Jump in, the Water is Delightful

Dear Ones,

You are free – of both your inner and 3D earth chains. For as we have commented time and time again, you have progressed further and more rapidly than either you or we thought possible before your entrance to earth in this lifetime.

You are now ready to fly, not walk or crawl, but fly into your new life. For you have paid the price of many lifetimes of servitude in these past few years by clearing both personal and global fears.

So it is you are flying free much like evolving from a caterpillar to a butterfly. The difference is that your butterfly life will continue as long as you are of the earth in this lifetime and every earth lifetime thereafter. YOU ARE FREE.

Once you have accepted that piece both internally and externally, it is time to shine your beacon, to proclaim the possibilities for all and to allow others to peek inside your new loving world via your accomplishments and interests.

Perhaps that last phrase sounds vague and not that productive. We beg to differ. For those who are contemplating following the light want to see the results of your efforts before they do so. And those who have no interest in following you to the light will begin to ponder their need for fear and anger.

Your role of joy is much larger than you anticipate for it will be the human shift piece that rebalances earth from fear to joy.

So it is you can rest on your laurels. For all you have to do now is explore your joy, your outer-world miracles, and share those pieces with whoever is interested in learning more.

No longer will wily business leaders or others who obtain their fortunes as a result of harming others financially, physically, emotionally or spiritually be touted as saviors. For human blinders are being removed as a result of your efforts.

As you delve more deeply into your new butterfly life, you will discover that you communicate and function differently and more joyfully than was true when you were of 3D. Your light will draw others to you in numbers you cannot yet comprehend.

Such does not mean that shy or introverted beings need to become salespeople. But instead, that other introverted beings will see your light and wish to know your secrets just as will be true for all other personality types.

You of 3D and you of now continue on a similar path. The difference is not necessarily in a personality shift – for you selected that personality in this lifetime for a reason – but instead a shift from fear to joy. So quiet souls might find their joy alone in the mountains. And even though they are not among the masses, their bright beacon will draw others to their personal new beings – not to the quiet souls.

The fear of some light holders is that they are not helping others shift from fear to joy because they do not feel the need to be among the masses. Those with that fear have not yet realized that communications are much different from what was true before they shifted to 5D and beyond.

Before television, radio, and the Internet, humans gathered information more slowly and so transitions needed to account for the transmission of information via books, newspapers, posters, or word of mouth.

Now that you have moved to 5D or beyond, information can be transmitted from one being to another without the Internet or other human inventions.

Everything is different from what was true even a year ago. You only have to be joyful, and you will share that feeling with others without needing to communicate. You are a new being in a new world with new means of communication.

How do birds know to fly south every winter and return to the same spot in the spring? How do other animals know to hibernate or prepare for winter even though they might live thousands of miles apart? That is the type of communications of which we speak.

Words and actions no longer need to be relayed in the same way as in 3D. In truth, your joy and new creations will speak much louder than any television or Internet transmission.

Some of you will opt to verbally tell others what you are feeling and why. Others will quietly live your lives as others become attracted to your beacon but not your physicality. In a sense, what we are discussing is a human radio wave that does not require tuning or a physical object to transmit.

So it is that as you begin your new year – whatever date that is for you – you will automatically begin beaming your joy.

Some of you indicate that you feel no joy so you cannot be part of this transition, that you have not completed all your lessons, or that you are a slow learner. We beg to differ.

Allow your self-punishment to fade – as it will eventually – and you will have completed this phase of your transition. For once you allow your self-punishment fears to dissipate, you will automatically begin to feel joy for more than a few minutes daily.

It is not your hidden fears or earth chaos that you need to address now, it is your fear of becoming all that you are in 5D or beyond. Your hidden fears are cleared. Now allow yourself to shine as you hoped when you first entered earth in this lifetime.

It is not your past earth lives, your earthly fears or anything outside of you that is creating your fear of your new being. It is your fear of the unknown.

So allow yourself to take baby steps into your new world. As has been true for so many of your 3D changes like parenthood, marriage, or academia, perhaps you wish to dip your toes in the new waters before diving in.

