Crossing the Threshold to the New Earth with the Golden Dolphins

Celebrate with the Golden Dolphins!
  –  “It’s celebration time!  You have crossed the threshold.  You have reached the tipping point.  The new Earth that you have been working so hard to manifest is here!”
  – “All of your prayers, visualizations, meditations and healing for yourself and the world are now becoming reality.  The energies of the solar eclipse amplified the dominant energies on Earth.  It could have gone either way.  The eclipse energy had no agenda, they simply magnified whatever energy was most prevalent at that moment.  So many of you focused on manifesting Heaven on Earth and bringing in more Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony, so that is exactly what the energy of the eclipse amplified.”
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– “We are so proud of you.  You have dedicated much of your time and focus on creating a positive and healthy world and you did it at the exact right time.  Fear no longer has the hold on your world as it did before the eclipse.” 

– “During the eclipse any fears, anger, insecurities within you were instantly brought to the surface, into the light to be instantly burned out of you.  Just like the darkness caused by the moon blocking the sun’s light lasted only a few minutes. Any fears or anger that come up for you in the future will only last a few minutes and your internal, natural light and state of Joy will quickly return.” 

– “It is now time for you to reap the rewards of all your efforts.  You no longer need to struggle…at anything.  From now on, it will be easier for you to maintain a state of Joy, no matter what is going on around you.  Notice how much happier you feel.  You are standing taller and walking more confidently now.  You have stepped as fully into your highest self as you can in a physical human body.” 

–  “Manifesting and bringing your dreams into reality will be much easier now.  You may find yourself looking for or expecting the struggle that you experienced in the past, but it will not happen anymore, unless you insist upon clinging to the old way of being.  But the times of struggle and suffering are gone!”

– “It is time to celebrate, time to dance, play, laugh or do whatever brings you joy.  You have struggled with the lower energies and densities for a long time.  We know how hard it has been for you. The world of struggle no longer exists!  Step up and embrace this new world that you helped manifest.”

– “Join with us, the Golden Dolphins to celebrate and ring in the new age.  The age of Love, the age of Joy, where fear and anger have no place at all.”

Whale Blessings,

Anne Gordon de Barrigón

CoAuthor of the Bestselling book  Dolphins & Whales Forever

Author of the forthcoming book Listening with your Heart

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Emotional Forecast 9/3/17

Emotional Forecast 9/3/17

written by Matt Kahn 

Sunday, September 03, 2017

This past week has been an interesting one as it pertains to our ongoing adventures of awakening. As always, our emotions are visceral symbols of the inner transformation at work. When our emotions are in flux, much transition is taking place. Equally so, when emotions either seem settled or absent, major stages of growth are being integrated into the cellular body.

The theme for many this past week has been passing through the doorway of bewilderment. To be bewildered is to have your known reference points shaken up, only to reorient your consciousness into a more expanded perspective. It seems as if the Universe has been working hard to make sure core aspects of ego continue to melt away. This may have been sensed as disruptions to your usual flow, both individually and in your most intimate relationships, misunderstandings between friends, or perhaps an inability to turn the corner in your healing journey and get back to your normal rhythm. This can even include feeling abandoned by those close to you, or feelings of the world turning against you. While it may feel as if your dedication is being tested, today represents a much needed light at the end of the tunnel. Whenever bewilderment occurs, it serves as a way for life to shake up your personal snow globe of perception, so you may discover the greater gifts that remain underneath.

During this interesting time of egoic shake up, it’s advisable to hold off on making major life decisions, since beginning with today’s cosmic opening, everything begins to settle back into place, only to take shape and form as far more miraculous possibilities for you to receive. While many have settled into 5D consciousness, as others are still turning the corner toward it, both groups of empathic beings are experiencing the laser-like precision of Universal consciousness as it scans your field for any remaining discord to unearth, resolve, and unravel to make greater space for the higher frequencies of Unity consciousness to be anchored.

While many will experience much needed breaths of normalcy beginning today and opening up through this Wednesday, today is an opportunity to establish greater faith in the Divine plan that always has your best interest at heart, no matter how rocky of a road you seem to explore. Perhaps today is an opportunity to deepen your commitment to your most intimate partnership by expressing your love and devotion in ways you never have before. Whether as random acts of kindness or as moments of thoughtfulness to someone you love, may we celebrate passing through the doorway of bewilderment by opening up and daring to love.

There is a deeper reason for why everything happens exactly as it does. It could only result in the unfolding of your highest evolution and to strengthen each bond you cherish. The question remains, are you willing to trust such a truth, as a flashlight of wisdom guiding you through unexpected moments of darkness, only so you may discover how brightly you were meant to shine?

