Panama 2017

As you probably are aware, I am currently back in Panama. We are renting a new place in an area of Boquete closer to town. I love the place, it has a roomy kitchen and living area and comfy furniture (not always a given in Panama’s rentals from my experience!). Only thing that I don’t have here are the gorgeous views I had from my old place. We are on the ground floor of a condo unit and the views are blocked. I miss my sunrises, sunsets, and rainbows! Otherwise, it’s a really nice place with friendly neighbors who have already invited us to several informal gatherings. People in this country are so friendly and kind to each other. One of the things I love about Panama.

Personally, we’ve had two dinner parties and plan several more, one this coming Friday, and have done a lot of other things like take a long, bumpy drive up to the zip line to look at the view and drink coffee in their restaurant. I took one look at the zip line and went Nope!

Life is far more full here.

Still, I miss seeing my daughter and grandkids. Not that I saw a lot of them but at least I knew I could at any time. This is a conundrum I am working on while I am here. I have come to realize that my reason for being here has been completed, and now it’s time for something else. What that is hasn’t come to me yet. I do know that I will always come back to Panama because the country and the residents reside in my heart, but it won’t be to live like I once considered.

Compared to the other Januarys and Februarys I have experienced here, it has been cooler than usual. Still it’s way warmer than NY weather! The bajareque has been active, seems like more so than usual. This is the mist that blows over the mountains from the Carribean to shroud the town. You get wet but it’s not cold. And oh the rainbows…


We just finished the Flower and Coffee Festival in January where thousands of people descend on Boquete. It was crazy with all the traffic. There is only one way in and out of Boquete on a two lane road, so the line in either direction is very long during events like this. In February, we move into the Jazz Festival, which begins tomorrow. More crowds and traffic. Also, lots of music with artists from all over and food and vendors and even a parade. This is tourist season! I truly feel like a local, not a tourist, but I’m sure locals would qualify me as a tourist since I don’t have residency. I watch the newbies, tourists from all over the world, look around in fascination, just like I did upon arrival. I smile and offer my help if they act like they are seeking it.

I even managed to get burned on my face while sitting outside chatting during the first week at the condo because I forgot to put on my sunscreen! Been in NY in the cold and snow and hiding indoors, you see. I blistered and peeled. Not very stylish to walk around looking like Rudolph. 🙂

There. All caught up. Life is good.

Big hugs and blessings.


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