Labels and Limitations

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Labels are limitations. Did you know that? And we humans like to label everything.

What labels are you limiting yourself with? Many words that we put after “I am” are labels. They hold us back from a grander experience. Words like I am shy. I am not smart enough, I am lazy, I am weak, I am not educated, I am broke. How about when you end the sentence I am with an occupation? Or put an illness after I am? Is that all you are? Add “just” before the label and whoa. Now you’re really limiting yourself! Consider the use of the words “I can’t…” How often do you say that? I can’t do that. I can’t go there. I can’t because he/she won’t like it. I can’t I can’t I can’t! Why do you talk to yourself that way? Are those your own words and beliefs or have they been instilled in you over the years by outside sources? It’s amazing what limits we apply to ourselves and don’t even know we are doing it.

Then there’s the times we label others. We label them because they seem different than we are. We label them out of fear. They’re unknown to us. Does that keep you from interacting with them? Or considering there’s more to them than the public visage? He’s old! She’s weird. Look at those tattoos and piercings! They come from a different religion/ethnicity/color/country/side of town. So and so said they are scary. We limit ourselves by declaring someone different than us without any attempt to to get to know a person. 

All these words and beliefs limit our experience on this planet. The first step is to notice. Notice when you are thinking or saying these types of words. Notice the label. Identify the limitation. Ask yourself, where does this come from? Is this kind and compassionate? Is this limiting? 

In my own life, I recently noticed how often I immediately say no (out loud or in my head) to invitations or discussions regarding something or someone out of my comfort zone. I noticed how often I avoid  putting myself out there to be seen. I have been doing this unconsciously for most of my life. I “protect” myself. That’s fear talking. Now I give myself some time to really consider-when I want to say no-if it’s out of fear or out of a genuine non-interest in the subject. And I say yes a lot more often. Sometimes I say yes even when I think I’m not interested. I’m stretching myself and really enjoying the experience of evolving.

Limitation has been the focus of Eloheim’s latest teachings this year. We are infinite and immortal beings here to experience and explore says Eloheim. And Earth is the best playground of them all right now. What do I miss when I limit myself? 

“I’m no longer going to use limitation as the way I navigate this lifetime. I’m going to have the courage, I’m going to experience the willingness, I’m going to put in the time to say it’s all me and this now is more valuable than any other now.” ~ Eloheim

It’s about darn time for limitation to no longer be how you live your life. ~ Eloheim

What are YOU using to justify limitation? ~ Eloheim

As a bonus, this came in my email this morning. Limitation* is coming up for many teachers. 🙂

Living Free From Limitation

The first call for the April Soul Expansion last Sunday was full of amazing insight, imagery and energy. The opening message really took me by surprise. The first thing I was shown was Jesus walking on water. I must admit that whenever the guides show me or speak about anything that holds religions connotations I get a little uncomfortable. Worship and the man made institutions that have been built around it are the opposite of where I feel we are headed. My work is about freedom from external ideas of right and wrong. The patriarchal false morality is the last thing I want to draw from. However, once I got over myself and allowed the message to unfold the meaning became clear. 
     The image of Jesus walking on water was an illustration of where we are now, standing in the mastery of self. Creating our own miraculous experiences both individually and collectively. Unplugging ourselves from the false matrix as we untether ourselves from limitation*. We truly are infinitely powerful Creator Beings with immense untapped potential.
     The next part of the image showed that below the water Jesus was walking on was another level of reality. A reality filled with chaos and confusion.The message was clear: the separation of energetic realities is speeding up. Those of us who are continually stepping forward to merge with and integrate our higher aspects are creating a unique timeline. Those of us who are still creating from the illusions of separation and division are walking a different timeline. Every time we choose to act and create from the internal place of alignment with our truth, we anchor and integrate the expanded energies into our own reality. The more of us that anchor into this new reality individually, the bigger it becomes collectively.

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