Allow yourself to move at the pace right for you. But know without a doubt that those who dived in are living the life you dreamed of throughout all your 3D lives. So be it. Amen.

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Dolphin Message for the New Year

Your Best Year Ever! with the Dolphins 

– What is a year?  A measurement of time. A human created construct.  In our world there are no years, no concept of time. We do not worry abouttomorrow or yesterday.  We live in the present moment at all times.”

 – Yes, of course, we can learn from the past, to keep us safe and fed.  But, the difference between us and you is that we use this information to improve our lives right now.  We never dwell on or regret past mistakes. That is a waste of energy.  The past is the past.  It happened and it is history and the only thing we carry forward is the lesson we learned.”

– “Take a page from our ‘history books’.  Drop the emotions, guilt and regrets from the past.  You know they do not serve you in anyway.  Focus only on what you have learned from the past that can benefit you right now.”

 – “You humans love to cling on to your emotions from the past. Why?  What good do they do you?  Do they help you right now?  Not likely.  The reason we dolphins live in Joy, even in our grief we are Joyful, is that we treasure and make the most out of each moment.  Every single one.”

– We are not saying to ignore your time.  It is great to celebrate the New Year, but stop dwelling on the emotions of the past and begin your new year in total Joy and Celebration.  Carry the excitement and enthusiasm you have at midnight on New Year’s Eve into every moment of every day from now on.  If you do this you will make 2018 your best year yet and the rest of your human life will be nothing but a constant flow of Joyful moments.”

Happy New Year!

Watch the whales and dolphins playing together in Panama. Near the end (3:30) a whale does a fancy show off breach right next to the boat!

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Dolphin Dialogues

Dolphin and Whale Blessings,


Anne Gordon de Barrigón
CoAuthor of the Bestselling book  Dolphins & Whales Forever
Author of the forthcoming book Listening with your Heart
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The Most Important Question

I have an Eloheimer friend who has been studying Love, as in, where so I see the love in this moment? At the suggestion of Eloheim and as we further evolve in this lifetime from Homo sapiens into Homo spiritus, we have each chosen a specific topic of interest to study, a topic to be viewed from the perception of our souls. This is for you, M, you nailed the topic.

The Most Important Question ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

Sooner or later, you are going to find that there is only one question that is ever worth asking. That question is, ‘What is the way that I can be the Love that I know I truly am in this moment?’ When you ask any other question than that, it is to serve a purpose of the ego, and it originates from the mind.

How you can best show up in life as the Love that you truly are puts you in alignment with your purpose for incarnating in the first place. The opportunity to know yourself as you truly are while maintaining this illusion of separation and having a physical body, that is what it’s all about. There is nothing more satisfying.

There is nothing more that needs to be done. And if you follow your heart and follow the guidance that you receive from your heart, you will always be shown the answer to that question. Sometimes you will bypass your mind altogether to arrive at the conclusion that answers the most important question you could ever ask.

So if you do not run things by your mind, how can you know that you are on the right track? You know by how you feel. You know because your entire body is telling you whether it is most appropriate for you to move in a particular direction. When you let go of all of the other questions that you’ve been asking yourselves, it is quite liberating. It is so much simpler and easier for you to just look to Love to be the answer.

No matter what the situation, there is a loving response, even if that loving response is showing yourself the Love that you are and giving yourself that Love. You will always know what to do when you ask that question and when you check in with your heart for the answer. Second-guessing only occurs in the mind. So when you go with your gut and you follow your heart, you give your mind a much-needed rest and you allow yourselves to fulfill that ultimate purpose.

You are Source Energy beings, and Love is what you are comprised of. When you align with that truth and that knowing of the Love that you are, everything else lines up around you to support you in your loving efforts.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The Year of Celebration with the Dolphins

The Year of Celebration with the Dolphins 
   – Celebrate is what we love to do best.  You have all been working so hard to get ahead in life.  This last year, especially has been a tough one for so many.  This next year, 2018, will be the year of Celebration!”