All For Love,

Matt Kahn

© Copyright 2017 True Divine Nature, LLC

Entering Unity Consciousness

Emotional Forecast – 8/21/17

Entering Unity Consciousness

Today’s eclipse represents the emotional and energetic harvest for all the hard work so many lightworkers and earth angels have been doing over the past many weeks. For many years, energetically-sensitive souls have laid the crucial foundation for the energies that today’s eclipse celebrates as the further unveiling of unity consciousness. So much of the old carbon-based DNA has been transmuted, while new strands of crystalline DNA have been activated over the past many years to allow today’s energies to begin a process of synthesizing our energy fields into greater harmonious alignment with our physical bodies.

As a result, many of us may be feeling the surreal serenity, peacefulness, awe and wonder of these new energies, as the 5D realities many have been experiencing on the inside begin expanding outwardly to take shape and form as a 5D world. For some this shift will be instantaneous, and for others, quite gradual and subtle. And for the remainder of the population that may require greater adversities, losses, changes, chaos, and turbulence, in order to turn inward and align with these frequencies, those rooted in 5D will hold space as heart-centered anchors and transcendent observers of an evolving new paradigm.

As the eclipse welcomes energies of both completion and renewal, it is a time to set intentions that fulfill your highest spiritual purpose, as well as your deepest personal desires, since the field is easier for many to access during these phases of amplification. It is a time of existential rebirth, where you have the opportunity to clean the slate and begin a brand new relationship within yourself. While there may be pains from the past or characters that represent healing still in progress, today can be a day of greater forgiveness by letting yourself off the hook.

May you allow the incoming waves of amplified energies to align your energy field with your physical body through the soft and gentle joy of an open heart. May you meet yourself as the angel you’ve been waiting to receive contact from. May you become the inner voice of encouragement who urges you to live as if you have nothing to lose. May today be a chance to reach inward and touch the depths of your own innocent nature more profoundly than ever before.

As the energies of 5D consciousness expand from within and radiate throughout, today’s eclipse is an incredible opportunity to:
Embrace the theme of completion by celebrating how far you’ve come in your journey.

  • Allow today to be a new beginning in how you view and speak to yourself.
  • Set intentions for yourself and the planet so outrageously that you almost laugh at their implausibility.
  • Allow time to be sit and be still as a way of getting to know the vibration of unity consciousness.
  • Take your time with each task and activity as way of savoring the grace of each moment.
  • Suspend the need to know where life is headed or how things will play out, so you can just be completely at peace and one with all — exactly as you are.
  • Dare to open your heart to the ones you love at an even deeper level and express your feelings more passionately than ever before.
  • Let the world around you be as it is, no matter how unsettled things may seem or feel.

As many of us welcome today’s eclipse as another quantum leap further into 5D consciousness, not just as an internal state of being, but as a reality taking shape and form within a world still healing, awakening, and transforming at an incredible rates of speed, we embrace this moment as a brand new beginning. It serves to close all previous chapters where seemingly endless rounds of clearing and integrating inundated the experiences of so many energetically-sensitive souls, so we may rejoice in connecting with the fertile ground of eternal being, where our new spiritual reality can come to life.

Whether these words match your current experience, foreshadow shifts that may occur in the coming days, or bring your attention to the subtle world of high frequency energy woven throughout the fabric of your existence, it is unquestionably a time where being heart-centered can now be a joy instead of a curse; throughout a world that can offer the greatest amount of safety to those who refuse to hold back.

I honor the Divinity within you and celebrate your light on this day of cosmic renewal.

Many blessings to all,

Matt Kahn

© Copyright 2017 True Divine Nature, LLC

Reading Each Other’s Energy

Reading Each Other’s Energy ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are approaching a turning point in the evolution of your consciousness as a collective. You will soon be able to distinguish you fellow humans by energy, rather than by name, face, or even voice. Now, this will be something that you develop without knowing that you are developing it, because you will still be able to see the people and hear the people and read the name that is on the screen or on the caller I.D.

However, you are going to sense the person’s energy first. You will know when someone is about to walk into a room a split second before they do. And when that split second gets a little bit longer and a little bit longer, that is when you will know that you have your new ability.

This is one of the initial phases of becoming telepathic. Now, in many ways, you already are telepathic, but we are talking about complete telepathy and a doing away with speech and writing emails and texts altogether because you will communicate with your energy. The first step is, of course, sensing the energy of who you are connecting to. We are talking about knowing each other by your energy signatures, also called vibrational signatures.

