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As I practice loving myself, which includes allowing my inner being to emanate the truth of me, a compassionate and inclusive me, as I practice neutral observation in place of habitual judgment, and as I allow others’ emotions and opinions to flow over me instead of into me, I find that the best of me is being reflected back on a daily basis.

Who I am.

Who the heck is that?! For a long time, I didn’t know. It’s been quite the process to uncover her. For she has been muddied over by living in this world with other people, their doctrines, expectations, rules and strictures. Waking up one day, I knew there was more for me. And I wanted it, I wanted it with all my heart. I wanted to live it. I wanted to like me again. I wanted to love the one living in this body. 

So here I am, twenty years later and I finally, truly love myself. And I’m not embarrassed to own it. If I don’t love me, who will? It’s not selfish, it’s an IS. We are not here to dislike or hate on ourselves. Even if we know better, we can forget that. Sometimes I slip, yes, it’s true. For it’s easy to slip into old habits. The pathways there are worn deep and wide by years and years of practice and perfectly fit my footsteps. But now, it doesn’t happen for very long as it’s not a good feeling place to be, and I prefer, no, I choose better places to reside. And so I step back out onto my new path and remember who I am. A loved, loveable, loving spark of the Creator, here to experience and explore a human life.

What sparked this piece? As I said my “hasta luegos” this past week in preparation for my upcoming trip back to Panama, I became pleasantly aware of how many people have hugged me goodbye. Even folks who have never hugged me before asked for a hug. I noticed how many more people have expressed how much they will miss me and also the ones who have told me that whenever they are with me, they go away feeling better than before they came. And wow, these people are the same people who now listen to me when I talk whereas before, I used to feel as though I was invisible and unheard.  Then tonight I was amazed to receive an unexpected message from someone who told me to have a good time and that they loved me. Old relationships that had faltered badly when I first opened up and allowed my inner changes to be seen have re-formed into something new and better over the last year and this message reflected that change.

I shifted, and the world around me shifted. The world around me reflects me, and it’s lovely now. People like me! People like me, hear me, and think I matter! That still has the power to surprise me. I wonder if I’ll get used to it? But I know now it’s because I like me, I listen to me, I matter to me.

I am a work in progress, as we all are who are consciously endeavoring to evolve, and it feels really good to see my growth recognized and reflected back to me. 



Soaring Between Heaven and Earth

Soaring Between Heaven and Earth

Dear Ones,

It is as if nothing matters now and yet, everything does for that which you were comfortable with is no more and that which you postponed as long as possible, is.

You have been in a void of dread, fear, and nothingness for the past few days. Perhaps it will help you understand your inner workings if you remember when you decided what or who you were going to be once you left the warmth of your earth home of origin. A time of elation because you were free of parental restrictions, but also a time of fear for you knew you had to decide who you were.

Now that decision is magnified many times over. For when you left your earth home, your choices were limited – school, work, play, or travel. And once you made a decision, you knew you could change your path as many do. The difference is you are yet unaware of your options for they are feathery dreams of possibilities, but nothing concrete as was true in your 3D life.

In 3D, you knew if you selected one path, your community would give you accolades for the “right” choice and question your judgment with the “wrong” choice. You had a framework of what was expected. Your choice was to move within those expectations or not.

Now your choices seem to be outside community norms, as well as the expectations of others. Your choices even seem nebulous to you. So you ponder the reality of your new being and wish for concrete answers that are not yet available.

You are creating a new world with new expectations of yourself – not others – but yourself. So it is you feel lonely, sometimes irrational, and always outside community expectations. If you create a more joyful life for yourself, others will give you accolades – perhaps. But then again, their definition of joy no longer meshes with yours.

So you feel as if you are out on a limb with no one to break your expected fall.

But the limb which frightens you is much stronger than it appears. For you have graduated from baby steps of hope to the adult 5D steps of your new reality. And soon you will adjust to not receiving or even caring about community accolades.

