Embrace Prosperity Consciousness with the Orcas

Abundance message from the orcas:



“Prosperity is easy.  You humans love to complicate things.  The answer is to get out of your own way and step into the natural flow of abundance.  Its as simple as that.”


– “Money is not evil.  It is not a bad thing. It is simply a method toacquire things like food, housing, clothing, etc.  In our world money = fish.  Are fish evil?  Are they a bad thing? No, of course not. On the contrary, without fish, we Orcas could not survive.  Fish are a natural and necessary part of the ecosystem.”


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– “Think of money as fish, food, home, supplies. Things you need to survive. Now, you humans have created a form of exchange, that you call money, to acquire what you need instead of fishing, raising your own food, building your home and creating your own supplies.  Money has made your lives easier by saving you a lot of time and physical labor.  So how did your idea of money and earning money become twisted to the idea that money is the root of all evil?”


– “That is when fear stepped in.  When you started believing in lack, that there is not enough.  That was a way for some to control others. To teach and spread the idea that it is hard to earn money and there is never enough.  In reality, at this time on the planet, there is plenty of everything you need right now.  Plenty of food, shelter, clothing and plenty of money for every single person on Earth.”  


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– “All you have to do is change your belief system about money from scarcity consciousness to Prosperity Consciousness and the doors to abundance will fly open.  When enough people around the world shift their thinking from lack to embracing the natural flow of abundance, the entire world will shift and the old, human way of thinking that money is bad or hard to come by will disappear completely.”


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“When you say ‘Yes’ to Prosperity Consciousness and dive into the flow of Abundance, you will ride the waves of Prosperity with little effort on your part.  Abundance is easy. It was never meant to be the challenge you humans have created for yourselves.”


– “Join us and open yourself up to your natural birthright of Abundance.  If you need support, call on us to guide you into a life filled with everything you could ever want!”


Whale Blessings,



Anne Gordon de Barrigón

CoAuthor of the Bestselling book  Dolphins & Whales Forever


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