Notes From an Eloheim Retreat

Today I am sharing what it’s like to go to an Eloheim retreat. Last year they went to Sedona, this year is a cruise. Below is part of one of the talks Eloheim gave at Sedona.

As background, Eloheim teaches personal evolution, teaches HOW to embody more of our soulself, teaches us how to raise our vibrations in this ascension work we are doing. They work with us one by one, in a personal manner, giving us insight, examples, and practical tools in order to raise us out of duality and suffering. And we’re doing it!

In this one, they speak of the Body/Personality/Awareness triangle which is how we have been doing things on Earth. The Body is the physical vehicle and includes our surroundings. The Personality is what others may call the ego. There are two sides to the personality as well; we choose which one we use. Awareness is our soul. Hamster wheel mind is exactly what it suggests, running in circles, thinking the same old thoughts and getting nowhere. The Levels they mention have been their focus the last couple of years. Levels 1-6 are Personality-driven and Levels 7 and above are Awareness-driven. We are working on living in the Awareness-driven level. Story telling is when you talk about things you have no personal knowledge of or no facts or are not in the present moment, not speaking about what is true now.


Eloheim: When you break that Body Personality Awareness (BPA) down and hamster wheel mind (HWM) is just not part of it anymore; it is not telling stories, you are not telling your body things you do not want it to act upon … remember those pieces we talked about? We talked about it so you could get to this (points to Peace/delight/insight triangle). We had to get out of “story, story, story, story, story, assumptions, preconceived notions; basing everything on “something else.”

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How about we base it on what is actually happening now? OH MY GOD! It’s a really good idea. You have seen the result of it. You were talking earlier about it… it is just easy. It is just easy. It is. Delightful and peaceful and at any moment you know in conversation with each other, insight is right, it is hovering right there. And if it becomes important to find out something about something, it hovers around. There is no lack of “oh god I have to information gather in order to make myself feel better.” Because you believe and know that insight is right there, all the time, it is just hovering.

You guys know at any time you can google anything on your phones, and you are starting to really know that now. It is like, oh, we can just google that.. let’s just ask Siri. Oh, we can just get the TOM TOM. You know you have it floating right there and it takes this huge amount that you used to spend, memorizing phone numbers and knowing peoples addresses and all that other stuff…it’s all pushed into your phone. Because that is your access into that kind of insight.

What we are saying is when you are in in level 7, the access to the aha type insight is equally accessible to you. Equally accessible to you, it is just right there. It hovers. It is like, when you have smoke in the house, you know and it goes up to the ceiling and kind of sits there. That is what it looks like to us, it just sits there. And at any minute you can reach up and pull some down.

When you are in peace/delight/insight in level 7, that is your birthright. You have gotten rid of all the things that blocked your ability of being aware of that, you have cleared them out.

The stories and the preconceived notions and the habits and the favorite familiar sufferings and the unhealed core emotions that we driving every experience you were having…do not any more. And when they don’t anymore, what are you left with? You are left with the starting point of your birthright. That you have always had access to, but there was too much shit in the way! Meaning your brain was busy doing all this other crap, instead of being able to reach up and pull down insight.

So you have these fun coincidences that happen, these alignments, the dominoes standing up…all of that is your birthright. That is how you are supposed to live here. That is the correct way of living here. Meaning the full potential of living here. It has always been possible, but now we are getting rid of all the static that has been drowning it out.

It would be like coming here to Sedona and being near-sighted, and you look to see the red rock and you can’t see them because your eyes do not focus that far away. And someone says “oh look at those red rocks” and you say “I don’t see any red rocks.” They are all there but if your eyes could not see them, how would we convince you that they were there?

Now, they are gorgeous right? The grandeur, we are like wow! But if you could not see those rocks how could we tell you that they were there and get you to believe us? That has been our job. That has been our job in a nutshell. Because we look out there and say that is your birthright. It is your birthright to look out there and gaze upon those rocks any time you want.

And you don’t know it. And you don’t believe it. And you are too busy going “oh, there’s nothing pretty around here” as you stare down at your shoes. And we are going OMG how can we get them to see? How can we get them to know? How can we show them? How can we make a glimmer be real?

It is not an easy job if you can well imagine. This is how we do it though. (E points to the graphic.)

Because, unlike the example where your eyes are the wrong shape to see that far away, here it is just your habits that have been in your way. So it is a bit of an easier job..well, maybe it would be easier to just give everybody Lasik. (Laughs) Actually we are sure it would be way easier to give everybody Lasik. Okay, we are clear on that one now…let us have a moment to recover from the fact that even that would be easier than what we are doing.

Okay. Alright, we haven’t given up. This is our “haven’t given up face.” (Laughs)

Since we can’t give anyone Consciousness Lasik yet…what we can do is literally step by step here and see where there is a block in front of your vision (referring to the previous example). For most of you, the major block was that you had your face planted firmly down pointing to your feet. Right? People just walk around with their face pointing down. Because that is limitation, that is the habit…that is the habit of talking yourself out of it.

Some of these things make us sad. Talking yourself out of it. And it is a big deal to look a little bit forward. And then you have everyone telling you “hiss – don’t try” and the survival instinct, of course the survival instinct is going OMG why are you not looking straight down where your feet are?

So, you know, lifting your head a little. That is the first huge step. And you know, that is the step that says, I am a chooser. Instead of head down because I think that is the only option I have, you lift your head up straight and say, I am a chooser. And now I have to respond to the new things that I can see.

I am responsible for my reactions to my creations.

You lift your eyes and oh crap, there is a whole big pile of stuff that, if I just look down, I won’t ever have to deal with.

And then we get some people who lift and go, oh crap, and immediately put their head back down. Go oh crap, so lift and go oh crap, and put their heads down again. Repeat. They might need a chiropractor…and then they can go to Lasik and then something else.

But sometimes you wonder. Oh man, that person was in the group and we saw them change so much and then they stopped and we don’t hear from them anymore. Some of them just said, whew, I just have to look down some more. AND, that is favorite familiar suffering. Unhealed core emotion? Look behind you. Right? That is really how drastic it is. So we are liking this visual about a visual (wink).

Head down is FFS (favorite familiar suffering), habit, and society telling you how to be. Head up is chooser, reactions to my creations, not storytelling, and I am going to tell the truth about it even if it is I don’t know. That is where I do not know comes in right? Oh god I look up… I don’t know, but I am going to hold, abide in the discomfort of uncertainty… because it is all uncertain. Completely uncertain.

Looking down is familiar, and when you look up – that is all uncertain. And when you look down, you know what is going to be there. Even if you do not like it, you know what is there. So look up, let the hamster wheel mind have a serious break and navigate the survival instinct. Then you are in level six branching into level 7.


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