Shaken AND Stirred

Shaken AND Stirred
by Julie Dittmar
Om shanti, Om shanti, Om shanti, Om. Peace, peace, peace to all.

We are hearing from so many beautiful, sensitive, empathic souls who are feeling everything within and throughout — so very deeply right now. The time leading up to the recent full moon was particularly stirring, and now also in this time of the the waning moon things appear to be both a mixture of shaken and stirred. So many arising emotions, uncomfortable or extra powerful physical sensations, and squirrelly-wild, chaotic, surprising and unexpected experiences are rising to the top of the bubbling pot on the stove.


The theme of this can be encapsulated in the exclamation of “What????!!!!!” What did you just hear, see, feel, experience? Or “You again?” where you get to see how the new, more aware version of yourself reacts to the replay or resurfacing of something that used to trigger you or feel like a big challenge, but this time you notice how you approach it in a whole new way, without the stress, sting, or feeling like you’re being sucked down a drain.

Or maybe you DO get sucked into the emotional ditches again, but this time the time spent there is a quick trip. Maybe instead of a one-way ticket, this time it’s a roundtrip ticket! Yahoo, let us celebrate how well we fell for it again (“Look how awesomely I nailed it! See how talented am I?!”). And let us applaud how quickly we circled back out up into the sunshine.

Without your long-held ideas, can we just be with what’s being felt here right now and face it without turning away from it?

Can we just sit and feel what’s in our experience? Sit and breathe. Sit and chant. Sit with the stirrings. If stories or fears arise — can we love the one who watches, worries, and fears? And return to sit, feel, breathe, and chant. Let there be space from the doing, from the watching, from the wondering, from the “worst case scenario” generating, from opinions, from speculation and projections of a future that isn’t here right now in this moment.

No person, no storyline, no drama, no circumstance can steal away your smile, your happiness, your hope, your faith, your prayers, or the wisdom of your sweet, innocent, and infinitely powerful and wise heart. Can we breathe and remember who we really are — at our most strong, unshakable core?

Let life swirl. If you find you get caught up in a world of appearances, a world of like or dislike, a world of fear, debate, or finger-pointing, please be most gentle with yourself. That is when you, and everyone else deserves “more love, not less.” You have not failed. It doesn’t mean you are “less spiritual.” It doesn’t mean you’re going backwards or are not evolving. It just means you are having a moment where more love can be offered to your heart, and if you are in a place to give it — also sending some love and blessings to humanity and the planet.

Is this how an awakening world is “supposed to look?” Apparently so, because it does. Is this how “I should be feeling or reacting? I don’t like this.” Apparently so, because you are. Everything is lining up and conspiring perfectly for each of us to wake up out of habitual thought patterns, old or unhelpful beliefs we have outgrown, and actions that somehow no longer feel fun, nourishing, mindful, or congruent with how we truly desire to live in the world.

Bravo, Life. As always, hats off to you. You are too clever for words. Let me just silently smile, applaud, and celebrate your sometimes subtle, and other times hurricane forces that blow in the winds of change. Whether we willingly offer up what we are holding in our hands, of Life rips it from our hands in one glancing blow, our hands are then open and free to receive more of Life’s love, grace, and healing wisdom.

We love you!

Just a reminder that the Global Oneness Day is coming up tomorrow. Please join by listening to Matt on their spirituality panel. The details are listed below.


Peace, love, and blessings to all,

Julie & Matt
Matt Kahn and Julie Dittmar

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