It’s been a bit since I’ve had the time to post or share in here. I have picked myself up and journeyed back to Panama to stay until June. So during the past week or two, I have been tidying up loose ends before leaving. The list turned out to be long but I managed to cross them all off and I, for once, didn’t leave anything undone!

I have also spent this past month NOT focusing on the political scene. November and December was hard on my system so I had to step back a bit. I am aware of what is going on, but I cannot join in on the fear or the rhetoric that is so prevalent my area. I have never been political. That’s not my forte, being in the public eye or pushing and arguing. I choose to focus on more local and personal areas. We all have different focuses and I no longer feel “bad” about my choices. It’s important to me to maintain my inner balance and project my solid, centered self outward instead of letting all the shaky fear in, which is what happens when I tune into politics. Eloheim has a tool about fear and rhetoric called “Everyone is Just Fixing Their Fears” and also terms my choice of stance as “Energetic Leadership.” I had to fall back on those a lot until I regained my balance. Ultimately, I feel that this chaos is happening to shine a light on the darkness that has been running the show for far too long on this planet, and that this time is for stirring up everything on the bottom for all to see and change. 

Anyhow, I am in Panama and have been here since Wednesday morning. I finally feel rested again, and we are heading into town shortly. Enjoy this video message from Jennifer Hoffman about what is going on with humanity right now.



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