And it is an important step in your evolution because sensing energy means that there will be no more lying. There will be no more cover-ups. You will have trust in the person that you are talking to or dealing with, or you will choose not to talk to or deal with that person. It will be quite simple and easy for you to make that distinction, and people will also know that they cannot lie.

Let us put this another way. They will know that they cannot lie and get away with it anymore, and that transparency is going to shift you even higher in frequency until you reach a point where you feel completely comfortable with every other human. And that will shift you even further.

Being transparent and honest all of the time is something that you can start doing now. You can start by doing it with yourself, and when you extend that courtesy out to all of the other people in your life, you will know that you are evolving as an individual. So you see, you have your personal evolution, and the evolution of the human collective, and oftentimes they mirror one another.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The Balance of Light & Dark

The Balance of Light & Dark in the Universe ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

The entry point for all souls into this universe is the Gate of Arcturus. It is a passageway through which all souls not only enter this universe, but it is also the opportunity that we and other gatekeepers have to ensure that the individual souls entering this universe are of the proper frequency. Now, once a soul enters, there is free will, and there is polarity in this universe.

So some souls choose to play on the side of darkness, and more souls choose to play on the side of the light. There has been a shift in the balance that has created a preponderance of light and those who are working on the side of the light. Ultimately, we are all on the same side. However, in order to give everyone in this universe the opportunity to experience all possibilities, there must be some who are willing to play in the dark.

Now the coming together of the light and the dark brings us all to a new position. The position that we are all striving for in this universe is to see dark and light as not enemies or opposites, but differences and different choices. We know you are all choosing to be a part of the movement of light in this universe, and we also know that in order to do this many of you are facing the darkness within you.

We applaud you for that. We applaud you and we support you in knowing yourselves more fully. And as you choose to know yourselves as the light, while still acknowledging the darkness within, you restore balance. You give the universe an opportunity to reflect upon itself, to see all of the beauty within itself, alongside the darkness, and to choose to become more, to choose to expand without eliminating any part of itself.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

(We are reflecting hard right now, aren’t we? Seeing and acknowledging the dark inside, seeing all those hidden aspects coming to light via “others”. It’s not easy, this ascension path we chose, but we wouldn’t be here, doing this, if we weren’t strong and willing souls. Shine on, my fellow explorers.)

Just Being like the Dolphins 

Just Being like the Dolphins 

– “Just Be.  You humans are always doing. You rush around doing something all the time.  Even when you sit down you rarely take time to just Be.  You fill every second of your waking hours doing something, and you wonder why your life is filled with challenges.”

 Interesting Image

– “We dolphins know ourselves completely.  We take time to Be with ourselves often.  Even when we are swimming together in our pods, we have the freedom to just Be in our minds as we swim.  Through our echolocation we can see inside the bodies of our podmates and know their physical and emotional state.  We can also receive the signal that another dolphin sent out to our own body and we can see the image they see, so we can see the physical and emotional state of our own bodies too.”

– “We are fully conscious of our brains and are aware of all of our thoughts,  memories and capabilities.  There is no such thing as unconscious limiting beliefs, blocks or fears for us dolphins.  By spending time to just Be, we can quickly and easily process and release any fears or worries as soon as they appear.  In this way, we have no mental baggage at all.”


– “If you would put down your phones, computers and all of  your distractions and take even a few minutes each day to sit in silence to Be with yourself, your lives would improve drastically.  Make time to sit without any distractions and Be.  Start with just a few minutes and build it up to at least 30-60 minutes a day.  You can close your eyes if that helps. Or you can take a walk in nature by yourself.  Not hiking to a goal or running for exercise, but a gentle stroll and allow your thoughts to wander without control.  You will be amazed at the clarity and ideas that will be able to enter your mind with the freedom you have given it by simply Being.”


– “When you take time to remove all the distractions to just Be, you will become much more conscious of all of your thoughts as they come bubbling to the surface. You will become more self aware of your unconscious and of your own body and it’s needs as well.”


– “If you make a regular practice of taking time to just Be, you will start to realize what is most important in your life.  You will also become more aware of the world around you. You will become more observant of your surroundings and even more aware of the emotions and state of your family and friends.  By taking time for yourself to Be you will improve your relationship with yourself and with all those around you.”

Anne Gordon de Barrigón


CoAuthor of the Bestselling book  Dolphins & Whales Forever

Author of the forthcoming book Listening with your Heart