Equinisity Newsletter

2020 is feeling like a pivotal year, and I’m very excited to see what is in store.  It is a number 4 year, and we can learn so much more about the Number 4 and what we will experience during a 2020 Universal 4 year when we observe how the Number 4 is ever-present in our everyday lives.  In fact, the Number 4 exemplifies the structure of the Divine within our physical world.

  • The 4 Elements – Earth, Fire, Air, Water
  • The 4 States of Matter – Solid, Plasma, Gas, Liquid
  • The 4 Seasons – Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn
  • The 4 Directions
  • The 4 Winds
  • The 4 Points of the cross
  • The 4 Noble Truths in Buddhism
  • The Tetragrammaton is the four-letter Hebrew name of God
  • The 4 Corners of the World / 4 Points of a Compass
  • The 4 Freedoms – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • The 4 Chambers of our Heart
  • Our 4 Blood Groups – A, B, O, AB
  • The 4 phases of the Moon – New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Third Quarter

The number 4 has a way of bringing spirit into physical reality — energy into form. 

When I drew a Collette Baron-Reid, Wisdom of the Oracle card, I got Soul Mates. The card briefly said: 
“You begin to attract the perfect people to support your dreams – mentors, business partners, helpers, employees, creative partners, friends, and strangers open doors for you, and step through the portal to join you in a harmonic dance of collaboration, commitment, and co-creation. This is what you have been waiting for!”

We have been holding the space for this higher level of vibration and heart-centered creation. The world, with its individual pockets of human consciousness, is spinning off in many directions and many levels of vibration. What we the animals and the natural world are contributing is a stabilizing influence through our heart-centered connection to source. We are helping humans to synergize with the magnificent synergistic dance of creation. The definition of synergy, in essence, is “the behavior of whole systems that is greater than and unpredictable from the behavior of the parts of the system when viewed separately.” Love is the underlying current and foundational element of that behavior and the choreographer of the dance. It is exciting to be experiencing on a planet of such beauty and diversity and to be in service to the force that created it. That force is available to all of us through our heart centers. The secret is that it can only be greater when whole systems are combined through heartfelt connection and individual truth. We are masters of truth and bring all truth to resonance in our presence. Consciousness is expanding rapidly now. Let us help guide you to its highest expression.”

– The Herd









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