Wisom from Eloheim and the Council

Below is a sample of the incredible teachings from Eloheim and the Council during many different meetings over the years. Each council member came in to help us through the ascension we are currently experiencing and each has their own focus. I list them in the order they usually appear in during the meetings.

If only one sentence that you read gives you goosebumps or feels like it hits home and causes you to have a new perspective, then that’s awesome. You’ve bumped up a bit in your vibration. If it all reads like, ho-hum, whatever, that’s cool, too.


Guardians (who do energetic work at the beginning):

*Energetically you can release without having to understand or know or even examine  everything that comes off.

You can trust your energetic and physical systems to collaborate on the opportunity for a discharge of that which is no longer serving you energetically.


*This moment is the place where things can happen. The only place, the only place anything is going on is right now. And now. And now.

The doorway is the moment.

Move through the door of the moment. That is the way.

When you’re tempted to be in the past and the future remember that that can give you nothing that is not available in the moment.



Visionaries (who hold the entire vision of this Earth experiment and beyond)

*We are the reflection of your internal yearning, your internal desire, and your internal readiness—readiness for transformation—because you could not appear in this work without an internal readiness for a new experience.


*Part of what is the conundrum for you about emanation is that you are uncomfortable with the completeness of you.

What you fear is walking in this world as the completeness of you.
You start to get attention in ways you hadn’t gotten it before, and for a lot of people that’s very scary as well.

The actual vibrational rate of the cells in your body are shifting and when that happens, you become something other than what you are now.

So you have to face your fears and transform them in order to reach the bliss state. That’s a given.

So it is our encouragement tonight that you walk into the way of being in the world that facilitates you owning your energetic.

With owning the places that you feel embarrassed, ashamed, and confused about. Owning them, respecting them as the teachers they’ve been, accepting them as a starting point and then growing from that acceptance. 


*And we’ll tell you, at the bottom of the shadow there’s a couple of things primarily that you’re going to find and it’s fear of getting dead and the need for certainty, which of course then is supposed to keep you from getting dead. 


Eloheim (the original energy that came through Veronica and is the main teacher)

*Earth is not for sissies. Earth is not for wimps. It’s not. It’s an experiment in density with free will.


*The ultimate exploration is the Creator—you might like to say God, the Universe, the Universal Energy, the Prime Mover, whatever you like—said, “Who am I?” and that’s why you’re here. 


*Know you’re a whole being on a journey of discovery, of growth, and that as that whole being you can interact with another whole being, and together you create a third thing that is something more magnificent than the two of you could create individually.

As a soul you’re never looking around for someone to finish you off.

As a soul you have no disillusions about your sense of wholeness or who you are.

What you have is a completion—a feeling of completion that then allows growth. You start complete and you grow from completion.

A soul says, “I’m complete.” I’m complete and yet I seek, and that’s the most fabulous aspect of being a soul—feeling the sense of completion yet knowing there’s also more.

When you’re living from the soul’s perspective you’re living from the perspective that says, “I’m complete. And I seek.


*It’s very, very, very, very, very important for you to start recognizing a deep truth. The media is not designed to inform you of anything.

And if you don’t become really conscious of the information you receive and be neutrally observant you’re going to be asked to buy into the way things are reported and the way things are reported are the lowest vibrational way possible—because if they can trigger your survival instinct they can get your money. 


The Girls (here to teach us that we are loveable and how to do it, no matter what we believe)

*And we remind you, you can’t have change without something changing.So if you’re desiring, desiring, desiring change, and change happens, you have to roll with the change. That’s the kindness that you do to yourself.

Roll with the change. Resistance to change is like the branch snapping in the breeze. Let’s bend with the wind and experience a changed state.


*The barrier from you loving yourself is that you know everything about you and that makes you think that there’s a reason why you shouldn’t love yourself.

You know everything about you, therefore, you have the possibility to love yourself more.

Loving yourself well is your primary responsibility. Everything comes from loving yourself well, really.

Ascension comes from loving yourself well because then you love yourself enough to live in the moment.

You see, if you don’t love yourself well the moment is a scary place because you’re afraid of your own company.

So whatever you think that if somebody knew they wouldn’t love you, that’s the first place you want to do your spiritual work.


*Part of what helps you with that “I am not worthy” is recognizing that “I am part of All,” or “I am All.”

So, the sun shines on all, all are worthy. The moon lights up the night for all, all are worthy. The stars scatter themselves across the heavens for all, all are worthy.

You don’t have to do something perfect in order to be the one that gets something. It’s just: you are; what is, is.

Simply by taking a breath you have earned your place here. Every heartbeat is the only requirement for existence on this plane. You don’t have to do anything special to have your spot. And that’s really very, very vital for you all to remember. 



The Warrior (exactly what you think)

*You’re strong and courageous and we are proud to stand next to you. 

*You hold the energy of the Warrior within you. The Warrior does not solely exist for mayhem. The warrior has a sense of duty, has a sense of righteousness, has a sense of honor, has a sense of camaraderie, has a sense of the greater picture being more important than the individual story. 


Fred (a silly name for an enormous, galactic, sometime silly energy who wants to teach us fractals and more)

*As a soul you desired to come here to experience density and duality and to do a series of incarnations to give yourself the opportunity to experience something that’s never been experienced before, which is to live from your soul’s perspective while living in the physical form.



The Matriarch (always ends the meetings wrapping us in energetic hugs and deep love)

*And we want to remind you that you are not alone on the journey. Not only are you here with each other but you’re here with us, and we walk with you at all times.


*We can only meet you in the place where love is. We can only meet you in the place where you respecting, enjoying, and appreciating yourself is.


Carry your love up front. Let it be the first part of you that anyone sees. Let it be the truth of you that you walk. Let the respect you have for your beingness be who you know you are.


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Eloheim and the Council website


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