– “When you start focusing on and looking for things to celebrate, you will soon see your attitude shift.  You will shift away from focusing on your problems and you will feel more and more joyful with each passing day.  Soon, the problems that once seemed insurmountable will be minor bumps in the road.  In fact, when you master celebration, you will even celebrate life’s challenges as opportunities to learn valuable lessons.”

 – “It really is that simple.  You may think, what do we dolphins have to worry about?  We live in the sea and can do anything we want.  We do not have jobs, we do not have to earn money and we do not have bills like you do, but we do have pressures and dangers in our world.  We have to find fish to eat every day.  Sometimes in areas that have been overfished.  We have to avoid boats, fishing nets and hooks. We have to deal with pollution, toxins and an increase in ship and military testing noises.” 

–  “Yet, have you ever seen a wild dolphin appear to be stressed, angry or sad?  No!  We focus on what brings us Joy and constantly celebrate what is right about our lives;  our freedom, our families, living in a vast ocean, people who love us and come to see and swim with us.  The list of things we can celebrate is endless.”


Interesting Image

I took this photo of this tail-walking Pantropical Spotted dolphin near the Pearl Islands, Panama.

 – When you focus on Celebration and amazing thing happens.  The universe will actually give you more things to celebrate.  When you open the door to Celebrations, the universe will respond by sending you more and more opportunities to celebrate.”

 – “So in this time of holidays around the world, now is the perfect time to practice Celebrating anything and everything possible.  Soon your life will look a lot like ours. You will have a permanent smile, playing much more and maybe even leaping in the air, just because you can!”

 – You may not feel like you have much to celebrate.  Your immediate situation may not look hopeful. But, there is always something to celebrate, always.  Start small.  It could be that you are breathing for one more day.  That you survived yesterday.  That the sky is blue, that the trees are green, anything.  Make a game out of it.  See how many things in your life that you can celebrate right now!”
Dolphin and Whale Blessings, 

Anne Gordon de Barrigón

CoAuthor of the Bestselling book  Dolphins & Whales Forever
Author of the forthcoming book Listening with your Heart

A Progress Report for the Volunteers

A Progress Report for the Volunteers ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are pleased to give you this progress report. It has been quite a ride for those of you who have volunteered to be here at this time, to help with the shift in consciousness, for humanity and planet Earth. You have endured so much, and yet it seems as though there is no end to how much life can throw at you.

The progress that we can see from where we sit is that all of you who have been struggling are gaining some momentum in your responses to what your lives have thrown at you. You have identifiable traction that we can see and feel. It is the energetic support that you have been calling upon and have begun receiving.

You are able to stand a bit taller, hold your vibrations a bit longer, and you are turning the traumas, tragedies, and frustrations of your lives into the fodder that you will use to create the new Earth of the fifth dimension. Those of you who have felt alone for quite some time are beginning to find each other, and you are sharing your stories.

More and more of you are realizing that you’re not alone, that there is power in your numbers, and it is not just the asking that you have been doing that is paying off. But because you are connecting and recognizing yourselves as a collective, you are benefitting from the asking of those other volunteers, like yourselves, who have come to help.

Now some of you often feel like you’re not doing enough, or you sense that there’s a purpose for you being here on planet Earth, but you cannot determine what that is. And that is because there are no actions necessary for you to take. Your presence here and your willingness to endure is your gift to the rest of humanity. It is your gift to the entire galaxy and the entire universe, as you summon forth so much more of that high frequency energy because of what you’ve endured, because of the struggles that you’ve faced.

Everything now is pointing you towards the ascension of humanity, and it is up to you to feel for the support that you’re getting, the connections that you’re making, and to remember the bigger picture here of what you are accomplishing. This is an historic time for the planet and all of her inhabitants, and you who are awakened are the ones who are leading the movement forward.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Betwixt and Between

Betwixt and Between

Dear Ones,

You likely feel as if nothing will ever be right and whole again, as if your life is stagnating with your dreams unanswered and the world in never-ending chaos. Even though you are beginning to sense new developments within you, that newness does not seem to change anything in your world.

