The Thinker and the Thought

Message from Eloheim:

The Thinker and the Thought

In every moment first be aware of yourself. Our tool, “what is true now?” is helpful in this regard yet requires refinement for this application.

It’s not so much “what is true now?” as “what is me now?”

Let us explain:

In each moment, resides the thinker and the thought. When you focus on the thought, your feelings, emotions, remembrances, attention etc. will be where?

There! When you focus on the thinker (“what is me?”) you have the opportunity to remain aware of the now. When a non-moment-thought is caught, ask “what is me now?” The answer can be the type of things we have used when asking what is true now, yet we believe there is a more powerful layer revealed by this new inquiry.

Let’s imagine that you find yourself thinking about a future fear. You experience anxiety. You are distracted from the now-moment. One thought easily connects to another in a chain of discomfort and even suffering. At any point along that mental journey, you can catch yourself and say “what is me?”

The only “place” that can answer that inquiry is you connected to your body, aware of now. You are not your thoughts. The thought is insubstantial. The thinker is the substance. They are not the same. The sooner that you own this fact, the better.

In any thought there is you – the thinker – and YOU hold dominion of the moment, not the thoughts.

The beauty of this discipline is that it clears, not just quiets, the mind. Thinking becomes a conscious act like that use of a hammer or singing of a song, rather than the bothersome obsession it is now.

When not addicted to thinking the brain is then available for many new and fascinating things. Receiving insight is just one item on the list. The others are yours to discover as you find “what is me?”


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