Those who love you will be pleasantly amazed, and those who do not understand or care that much about you will see you as taking a “fall from grace” – commenting about how sad your life has become. For they will not sense your joy, your rightness with your new being.

That last statement concerns most of you for it indicates your new life will be a step-down, from your current life. Instead, it will be a step in the right direction. For many of you have wished for decades to be this or that – anyone but who you are.

This next phase is declaring yourself strong enough to know who and what you are. If that means traveling around the world, so be it. If that means a new community, so be it. Or if it means a new sense of yourself without a need to have others proclaiming your rightness, so be it.

You are a new person in a new world. And your current void is a stepping stone to new you. Perhaps it will help you to think of this void as a train stop on your journey to joy. You know where you are going, but the train needs to refuel before continuing to that joy.

You are no longer a weak person hoping that the Universes will gift you with the right information or creation to make your life joyful. You have left the safety net of your Universal life to create a life that is right for you here and now. Knowing without a doubt that you can change direction in a millisecond if you wish.

You have been pushed out of the Universal nest to create a new life for yourself.

We informed you weeks ago that the Universes were no longer providing the type of information you were comfortable with for you were creating a life outside the current Universal realms. That new place is, in essence, a creative direction no Universal entity has ever before attempted. So it is you are shifting the Universes, as well as earth and yourself.

Your creations are individualized for your joy, not the joy of the Universes, your community, family, or friends.

You are truly a unique individual with more skills than you now know. This void is you gathering your energies, refueling your beliefs, and accepting that you are more powerful than entities of earth or the heavens.

Of course, you can request help from the Universes with understanding yourself. But we cannot dictate your direction or your final results for those are your end-products, not ours. Any more than parents who ended their education at the seventh grade can fully understand the positions their child accepts after completing a Ph.D. in economics. We are the seventh-grade graduates trying to understand you Ph.D. candidates.

Of course, that last statement frightens you for no one wishes to be so outside the community that they become isolated. Such will not happen for you have started creating communities of like interests and needs. Those communities will grow with time to encompass many of your social needs.

But first, you must prove to yourself that you have progressed to a 5D being with multiple skills that even we do not always understand. You will do so in the next few days with your first major creation beyond finding a good parking spot or a shiny penny.

It is time for you to leave the Universal nest and soar throughout the heavens and earth much as do the birds you so enjoy. You are no longer of the earth or of the heavens. You are soaring and swooping creating a new life and therefore a new earth in a new Universe. So be it. Amen


channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

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The Ascension of the Plants & Animals

The Ascension of the Plants & Animals ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are ascending with the plants and animals on your planet, along with the planet herself. This is a universal shift, which also means that every being, every speck of consciousness, is ascending. Now, you are going to notice shifts occurring in the animals that you know and in the animals that you see, that you encounter.

You will also notice that the plant medicines on your world become stronger. We are talking about the herbs here, the flower essences, and even the fruits and vegetables that you eat. You’re going to get more out of eating fruits and vegetables than you previously did, because they will have shifted, and the shift will affect their energy, and of course, their vibration.

Humans are going to be the last ones to complete the shift. Those of you who sense this have made a point of connecting with more animals and eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as connecting more with mother Earth. You can sense the power in that connection. You can feel the energy coming off of her, and you notice how quickly and easily you can raise your vibration while in nature.

Now, we tell you this because you can use this information to help you make more informed decisions about what you partake in. You want to use all of the tools at your disposal, physically and non-physically. Feel the vibrations coming off of the animals as you interact with them. You will think that you have changed, or that your relationship to the animals has changed. But in reality, you are sensing their movement forward.

They have been holding a higher vibration on the planet, along with the plants, and even the minerals. And now they are leading the way to the fifth dimension. So be very selective about how much time you spend with computer, phones, and other electronics, and how much time you spend with the beings that are leading this ascension journey.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



Greetings my beloved friends,

 I come today to talk to you about trust. Listen to the word. Close your eyes and feel what that word means to you. Say it to yourself and ask your inner guidance to allow you to feel what trust is in every cell of your body. Can you feel it? Write down what that feeling feels like to you.

