This and That

The  closer this election gets, the more work I have to do, the more conscious I must remain in order to not take in the collective’s fears. I feel it and then I think, why do I feel this way? I didn’t a minute ago! Or I was sleeping, why do I feel afraid? Because it’s not mine! So I clear it out and regain the calmness and peace that resides in my center. I never realized before how much of a sponge I was. 

The family has spent the last few weekends moving my daughter out of her apartment into her new place almost two hours away. This weekend was moving furniture. Next weekend will be all the little stuff that’s left and cleaning. We spent the whole time saying, how did you acquire so much stuff?? My car is full of things to donate and she already threw out and donated bags and bags. Amazing how we humans like to hang onto old things and buy new ones and stockpile!

My college grandson showed up Friday night. What an awesome surprise to see him walk through my door! We had a great chat and he even hugged me several times over the weekend. He’s growing up. Speaking of growing, the boy has filled out and holy cow, grown an inch since he left in August! He hasn’t grown since 9th grade. He looks great with a little meat on his bones and he is very to be his own boss. He stayed the night and helped out Saturday with the moving. So great to see him.

Weather is cool at nights and still warmer in the daytime but that changes from day to day here. Been a few days where I wanted to wear long johns lol. Soon it will be cold all the time if it follows old patterns. But hey, we are in the new energy so who knows what’s going to happen?

I am missing my Boquete tribe and activities, but I look around at my family here and like being with them as well. I will go back to Panama in January for the worst of the weather and return here probably around June. No decisions on anything have been made. I really like traveling and I get antsy after being still for so long. I will for sure honor that part of me that enjoys traveling around as long as it fits my needs.

Still no car, but I am not actively looking. Too much other stuff going on to pursue it at this point and the ones I did check out were duds. My current car just needs to keep itself together until I figure this out! It may not happen until I return next spring.

Well I need to head to my job. Have a great day everyone. Blessings.




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