Changing Perspective

I know I have several readers who are part of the E tribe so they will have already seen the Eloheim sharings. I feel so strongly that these are important to share so you will see more of them here. ❤


Changing perspective. That’s the energetic focus at this time. Seeing the same “thing” from a new vantage. As we have said, acknowledge you have left boot camp. Trainees see their training as a series of graded challenges to master. Graduates know that the real job rarely, if ever, resembles the controlled environment of training.

You are tempted to approach real life looking for places to repeat your training exercises. Instead you use the skills honed in controlled settings to apply in the now moment of infinite possibilities. If you continue to look for a repeated training exercise, that is all you will find.

Rely on the strengths you have developed, the tools you have learned, and your growing connection to your soul’s insight to respond to anything you encounter. You don’t run an obstacle course in training expecting to find that same course in your occupation. You run the course to develop a skill set applicable to all sorts of things.

If you want certainty about “those” things you must stick to the training course. How you face the uncertainty of life, how you apply your tools to it, how you work with your soul’s perspective in that moment, in short – how you navigate the now moment – this is our focus.

The training mindset must be left behind to fully embrace this moment.

Learn how to use the reality of uncertainty to support your evolution!


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