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  1. I seen a halo in Texas, a year before the love I loved died, I don’t know what it means, I have a healing power though my hands, that have made people of illnesses better, I don’t use it often because I’m scared and I don’t let people know it’s there, I’m not crazy, I just want to know what is going on, or am I crazy.


    • Don’t let fear keep you from using the wonderful talent you are given, Donita. You are not crazy. You are an asset and necessary to this world or you wouldn’t have incarnated here. Caring about others’ opinions of you traps you in stagnation. This kind of fear kept me in silence for YEARS. If you feel drawn to help, and dare not ask the other who is in pain or need, do it silently. Send the healing out with love and if the soul is willing to allow the healing, the body will accept it. You won’t do any harm if it is done with pure love and intent.
      There are lots of healing modalities using the hands, it’s the oldest, purest method of healing for those who are willing to use it and accept it. Reach out online if you want to keep your talents private for now, and check out some of those modalities, it will help you find your own path. Yours is not crazy or wrong, just different than what humanity has come to accept as “normal.”


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