WE ARE The Living Stream of Light Changing the World!

WE ARE The Living Stream of Light Changing the World!

by Lisa Gawlas

Today’s sharing is going to be a hodgepodge of insights I gleaned thru the last few days, broken up in pieces and addressed.

Firstly, A beautiful soul posted a question on my facebook, that took several days before anything within me rose up to reply, but reply we did and I wanted to share it here, since it really made things even clearer for myself.  The question was:  “This is what many find so perplexing. How can there be a record of what will be if it has not happened yet?”

Actually, it depends on what stage of life lessons one is in. For the first 9 years of readings, I could see 10 years into a person’s future and pin point the date and time something will happen. There are events or people’s crossings that must take place with the initial incarnation soul plan. If and when we achieve it all in this lifetime is truly when the ascension process happens. We rise up to live new soul experiences while still in body. The higher we grow, the less timeline distance is available because we moved beyond time to occupy and create in the Now.

The reply itself helped me to really understand the complexity (within our minds and even, our lives) of time vs no time.  Some part of me, I suppose, half expected the clock to stop ticking, the calendar to stop moving forward and the effects of the two to simply just stop affecting our bodies, altho the later is being revamped and underway, albeit, as we would view as, slowly.

Secondly, I was googling Ken Carey (again) to see if I could find anything he may have put out beyond his last book The Third Millennium back in 1995 and found an article of his posted on a website entitled: TIMEKEEPERS OF THE HUMAN EXPERIMENT
by Ken Carey May 12, 2012 .

I will post his full message at the end of my sharing, but here, I am going to grab sections and expand on what he stated back in 2012 as it relates to the amazing information that has been coming in thru you (the readings) this year.

His whole article was brilliant and rang with truth and exciting within me that I had to read it slowly, over days, so I would not burst!  This one piece of a paragraph grabbed me and about shook the bejeezus out of me with excitement and Ohhhhhh My Good Godness!!:

We are well aware of our collective subconscious, but we have a still-dormant collective conscious as well. Already awakening, this field of collective human consciousness will soon know itself for what it is, even as we realize that each of us is like an individual leaf on a tree, or an individual cell in a body. Even after this happens I expect that in order to minimize any disorientation this event will bring, the Star Maker will only gradually reveal its conscious Presence within us, slowly allowing humankind to awaken to the realization that people are not only One, but that we have a role as the Star Maker’s physical organ of consciousness, an organ similar to a brain, but more clearly understood in our new capacity as the guidance system for this particular planetary garden.

Remember in February, when for a few days in the readings, God/Source/Creator himself showed up, in the center of the 12 petalled flower (and he was ejaculating and spreading his seeds over everyone) and then started talking about the GodHead.  WE, those aligned to the truth and love in purity, will be the living godhead.

Let’s also look at the planetary garden, but first, ones most immediate garden, which has been called The Emerald City.  We cannot til the whole world, that would be so far out of our responsibility and our ability, but we can till our own personal garden of life.  WE MUST till and retill our personal gardens, that is how our neighbors become motivated (some never will) to til their own and may even ask for our assistance.

…Those who actively resist (tilling their own gardens) are the same robber barons of old, still served by armies, admirers, and those who look to their particular brand of fear for guidance and leadership. It is only these who may experience any real tribulation, and then only if they fail to notice how people are changing all around them.

Except for a few who have chosen to design their incarnate human circuitry specifically to identify, educate, contain, and ultimately neutralize the robber barons and their followers—they are of no concern to the majority of us, who just want to open our  hearts in the purest form of love and welcome the higher thought and emotional frequencies of Our Awakening Creator.

This excited me too, I have been saying for years (thru the voice of spirit coming from the field thru you) if you cannot do something to help what is falling apart, focus on what we are building.  In Ken’s beautiful, poetic way, that I highlighted in blue, he is saying the same exact thing.

There are those just finding their inner power, their spiritual abilities and it is most of them that will assist what is falling away.  Those of us who have become long in the tooth, and mighty in our inner knowing, must look to what we are creating, Now.  Both individually and most especially in the months ahead, together.  It is now time to take our personal gardens and start linking them together.

For we are literally becoming awakened cells in the physical body of God, here to share in an era of New Creation that is far beyond any we have previously known.

BEYOND what we have previously known!!  Stay out of our past stories.  I know for many it is the easiest place to orient oneself, since we are the very ancestors that invented the stories to begin with.  Turning ET’s into Gods and demiGods, and with the slippage of time and multiple incarnations, twisted, little by little, the truth of what any given experience was.  So, it all no longer matters!!

The times in which we now live are characterized by:

—The Growth of Love and

—The Diminishment of Fear IN HUMAN DECISION-MAKING.

This separation process in human motivation has been exponentially accelerating for hundreds of years. This means it has not been gaining momentum at an arithmetical rate: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., but at an exponential rate instead: 1, 2, 4, 8,16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, etc. …

That’s how fast our collective awakening is approaching! And why, because of this, so many people are feeling an increasing pressure for fundamental change, first in themselves, then in those few who control them through ownership of almost all of the world’s resources and control of global economic structures. This extends far beyond America, and the specific statistics vary from nation to nation. I don’t know if this pattern will hold, but it seems curious that those nations with the longest traditions of Monarchical control are now feeling the worst of it.

And that is what it feels like when the end begins.  The old, no matter how hard we hang on, crumbles.

If we use the art I used for this sharing, we can look at ourSelfs as that bright stream of light flowing down the hillside.  To the point of even getting ready to pool together (come together at the ground level.)  The soft golden lights in the background are the ones still working thru old stories and energies (we all came from that place) and will eventually choose to join us.  They are also the ones assisting the world that is falling away, as is needed for their own ascension progression and assimilation of just how magical and powerful they are!!

After our consideration of all that big-picture stuff, it seems ironic to now turn to ourselves, and realize that the only way we can participate in the Global Spiritual Awakening is to pay close attention to the little day-to-day details of our own lives. For the extent of our ability to bring love to the whole is in direct proportion to how much we are currently motivated by and expressing Love in our own lives. The greater we love, the greater our power to change the world. Except on the rarest of occasions, fear was never intended to influence human thinking.

…Those who use Love to fuel their lives become more loving. Those who use Fear to manage their lives become more afraid.

Fear was only brought here to keep us safe.  The fear of crossing the street with cars speeding toward us.  The fear that rises up as you walk into the woods and suddenly stop, as a rattler dances his warning to you.  That feeling when someone crosses your path that means you harm.  Fear. in its proper place, is our friend and allY and should continue to be.

This is why in this particular lifetime, and the ones incoming, we are set up to completely work thru our karmic issues in this singular (ok, nothing is ever singular, but you know what I mean) lifetime, so we can ascend in body, mind and heart to create the new world!  And so we are!!  Rapidly!!

With that, I get a visual and song I will close with.  Us, arm and arm, skipping and singing “we are on the road to Shambhala” Three Dog Night style!!

I love you all Soul much!!  Big big (((HUGZ))) wrapped in eternity right here, and Now!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html


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