You rally to the pain of others because you feel the same. You are angry that the promised life of joy never seems to arrive. And your dreams do not materialize no matter what you do, say, or envision. Yet, others who do not seem to be forerunners are achieving what you wish to and more. You are losing faith and hope.

Where is your dream, your security, your peace? So it is you are beginning to shout your anger to the heavens and anyone willing to listen. For someone needs to take the blame for your 5D or beyond folly.

We indicated earlier that the recent Universal energy bursts would change your being in many ways. Such is now happening. You are in a ‘tween’ state – between blaming others as you did in 3D and taking responsibility for new you and your new directions.

You are evolving so rapidly within yourself that you no longer have a rest state between energy bursts or transitions – as if you are shifting from a toddler to a young adult within weeks. So it is that your dreams are evolving accordingly as are your actions and beliefs.

You are in the middle of a personal action movie where all seems to be lost yet like so many movies, knowing deep within you that you will prevail, that the light – most especially your light will predominate in your being forevermore.

But first, you must adjust to your new feelings and sensations. Such is what you are experiencing.

Can you imagine the wonderment and fear of a toddler shifting to young adult within days or weeks? So it is for you now. You are no longer an infant, but then, you are not quite an adult either. You are betwixt and between – leading you to believe that nothing beautiful and good will ever be yours again.

That feeling is fear of both your inner changes and the outer world. For you do not yet believe that you are different. The indicators of 3D are no more, and those of 5D or beyond have not yet appeared.

Who are you? You certainly do not know, and neither do we. Toddlers easily play with one another as long as each has a sand pail they can grasp. But once those toddlers start maturing, their distinct personalities shift from who is part of their inner circle to what and how they wish to live.

You are in a similar place but because your timeline is so new and condensed, you do not understand you nor does anyone else – least of all us. For you are becoming a new person with new goals, friendships, and achievements. All of which are in the near future once you solidify more of new you.

The energies now pummeling earth are strong enough to shift you from toddler to young adult in a matter of weeks.

As is often true in the movies, your stages of contentment and direction are changing hourly. Think of movies that indicate time shifts with calendar pages flying in the wind. Apply that same calendar image to your inner being knowing that you are not yet a solid being, but are instead rapidly shifting to that point.

So it is that interactions with friends, romances, jobs, locations, schooling, and relatives change hourly. Some hours you feel content and others as if your life is in complete disarray and will never be comfortable again.

Such is similar to your various 3D stages. The difference is that in 3D you had months or years to adjust. That is not true now. Shifting from 5D toddler to young adult in a few weeks, allows minutes, or at the most days, in each stage. Confusing you and all those around you.

“I want that. No, I want this – until I don’t.” That type of behavior is difficult for you and those with whom you interact. Like a teenager, your moods are volatile. You are cheerful one moment and extremely angry the next with a great deal of wonderment when others do not understand you.

So it is you are careening into this holiday season with jumbled thoughts and actions. Not at all what you expected or wanted, even though you en masse requested that your transition process be more rapid.

Your dreams are much closer than was true in July even if you cannot yet believe that. For instead of allowing your transition to 5D young adulthood to be extended by months or years, you en masse decided you did not have the patience to wait.

Your promise from us and others observing you is that all will turn out wonderfully well despite current indications to the contrary. And the timing is much more rapid than you or we anticipated. By the beginning of your new year, that which seemed impossible will begin to be created by new you. And that which seemed unachievable will happen.

For indeed, even though we cannot give you finite details about your individual progress, we know the ending of this particular shift. Like most movies, the ending of this phase is achieving the impossible. You have already done so including moving forward further and faster than we thought possible before your entry to earth in this lifetime.

This time is the middle of your movie when all seems impossible only to discover some clever and unexpected maneuvers that achieve all you wish in the end. And the end of this particular shift is near the beginning of your new year.

Granted, your holiday season might seem a bit jumbled this year, but such is a minor concession for the results that occur soon after. Allow yourself to be both a toddler and young adult at the same and yet differing times, as you test your new being and new skills. So be it. Amen.

Copyright 2009-2018, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author/channel: Brenda Hoffman & source website link: LifeTapestryCreations.com.