Holiday Thoughts

I ran across this as I was cleaning out my old emails today. I had sent it to a friend who was having a hard time, and I thought it might be helpful now for anyone who is struggling to deal with family dynamics or interactions with those who are incompatible with their own beliefs, particularly over the holiday season.

Below are some of the teachings from Eloheim and the Council that have helped me (and continue to help!) as I navigate through personalities and holidays.


Eloheim: So, your physical world is a movie screen. Your internal journey is projected out on to the movie screen. Change the internal journey, and you change what’s projected outward into your physical world. Your physical world can also show you things that you are shifting away from, so you can go, “Yes, I’m done with you.”

So, if you see something you don’t like, you confirm. “Yes, I’m done with you, and if there’s any of this left in me I want to find it now. Thank you very much.” A little shortcut two-fer.

The Girls: Every single person in your life is there by your choice. You cast them in your story. You hired them to perform with you. You empowered them to be present in your life.

So, if you interact with someone it’s because you chose that interaction to occur and if you decide not to have boundaries around that interaction, well, you chose that, as well. And if you choose to get triggered by their reaction, well, there you go, another choice. If you choose to stay conscious in your reaction, there you are. If you choose to be habitual in your reaction, there you are. It’s all about the fact that you are deciding what happens in your life. 

Eloheim: You are having simultaneous solitary experiences. And you are all participating in each other’s journey because you really are all one. The way we like to say it is it’s one big diamond. Each of you is a facet. So each of you is looking out of your own windowpane but if you look back there, everyone else has got your back.

Every single one of you sees the world differently than everybody else. That’s why we keep telling you, you can’t tell anybody else what they need to see or what they are seeing, and you just need to deal with what’s in your lap first.

The Girls: Love yourself as you are showing up. Love yourself as you are here. Love yourself for the very existence you have. Not what you will be. Not what you have been.

Embracing yourself with the—what do they say—attitude of gratitude, for your simple… the simple act of being.

So, you can love yourself because you breathe. Every breath is a doorway to loving yourself more.

Every breath is permission to love yourself more. Every breath is the expression of loving yourself more.

Every little bit of you is lovable. Everything you’ve thought.

Everything you’ve done.

The more you love you, the easier it will be for others to reflect that love back. If you love you, you open the door for others to love you well.

So, during this season of family get-togethers and interactions with those who might not enjoy the same beliefs as you do or those you don’t understand, or even, particularly like, be sure you stand in the love of your complete self. Love yourself as your soul does. Love yourself like you are the little four-year-old child you once were. It starts there.

Know that others are living what they know, just as you are doing. Know that your soul recruited them to be in your life–for the moment, for the season, for the lifetime. Others are showing you who they are and reflecting things in yourself that you are loving or are ready to let go. And yes, sometimes it’s challenging to acknowledge that some of those things linger inside.

Use your boundaries if you feel the need. It doesn’t mean you are unkind. It may mean you simply remove yourself from the situation by going to another room or conversation, or maybe you acknowledge the difference in beliefs to yourself or out loud and leave it at that. You don’t cope or explain. You make the choice to stand in your own truth without feeling victimized by others. You love yourself enough to live your truth without backing down or allowing yourself to feel crushed.

Lots of love.

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