It’s Bittersweet

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Fishing pelicans flying over the ocean near David, Panama.

This picture is from my visit to the beach last week. It was such a beautiful day. We didn’t swim though, this beach is treacherous and has drowned many a talented swimmer in the undertow.

Saturday I am leaving my beloved Panama behind to once again return to NY. I have been busy sorting and purging and packing these last few days, getting ready to travel again. I love traveling actually, it’s the pre-process part of deciding what to bring, what to leave behind, and all the details of how to do it that is not my favorite.

Over the past three years I have collected a lot of things during my stays here, and now that I know I am not going to live here permanently and run a business, I don’t need everything we’ve picked up. Time to purge! The Handicapped Foundation, begun by American volunteers many years ago, has a big patio sale to raise money twice a year, and most of my purged items will go there, some have gone there already.

A couple of months ago I met some new friends at the Tuesday Market (vendors sell foods, gifts, crafts, coffees, etc). They are a talented, artistic, young Peruvian couple, Roxanna and Richar, who with their darling two-year-old, Makayla, migrated here a year ago. We’ve spent some time together and yesterday they invited me and a friend over for a farewell lunch. Their place is TINY and their supplies and dishes are limited, but their hearts are huge. She prepared a lovely meal for us and we had a wonderful visit. We speak a mix of English and Spanish together, teaching each other how to say things in our own languages. We’re all students of each other’s language. It’s really fun to stretch that way. Richar is really picking up the English  language fast, which is a good thing since he speaks to a lot of English shoppers at the market. I looked around while at their home and thought, some of those things my friend and I have decided to donate are coming here, so today I delivered a box to them. They were so happy and so appreciative. So many kisses and hugs! I just love these people. Their daughter, Makayla, is a busy child, talkative in both languages and very sweet. I told Dad los hombres were going to like her! He laughed and said he was going to buy a (he fumbled for the word) “weapon” to keep them away.  Daddies are alike all over! Ha!

Thursday evening I am going to dinner with a few friends to one of our favorite spots for a goodbye meal. Bittersweet dinner, it will be. I will miss everyone a lot. Really good friends have been made here. Then Friday morning I leave on the bus for Panama City and take an early flight out Saturday morning. So, next time I post I will be talking to you all from NY! However, I will be very glad to see my kids and grandkids again, which I will do as soon as I land. They are meeting me at the airport and we will go to dinner together before heading home.

I feel extremely grounded and centered in myself this time, and the plan and the knowing is to hold that calm stance of my truth in the midst of the heavier energy that permeates my hometown. Even though it’s been a struggle in the past, I feel I have evolved enough in my wisdom and awareness that I won’t slip for very long or very often. It’s definitely a test of my growth every time I return there.

So, until next time.

Hasta luego!


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  1. Safe journey dear friend…It sounds like the time you have spent in Panama was like a huge workshop for you…healing ,learning,and adjusting to all the things life throws at us..I admired your courage and wish I had some …..hope we still hear from you in this journey called life…


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