Heads Up

Heads up, it is going to be intense for the next few days, especially January 30 and 31, as we complete this month. Thanks to the energy of lots of angry, upset, and outraged people, we are integrating vast amounts of 5D energy as people set aside their differences, stop arguing with each other, and come together against what they see as a common enemy, President Trump. I am not as upset over his actions as I am thrilled that he is succeeding in getting Congress, the bastion of self interest, to set aside their differences to find ways to work together.

While the focus may be on what he is doing, take a look at why he is doing it. What is he accomplishing with his actions which are showing us the bigger agenda of control that has been part of a plan to disrupt our energetic sovereignty for decades. And everyone is coming together. He’s definitely shaking things up and let’s see what happens over the next few days. Stay in your own energy space, be open to receiving higher frequencies which means avoiding judgment and anger. Look at the bigger picture, it is much easier to stay grounded if we don’t get lost in the details. Shine on, we’re moving forward fast now, the roller coaster is gaining speed.

Jennifer Hoffman


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