Working the Garden

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I love dreams. I get so much helpful guidance from them and they always help me see where I am in my journey. They have been much less prominent in my awareness in the last year unlike they were when I was struggling. I have not kept good track of the messages either when they do show up.

Still, occasionally a symbol from a dream remains in my awareness when I wake up and I can’t forget it. One of those stayed with me this morning.

 Last week I noticed I was missing my dream life, so I decided to place several of my crystals bedside and a couple of them under my pillow. This has perked up the quantity of dreams, that’s for sure. I feel like I have been dreaming nonstop, busy all night ever since. This morning I remembered putting my hands out to someone in my dream, palms down, excited to show them how much my nails had grown (first time ever), only to realize that though my nails were pretty, my fingers were covered in dirt and stained green! I laughed and said, “I was working in the garden, I thought I had washed my hands!”
Very cool sign for me. Since I am not one who spends much time planting or growing things in the physical, it is definitely symbolic. Though I do love the results when I garden and have done it many times in my life, it’s not my passion to play in the dirt like it is for some folks.
Moving on to the dream interpretation:
~Reaching out with both hands: Hands are the first thing to reach for life, hands do the work. Hands communicate. Fingers indicate action and dexterity in dealing with life’s challenges.
~Hands in the dirt, green-stained fingers: Cultivating new life, weeding out what is no longer needed, planting, digging into the self, doing the work. Green is symbolic of growth, healing, positive change. Definitely what I am doing these days. Also, green can indicate monetary wealth…great! I can use some of that for my new car! 
~Garden: Potentials, inner growth.
Dreams are affirmations to me that I am growing and evolving or point to things I need to notice and perhaps change. This one gave me a positive affirmation and a sign that I am not stagnant at all, something I have wondered about now and then. It’s my soul’s sign that I am still evolving and growing and capable of whatever I choose to do, the potentials are there and I just need to reach out and grab them. I feel like I grow every single day in some way and this was a perfect way to tell me I am correct in that feeling.
A very happy way to start my day.
What do you notice in your dream messages?

I'd love to hear from you!

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