What Is to Come

If you find yourself now and then considering the fate of our country (the US) and the world and feeling like it’s not heading in a good direction, listen to this channeling all the way through. It is actually two channelings in one, a short one and a longer one. In the second one, Kryon speaks again of fractal time, expectations, worthiness, physics, predictions, and wild cards. I found it super interesting.

“If you change something in the circle of time, you re-write the future.” Kryon

Now, I am not a fan of the current president-elect, our latest wild card, his prejudices, or what comes out of his mouth, but this channel is fascinating in it’s exploration of the potential path and what we avoided in not choosing the other candidate. Should be a very interesting year next year and it’s important to not prejudge or predict disasters. We need to hold the Light of God within ourselves and stay out of fear.

“Little things change big things. Big things change even bigger things.” Kryon

Shine your Light, be a butterfly and flap your wings. Send loving and positive waves outward. Think of the beautiful hurricanes we can create with our combined wings of Light!

“What is the order you’re going to place? Physics is on your side.” Kryon


2 responses

  1. What he says in the last 10 mins about “placing your order” and “more wild cards coming” is exactly what the Pleiadians said this week in a message I heard. Wow. I feel like a kid in a candy store…gonna write my Christmas list!


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