Jennifer Hoffman: Reclaiming Our Light

There is so much resistance to 5D integration now, from those who want and need (that’s important to remember because it’s why they are fighting as if their lives depended on it — they do) 3D paradigms to remain. What we are seeing of 3D and why it looks so negative is that what is left is pure density, the aspects of 3D that will not ever integrate 5D energy. It looks like the absolute worst of 3D, all of the malevolent, light destroying, controlling energy of 3D is what is left — this is the dregs. So whatever arises in the coming weeks that makes you cringe with disgust, disdain, or horror is this level of density coming to light. And it involves the release that I felt today, more on that later. It’s really great although it’s going to bring up some very dense energy. Stay awake, alert, & aware because I think we’re in for some very weird revelations that are going to shake everything up — the truth may set us free but sometimes that freedom feels like being shot from a cannon.


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