in each others’ plays as well. That analogy changed how I interacted with and perceived people and my own life. However, this dream made me feel it viscerally. 

After I woke, I could sense that in the dream my Personality/Ego, represented by my wanting to run away, was upset that everything was changing, unknown, and scary. It wants everything to stay the same and familiar, while my Awareness/Soul/Higher Self was saying you know you want this, you have made the choice, you are already in this line, and this is what you are doing now.

Scene 1 dissolving. Scene 2 coming up.
Movie ending. Changeover happening. Time for a new movie with a new plot line.
What shall we write this time?

*Eloheim through Veronica Torres
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Evolving Humans

Marshmallow Message
From Kryon Book 14: The New Human
Changing, Evolving Humans 

Marshmallow Message

Human nature has you in a very strong duality, and you are not even aware of it. You are also in a spiritual box. Pretend for a moment: You are on your way to a spiritual meeting. What’s happening in your consciousness?


Some people are critical and complaining right up to the place where the meditation starts. Then they are humble and spiritual. Then at the break, the temperature is wrong, the coffee is no good, and they wish there was more this or that. The attitude is of disappointment and complaint. Then they go back to the meeting and become spiritual again. Welcome to “hidden duality” that many are not even aware of. Do you see the odd unbalance of this?

There are even those here, listening and reading, who don’t fully realize this concept. How many Masters walked around in a complaining attitude? The meld is what bridges the gap in duality, and creates a Human who sees a much different world. Patience is not something you work on, as much as it is self-evident, in a consciousness that is relaxed with the things of Earth.

~ KRYONthrough Lee Carroll 

Select What You Prefer

I personally needed this reminder and perspective today. Here is a message from Bashar about how and what you attract:

Image result for attracting reality

Judgment is invalidating that which you do not prefer. Whenever you judge anything, by focusing your attention on it, you exchange energies with it, and so you “become” that vibration.

So you automatically become the very thing you disapprove of. You become that which you invalidate.

Preference, on the other hand, is not judgment. Preference is exercising your ability to discern what is really “you”, what excites you, and then making choices aligned with the real “you”. To prefer one thing does not necessitate invalidating those other things you do not prefer.

So the recommendation is:

Select what you prefer, 
WITHOUT judging (invalidating) what you do NOT prefer.

Image result for attracting reality

You become whatever you focus your attention on. To assign any meaning to anything – either a positive meaning or a negative meaning – is to invite that into your life. Being neutral about something – assigning it no meaning – is the way to not attract that reality into your life.

“That’s terrible!” =========> You are attracting that reality. 
“That’s wonderful!” =======> You are attracting that reality. 
“I feel neutral about that.” ===> You are not attracting that reality.

Cease to invalidate yourself, because you are all you have to work with in your universe. You are the representation, in your own way, of the Infinite. If you invalidate that, or any part of that, then you do not allow yourself to function as a whole being capable of using information coming to you from others in a constructive way. When you invalidate yourself, you are seriously handicapping your only reality-creation-engine.



Because You Exist

Your Impact is Being Felt Throughout the Universe ∞The Creators

“Because you exist, that means you must have a purpose. You would not exist if there were no purpose to your existence. We want you to understand that just because you are not the head some sort of movement or a very important member of your government, this does not mean that you are not having the impact that you set out to have.

You actually can do more by being somewhat anonymous, less in the media, in the public perception. Because by having less notoriety, you then do not have to deal with notoriety and all that it brings. So just because you do not feel that you are making your mark by having your book in every bookstore, or being on television, does not mean that you are not creating a ripple effect and making an impact on your world.

We see you all as equally important to what is underway. There are so many of you now who are waking up and sharing what you know with others, and there are so many of you who want to help, who want to make a difference. And you see, all of that is enough to make a huge impact. You create the world that you experience, and you give to that world your energy. You are all beings of Love and light, and you know this at your core.

So no matter what it is you do for a living, from day to day, your impact is felt by your mere presence in this dimension. You will see more and more how you are impacting the lives of others, as you give yourselves credit for being here at this time to aid in a momentous shift in consciousness. Your impact is being felt throughout the Universe, and we thank you for your service.