Now I ask you, what do you trust? Do you trust yourself? Do your trust your neighbor? Do you trust your higher guidance, guides, and angels?

How much do you trust in that trust? Do you find yourself questioning your own actions? Are you trusting the universal love to flow thru you in every minute? Do you trust that your brothers and sisters that you cannot see are at your side loving you, guiding you, protecting you at all times?

Do you feel any sense of doubt in your heart? It does not matter what the doubt stems from, if it is there, then you are not fully trusting All There Is.

TRUST means knowing that in your every second, all you ever need is already provided for you. That no matter what you do, the love of the One Source is flowing through your veins with unconditional love for all that you are… all that you are becoming.

When your body becomes sick, do you question its sickness? Saying oh, why me? There is a process in our communication. If you do not hear us one way, we will find another way to get your attention. Your body is a great attention getter. A sickness is actually a healing in progress, but until you trust in that, your sickness will linger. Trust that you can communicate with your body. Trust that it will tell you what you need to know. Trust that when you understand what it is trying to tell you, the sickness will go away as if you never had a sickness before.

Do you trust in unconditional love? Do you know what unconditional love is? Can you feel it? Can you feel it for all that it is? Close your eyes and feel the unconditional love of the One Source flowing through your veins. As you feel that love, allow yourself to trust in that love. Not just in that moment, but in every moment after that. In allowing that trust to form, you are also allowing your fears to be released, for there is no fear of any sort when there is unconditional trust in the unconditional love that is you.

Trust is a big issue on the earth plane. In order to raise your vibration in unconditional love, you must also raise your trust. You cannot do one without the other. Spend your meditations in trust. Ask your guidance to help you with the trust issues you may be carrying around like old baggage.

When you trust All There Is, you realize there is no-thing to fear. When there is no fear, all there is is love. Unconditional love without fear and totally guided with trust… it is vital to your future.

Help is all around you, all you have to do is ask.

Many blessings of love from the One Source,


spirit guide channeled through Lisa Gawlas

Capricorn Birthday

I celebrated a birthday this week. I number many among my friends who are Capricorns as well. I kinda like Cappy’s, I understand them, they make sense to me. Even though I may not always agree with them, I usually understand how they arrived at their conclusions and opinions. For example, my son, who was born the day before my birthday, well, we bumped heads (heads, appropriate eh?) all through his growing up years. Both of us sure we were right. He was my biggest teacher. If I was raising him now, from my current self and understanding, I would do it different, of course. Still, I understand him. He is me in many ways, only male.

This year is supposed to be a fulfilling year for us Capricorns. So, in honor of my birthday, here is our horoscope and an important reminder for this week.



It’s important not to get overwhelmed with all the new movement that arises this week. There are five or six planets in your sign, including the new Moon on Tuesday that opens the long eclipse passage ahead. There’s no denying that you’re moving into a brand new chapter right now. It’s also true that you still can’t say exactly what it looks like. Try considering that the entire new experience is right here right now. Looking toward the future doesn’t work here in the new world. But much like the older way, it still produces anxiety, which leads back to 3D. It is impossible to stay with the newer consciousness and be in any kind of fear. Understand that fear is ANYTHING that is not Love. And Love happens when you focus on keeping your heart open.
Then you’re prepared for full speed ahead.

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The Cosmic Path Weekly Horoscopes

Daily Focus

“WHERE YOU DIRECT YOUR FOCUS ON A DAILY BASIS WILL BE WHAT CREATES YOUR REALITY. Many of you have sought concepts, beliefs, understandings to help you frame who you are for a long time. Well, the framing is done. There is no more to learn outside yourself. Now the work is to apply what you have learned internally and see who you become as a result. This involves not being afraid of the sides of you that you aren’t so proud of, or are a little judgemental of, this is what we call embracing the ego. Trusting that once you have become an aware person, you will become as aware of your limits and flaws as you will the possibilities.

Lee Harris