Helping Others Ascend

Yesterday I had the pleasure of helping a friend who started out helping me. We usually talk of spiritual stuff when we get together. She is struggling with some things in  her life, trying to understand and let go of the past, and asked me for my input. It gives me great pleasure to offer what I’ve learned, the tools and the wisdom I’ve gained, to those going through many of the same things I have. I’ve had so many light bulbs go off since I began exploring consciousness and if I can share those things, what a joy. While talking to her, I was feeling like, yes, this is what I want to do! This. I get as much as I give. I love sharing one on one with people the things I’ve learned on this spiritual path and in my lifetime(s), it helps me as much as it helps them. 

This past week I mentioned elsewhere that I would love to have someone to talk to in person about these things. I also was thinking, once again, that if I was to choose a particular path, I would love to mentor or help another woman on this path, one at a time. I don’t want to talk to crowds, my forte is one-on-one. And voila, my friend appears. She literally asked me for help in exchange for her gift of massage. It’s taken me some time to acknowledge, but one of my gifts is listening and witnessing and seeing the bigger picture, along with having some wisdom to offer, if asked for. The time between the asking and the receiving-or in Eloheim terms, need/need met-is getting so much shorter, I definitely want to be aware of what and how I am asking!

The below showed up this morning. Perfect timing, as usual.


Helping Others Ascend ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are ready, and willing, and able to help all of you in your ascension process. It is a beautiful time to connect with humanity for all of us, because you see, we have the ability to tune in to your evolution. We have the ability to feel the progress that you are making. And so, by helping you, we help ourselves.

When you look around at the others in your world, and you see them struggling, you also have the ability to help them. And in so doing, you help yourself. You can feel the shift occurring as well. You can feel the progress in one person, if you tune in to it, if you pay attention to the signals that you are getting and the energy that is coming off of a person.

And so, when you help another person, you are helping yourself. You are helping yourself in more ways than one. You are helping yourself because you are all connected and because your shift in consciousness is a journey that you are all taking together. You also get to feel the experience of the other person’s shift.

Just as sitting by another individual who is making the death transition can be beneficial for the one looking on, so is it beneficial for you to be in the presence of another who is making progress. The energy coming off of that individual is a roadmap for you and your ascension. Even if you are further along vibrationally than the person you are assisting, you still get the full benefit of that energy and that roadmap.

We are here to help you, and we are here to help you help each other. We are giving you our energetic transmission through these messages. So it is more than just our words that is assisting you. It is our vibration. It is the space that we hold for you.

When you want to be of service to another and assist that person in their journey, remember that the same is true for you. It’s not as significant as you might think for you to take actions or speak words to assist another. It is also the energy that you transmit, the vibration that you hold, and the space that you hold for the other. Those are the things that do the majority of the helping.

You can sit with the intention of helping all of humanity, and you can send out that vibration, and all of humanity will benefit from that little bit of effort on your part. And as we have said, you will benefit as well.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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