16 Things

16 Things I learned About Myself in 2016

  1. I turned 60 this year. That sounds like a big number to me. My mother was OLD at 60, and I was not enjoying that thought at all! However, I’m not my mother. I look and act younger than she did at this age. Same with many of my peers. Once I remembered that I’ll never be this young again (until my next life!), I decided to enjoy it. The number means nothing. Inside I still feel all the ages: 6, 12, 18, 30, 40, 50. 60 is awesome.
  2. I have more wrinkles and more gray hairs than ever. Doesn’t matter. It gives me street cred lol. And I still feel 30.
  3. I am an energetic leader. When I’m around others, they tend to match my energetic level. When they are down, I bring them up, without trying. They tell me they like being around me, that it feels good to be around me. When I give them asked-for input, I am able to offer insight they didn’t have before. I am a positive force for good. That’s my super power. ­čÖé
  4. I have forgiven and let go of past hurts. They have not come with me into my current me-ness. When I came back to NY for the past few months, I discovered that fact. Those past hurts hold no trigger for me anymore.
  5. I have found a third way, a different way, to have a relationship with my husband. We are not the couple we used to be, but we are friends and co-parents and still share a house. All is well with living this way right now for both of us. It may change in the future or it may not-I will play it as it comes and not fret about it. I have freedom to do what I choose. My life is my choice.
  6. People tell me they love my cooking. I can make a meal out of anything on hand and it tastes good!
  7. I am an easy person to live with! I carried around my husband’s “funny” comments (he thought they were amusing) as my own negative truth for far too long. The three consecutive roommates I have lived with recently have helped me see who I truly am, the one I thought I was. Seeing myself through someone else’s eyes, I realized his comments were not the truth of me.
  8. I choose to hang with positive people. I no longer force myself to┬ástick around when the energetics are low and dualistic. When I know I am doing no one any good, especially┬ámyself, I graciously leave the conversation or gathering. And I don’t beat myself up for choosing not be involved in negativity. I am choosy for me. No one else can be, this is my life.
  9. I learned I can live alone and love it. I like having a roommate to walk, talk, and share meals with, but I am good with my own company.
  10. My confidence in who I am is growing all the time. I have looked back during this year and compared me to me-from even two years ago-and wow, I am impressed at the growth. Stepping out of my comfort zone has really challenged me and increased my confidence. And I’m far from done.
  11. With a bit of trepidation, I offered my on-going services as a trade early this year to another when she was looking for help. Despite feeling as though I might not be able to keep up or do it the way she wanted, I offered and she gladly accepted my help. I discovered I was wrong. I am quite good at the task and getting better all the time. And best of all, I enjoy it.
  12. I forged a new relationship with my daughter this year and it didn’t devastate me when she chose not to be as close to me as she once was. I am good with┬ábeing me and don’t feel the need to apologize for it to those I love nor change or hide who I am to fit their vision. I love them. That will never change.
  13. I have some really great new friends. Friends I found when I let the true me be seen. These friends are generous with their time and support and companionship.
  14. Decisions are never permanent. Nothing stays the same so I might need to make a different decision. I don’t need to keep to the same decision due to some misguided belief of mine or concern for what someone else might think of me. I can choose differently when my first choice has run its course. That’s been a huge realization and a weight lifted.
  15. I am a temperate weather girl. Temperatures between 50┬░F and 80┬░F are ideal for me, but ten degrees either way is okay. Anything else, I feel very cold or I overheat and feel sick. I want to live in a temperate zone.
  16. I may be doing the ascension dance slower than some, but this year I have learned to accept the part of me that does things one measured step at a time. I have to do things at my own pace. It’s not wrong. I’m simply me, doing me, at my own unique pace.

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