They Don’t Create Your Reality

I listened to this audio in July but I needed to hear it again tonight. Staying conscious and not feeling/feeding the fear has been a constant work these last few months, and in particular, during the last few days. I know the fear I feel is about jumping to an imagined outcome. And for me, it doesn’t matter who is elected Tuesday, neither candidate is my preference and both feel like unwanted paths.

I have woken up several times with an unexpected knot in my stomach in the last week. When I wake like that, I know the feelings are not all mine, that I am taking in the collective’s main emotional climate. Fear. So, when I wake, I have to do some conscious breathing to release those feelings. I remind myself to stay in the present and reinforce my neutral observation skills. And then I remember that I create my own reality.

Often over the past year I have just wanted to bury my head in the sand about this election and this country’s potentials. I don’t want to do this anymore! I think. I want it to go away. All the fighting, divisions, unkindnesses, malice, it’s too much! I remember when I was really young and had no idea about the adult world and the subtleties that went on. I just accepted life at face value. Being a little kid who has no clue about any of it sounds kind of nice sometimes. My daughter likes to say, “Adulting is hard.” I say, being an adult growing an evolved consciousness is challenging, too. And we know too much to go backwards into obliviousness. 

So. One step at a time, one moment at a time. I remind my Personality and my brain (or ego, in some teachings) to stay in the Now. Stay with what-is, right now. Stay present in my world, stay in my current moment. Remember my choices affect my world. Start with me. And don’t imagine outcomes. That’s my work.


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