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This is a newsletter from an American friend who has lived in Panama for years, is extremely intuitive, and an animal trainer and communicator. She leads whale and dolphin watching tours in her adopted home. I love hearing messages and learning from the whales and the other sea creatures that she communicates with. I have had a trip with her on my bucket list since I arrived in Panama! 



I hope everything is wonderful in your world today.  Our Humpback whale watching season here in Panama is coming to an end, two more weeks of the official season.  I love the end of the season because the whale calves are growing independent and oh so playful. The babies put on such a fun show, showing off their beautiful bodies with spectacular displays of tail lobbing, pectoral fin slapping and breaching over and over again.  Now is when they also show the most curiosity in our boats. This last week we were observing a mother, calf and escort whale and they literally swam big circles around us several times. At one point there were two other boats also enjoying the whales and the whales made a clear choice to swim close to each boat successively.  I love how they include each boat and are very diplomatic with themselves.

One of my favorite parts of whale watching is not watching anything, but listening to their mystical song.  We use a hydrophone to listen to the whale song.  If we are close enough, it is easy to hear the whale’s singing through the hull of the boat on the surface, but my favorite place to listen to this enchanting song is by diving in and floating on the surface.

A few days ago, with the same mother, calf and escort group, we suddenly heard singing so loud we could all easily hear it on the boat with the motor running.  We turned off the motor and enjoyed the concert.  Then at one point the whale was singing some high notes and I could literally feel them vibrating in my heart!  I was standing in the boat without the hydrophone, hearing it just with my own ears.  It was a physical feeling in my heart, and nearly brought me to tears.  Interestingly, it was clearly the escort who was singing, as there were no other whales in the area.  This is quite unusual as the male whales normally always sing when they are alone. So it got me wondering about their song, so I decided to ask them about their song for today’s newsletter.

Whale Song

Humpback whales are known for their mysterious songs. The males are the ones who sing, and often do so hanging vertical and face down in the water. The songs last about 20-30 minutes long. The songs are only sung in the breeding areas. The fascinating part is that all the males in one region sing the exact same song, and males in other regions, such as Hawaii or Australia sing a different song. Each year the song changes a bit.

 Scientists do not know why the whales sing.  It was first thought to be used by the males to attract the females, but the females tend to ignore the singing males.  It may be some kind of male bonding activity, because if one male is singing, often times other males in the area also start to sing too.

Today, I thought I would ask the whales themselves to tell us;

Why the Humpback whales sing.

– “Why do we sing?  Some say we are working with the ley or grid lines of the Earth and that is true. We usually sing in a vertical position with our head down pointed at the bottom.  We are focusing our song into the ley lines.  We send our song into these lines to recognize, honor them, to show our gratitude and to help energize these lines.  You should also acknowledge and sing your song to the Earth, for by doing so the Earth will hear you and learn how to support, feed and protect you better.  You have become very disconnected from the Earth.”

– “By caring for the grid lines of the planet, the planet takes better care of us in supplying all we need to live and thrive.  The grid lines are like the energetic life blood of the planet.  They carry energy and information to every corner of the Earth.  If they are blocked it throws off the entire planet.  It is a huge honor for us to be the keepers of the ley lines on Earth.”

– “We usually only sing in the breeding areas because these areas are equatorial and the energy we put into the grid lines at the center line of the Earth can easily spread to the rest of the planet.”

Interesting Image

 Singing male Humpback whale on the Silver Bank.

“Another very important reason that we sing is to prepare our new babies for their lives in the world’s oceans. We males do the singing and it is our way of contributing so much more than our dna to our offspring.  

– “We sing to our newly conceived babies to raise their vibration to a high and multi-dimensional level so that when they are born they only need to be reminded through our song, that they are high level multi-dimensional beings and not just physical animals.”

– “Without our song our young would not be able to grow up to continue our interdimensional work with the grid lines and sharing our wisdom with humanity.”


Interesting Image

 Mother and calf Humpback whales in the Pearl Islands, Panama.

– “The tones of our songs are designed to vibrate in the body of the listener and raise the frequency of their physical matter to a state that they are easily able to live interdimensionally.  In other words, our song helps to open up your chakras, release emotional blocks, fears, tensions and helps to open up your telepathic abilities to communicate with each other and all life in a much clearer way.”

– “We sing to the Earth, we sing to our babies and sometimes we sing to you too. Especially to those humans who want to truly know us.” 

– “Our song changes each year as the world changes, especially from the state of Mother Earth and among you humans.  Our song is geared each year to prepare our young ones in how to live and to help heal the planet and what the Earth needs at the exact moment they are born.  As the Earth shifts and changes, so does our song.”

– “Our song is also a celebration of who we are and our gratitude for Being Whale in service to all life on Earth.” 

To hear a Humpback whale song
This is a Humpback song I recorded a few weeks ago during a Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreat in the Pearl islands of Panama.  You will hear the main singer and then a number of other whales singing in the background.  I suggest meditating with this mystical music of the Humpback whale.
Click here to hear another Humpback whale song that I also recorded in the Pearl Islands in 2013.  See if you can hear the difference between the song above from 2016 and this one from 2013.
Interesting Image

Here is a video of a Humpback whale singing. Click the image above to watch this video.


Come hear the Humpback whales sing while swimming nearby!
Join noted Interspecies Communicator and Soul Healer, Laurie Reyon and myself, Whale Wisdom Expert and Dolphin Energy Healer, Anne Gordon de Barrigón on this trip of a lifetime. You will spend 7 nights and 6 days living on board our private yacht on the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic surrounded by Humpback whales. Each day you will go out to see and swim with these majestic beings who graciously allow you to observe them in the warm tropical waters. Watch mothers with curious calves, observe the mating rituals and float immersed in the sounds of the male Humpback’s mystical song. Laurie and Anne will lead meditations and share communications from the whales to help you connect with them on the spiritual level after spending the day meeting them face to face in their ocean home.
January 21-28, 2017 on the Silver Bank,
Dominican Republic.
Only 6 spaces available on this trip.  


 For more information and to book your trip to swim with and hear the Humpback whale song in person.
I hope you have enjoyed this week’s Whale and Dolphin Wisdom newsletter and feel free to share it with your friends who love whales and dolphins too.
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Whale Blessings,


Anne Gordon de Barrigón


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