White Wolf Pack

I have been following the water protectors in North Dakota very closely. I feel deeply connected to the people. I feel proud that “my family” is waking up the world. I deeply respect what they are doing in a peaceful manner. I remembered the story of the Rainbow Around the Sun , which has become my most popular post, and the coming together of the peoples of all colors. I watched the videos of the women dancing and had goosebumps and wet eyes. I didn’t know why, really, I felt this way. I don’t know my dna, being one who was adopted with sketchy details about my birth family, but I do know there’s Irish and Native American in me. Although I don’t know the traditions or rituals, I feel connected.

Then tonight I clicked on the link leading to an article that said $2.5 million was donated to free the arrested from jail in North Dakota. My heart stuttered as I saw the header running across the top of the page. 

White Wolf Pack

No wonder!! I know that picture. It’s branded on my heart. Near the beginning of my awakening years ago, I had an extremely vivid dream involving a white wolf. The wolf on the header of this page is the exact image of the one in my dream. In my dream, a wolf appeared and bounded around me and my family as we walked, and at first I was scared. He moved away, and I sat down on the hill with my dog next to me to watch him as he ran around down below us. Suddenly he leaped back up the hill towards me, reached across me and my dog and laid his head on my lap. He was huge, his head filling my lap from knees to hips. He was beautiful. I petted his enormous head and felt his gentle, loving, and protective energy. I woke up still feeling the rough texture of his fur on my hands.

This dream was extremely important to me and I’ve never forgotten it. White wolves became a sign to me of many things, as was the dream. And now here they are in this lifetime, a whole pack of them, standing as protectors (along with many others) for Gaia and humans. To add to the spiritual connections, I became aware around the same time as the dream of another lifetime as a wise woman in a tribe and that my main guide in this lifetime is a no-nonsense Native American. Perhaps this was my pack. I don’t know, but I feel a bit stunned at all the connections. And I love that my wolf is part of the water protector tribe.


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