Hold the Vision. Persevere.

After more than a week of feeling extremely sad, weepy, and overwhelmed-for many reasons-today I finally gave into the need for a spiritual session with someone. 

Not only have I felt the collective’s emotions running rampant in my personal field this past week, I have been unable to react or proceed constructively in the face of others’ vociferous beliefs and reactions following the election. The unkindnesses and judgments coming from all directions right now are so strongly felt in my own body that I frequently have to remind myself to clear my energy. I wake up sad and anxious when I didn’t go to sleep that way. Who’s going to flip out on/near me today I might wonder? All of this is happening in conjunction with coming to terms with my own feelings. And since I do not want to add to the negativity or invite opportunities to be blasted, along with feeling confused and sad, I am also quiet.

During the session I asked what could I do to promote a positive and helpful energetic in the collective, something that would help me feel better, too. I know change starts with me so I have to tend to what’s in my lap, but what can I do that will make a difference? In passing, I mentioned that kindness is vitally important to me, that it was something I daily emphasized with my kids and my daycare kids. Lightbulb! There is something I can do. I can focus on practicing and promoting kindness while verbally expressing my motivations for doing so. I can do that.

I came away feeling lighter and with a new purpose.

As if in response to my seeking guidance today, immediately after the session I received a lovely act of kindness in the form of an unexpected free gift, accompanied by a smile, from a business in town.

And two hours later, I saw the post from Tom Kenyon that I am sharing below (there are no accidents!). If I wish to create a kindly, mindful, and loving timeline, I need to match that vibration, live in this state, and lock it down. Got my work cut out for me. 🙂

(the italics below are mine) 



The first step is to identify the timeline you wish to create, that you wish to live in. In this case it is a timeline of loving kindness. The second step is to move into the vibrational state that matches the timeline. In this case, it is the feeling state of loving kindness, so you would, yourself, reside in this state as much as you are capable of. By this we mean you would exhibit loving kindness to others and to yourself.The third step is locking in the vibrational field, so it does not waver. This is an important aspect of jumping timelines because the old vibrational state has a life of its own. Just because you have chosen to create a new timeline and have stepped into a vibrational state that matches the timeline, is not a guarantee that the timeline will manifest or continue. You must lock the vibrational field in place, for this is what sustains your access to the new timeline.

The first two steps involve your sovereign will. You choose a timeline you want to experience. You choose a vibrational state that matches the timeline. And in the third step—locking in the vibrational state—you use the second treasure of your nature: your capacity to feel. By feeling the vibrational state you wish to be in, you amplify it; you strengthen it. And if you also include a coherent emotional state such as appreciation or gratitude for the vibrational reality, you will hasten its birth. This simple act of appreciating, or feeling gratitude, for the new timeline catalyzes its reality in ways that boggle the mind. So it is that the two treasures of your nature are joined together in these three steps. The next step requires your sovereign will again.

You must persevere, to hold the vision of the new timeline and the vibrational state, regardless of what your senses are telling you. This is the passage where many fail. The manifesting of a new timeline into your three-dimensional reality requires accumulated energy. If you persist in holding the vision of the new timeline, with the vibrational field (or feeling of it), along with gratitude for it already existing, you will accumulate energy.

Tom Kenyon.


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