Heads Up

Heads up, we are being inundated with high frequency energy today, in preparation for Monday’s full moon. If you have spent the day clearing your living space, cleaning, organizing, or completing projects that have been on your to do list for weeks or months (that’s what I spent my day doing although that is not what I had planned to do), then you are creating space for your 5D reality which is what this energy is bringing in.

The gloves are off, this will be felt as hard hitting karma for anyone and anything that has been standing in the way of the light, that has been creating pain and trauma for those whose soul mission is to be light beacons, and who have been enslaving humanity for eons.

I have channeled Archangel Uriel for 15 years and I know when he means business. I’m sharing this message with you know because that is what he is telling me. Uriel stands at the gate between heaven and earth, he is the guardian of the light on earth and when he gets serious, things are serious.

Frankly, I am excited about this because the events of the past few months have torn my heart in two. Hearing about the torture and abuse of children, the war mongering, the fear that is deliberately provoked by orchestrated events and the ongoing attempts to destroy our planet, our spirit, and our energy upset me greatly. Know that they upset our guardians, guides, and support on this ascension path too. So we’re in elimination mode, which is this month’s them, let’s see what we can accomplish when we shine our brightest lights and let them know that we are ready to reclaim our power now and get our divinity back. You can read about my story with Uriel at this page and also who Uriel is because his energy has not been available to us until this century, as we were not ready to work with this level of energy. Uriel supports us when we are willing to act from self awareness and self empowerment, so it’s time for us to step up and get serious about ascension because I think it is going to get very interesting starting next week.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals


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