Just Being like the Dolphins 

Just Being like the Dolphins 

– “Just Be.  You humans are always doing. You rush around doing something all the time.  Even when you sit down you rarely take time to just Be.  You fill every second of your waking hours doing something, and you wonder why your life is filled with challenges.”

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– “We dolphins know ourselves completely.  We take time to Be with ourselves often.  Even when we are swimming together in our pods, we have the freedom to just Be in our minds as we swim.  Through our echolocation we can see inside the bodies of our podmates and know their physical and emotional state.  We can also receive the signal that another dolphin sent out to our own body and we can see the image they see, so we can see the physical and emotional state of our own bodies too.”

– “We are fully conscious of our brains and are aware of all of our thoughts,  memories and capabilities.  There is no such thing as unconscious limiting beliefs, blocks or fears for us dolphins.  By spending time to just Be, we can quickly and easily process and release any fears or worries as soon as they appear.  In this way, we have no mental baggage at all.”


– “If you would put down your phones, computers and all of  your distractions and take even a few minutes each day to sit in silence to Be with yourself, your lives would improve drastically.  Make time to sit without any distractions and Be.  Start with just a few minutes and build it up to at least 30-60 minutes a day.  You can close your eyes if that helps. Or you can take a walk in nature by yourself.  Not hiking to a goal or running for exercise, but a gentle stroll and allow your thoughts to wander without control.  You will be amazed at the clarity and ideas that will be able to enter your mind with the freedom you have given it by simply Being.”


– “When you take time to remove all the distractions to just Be, you will become much more conscious of all of your thoughts as they come bubbling to the surface. You will become more self aware of your unconscious and of your own body and it’s needs as well.”


– “If you make a regular practice of taking time to just Be, you will start to realize what is most important in your life.  You will also become more aware of the world around you. You will become more observant of your surroundings and even more aware of the emotions and state of your family and friends.  By taking time for yourself to Be you will improve your relationship with yourself and with all those around you.”

Anne Gordon de Barrigón


CoAuthor of the Bestselling book  Dolphins & Whales Forever

Author of the forthcoming book Listening with your Heart



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