Your Truth Is Not Mine.

I am a work in progress. Even with all that I have learned over the last fifteen years about myself, the healing and growth I’ve done, and the numerous tools in my spiritual toolbelt, I still feel stung now and then by what someone says to me about me or to me personally. 

Someone expresses their opinion about what I’ve said or done, and for a moment, or even for longer than a moment, I feel  stung by their opinions and statements. About me. About how I choose to express myself.

Now sometimes I reexamine and make a different choice. Their statement has some validity. But it is still an opinion. Sometimes I disagree and go on my merry way, undisturbed. And sometimes I spend way too long in my head disagreeing with them. The conversation is long over and I’m still replaying it on my brain’s personal hamster wheel, going over the conversation and trying to figure out how I could have done/said it differently and worrying that I offended someone. 

One of my favorite Eloheim tools, after I get past the initial sting, uses the example of someone telling you you have ugly pink hair but your hair is blue. Do you take that on as your truth? No. Your hair is blue. Just because someone says something about you, it is not your truth to take onboard. Their opinion is just that, and maybe it is their own personal truth, but it has nothing to do with you.

Have had to remind myself of this many times this summer. Statements and opinions and expectations from others have stung. Yet, I know myself better than anyone else. I know my truth. To them I say, I’m sorry you feel offended or dismayed or whatever, that’s your choice to feel that way. My intentions are never to do that. My choices are simply not the same as yours. I know my worth and what’s in my heart, and your opinion does not change that.

So, I am taking a deep breath and moving on to the next moment without your baggage.

*This post is not aimed at “you” in particular, it’s a reminder from myself to myself! 



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