The Levels of Consciousness

From Eloheim’s teachings, here is a description of the Levels of Consciousness.

Veronica says: This is from January 2014. We have been learning about the Levels since late 2011. Right now, Eloheim is focused on teaching us about Levels 7-9 (you can see how little there is in this summary about those levels as we barely spoke about them back then).

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Move your issues up the levels. The levels are fluid to begin with, but consciously move them up. We have wanted you to at least default to level 4 but, for 2014, aim to default to level 6. Be honest. It’s deeply empowering to own the level that you’re on.

I: Duality.  A fact of this system. The temptation here is to feel there are only two options. Adversarial systems. (ie Yes/No. Black/White. Right/Wrong. D) To open this up, use the “color with all the crayons” tool to see the other options, to see at least a third way. Do you want to be right or be happy?

2: Victimhood.  This is a sticky place. “Somebody (or something) is doing it to me. I pay the price for their choices. They are controlling me.” You have no power here.

3: I create my reality, and it sucks.  This is a self-victimization; you are a victim of your own creation. “I created this?!? It sucks, therefore I suck. What the hell was I thinking coming here?!” (This is just being mean to yourself. E’s one and only rule…we don’t get to be mean to ourselves! D)

You can roll among these lower three levels very easily. Most humans live within these three levels all their life.

4: I take 100% responsibility for my reactions to my experiences (a better word than ‘creations’). “If it’s here, it’s happening for me”. In this level, you are clear on how you choose to react, and then detach from outcome. Choose and choose again. Since you’re not hiding in level 3, being in level 4 creates a new foundation for you. You are not in resistance to what is.

5: This trigger is mine. This is the Warrior level; it’s fierce. You make a deliberate choice to not distract yourself from the charge of the trigger. In fact, you use the charge as fuel to allow a revelation of what’s there. “This is my first choice. I don’t want to be anyplace else”. You understand that triggers can be hand-holds on the wall of ascension. (Turn towards the trigger and face it, own it. See what it’s telling you. D)

Levels 4 and 5 tend to be a combination.

6: What trigger? This level can’t be forced into. It’s more a situation of achieving a certain critical-mass. You don’t feel the trigger anymore and instead ask: “what else is here?” There’s no disruption to your state of being. This is a non-adrenaline, non-fear-based, state – so it can feel boring. You start to look for what you haven’t been able to see before, because you were in a triggered reaction. You start to explore fascination.

7: It’s all me.

8: Watch it move.

9: Choiceless choice. This is a level of vulnerability. “I can’t choose away from this thing that I don’t really understand, can’t explain, can’t defend.” (Note: Vulnerability† is not a flaw or a weakness. It’s allowing yourself to be who you are. D)


*Note from me: Learning about the levels of consciousness has helped me change how I see the world and how I live in the world. I definitely started out deep in victimhood. I usually maintain anywhere from Level 6 to 7 to 8 now (working on Level 9) and am aware when I drop into the other ones. I don’t choose to stay there long as I use my tools to change them or ask for help to get out of them or yes, even, get called on them by my fellow students. The levels are fluid, as Eloheim says, so dropping into one or the other is not unusual, it’s how I handle them using Eloheim tools with my new perspective that is completely different.

If you have questions, I’ll do my best to answer them. 🙂


†Here’s a bit about vulnerability from Eloheim:

What do you think of when we say the word vulnerability? Many people will think, weakness. However, we believe that the audience for these messages knows better.

Vulnerability is strength.

To access that strength you must assume a neutral, even passive seeming, stance. That’s where the “equal sign” to weakness tries to creep in.

Neutrality opens you to the strength of vulnerability by hindering your habit of “I know everything about this situation, I know what to do, I am ready to act now based on old patterns and an old version of me.”

Standing in the “I don’t know” place connects you to the moment as you must explore what is really happening in order to respond authentically. Authentic response arises from connection to now without preconceived notions about what is going on.

Allow yourself the strength of that, the strength of being vulnerable enough to “not know” so that you can explore the more of the opportunity of this moment.

Vulnerability isn’t as much about laying down defenses between you and others. It’s about choosing the stance of “I don’t know what is truly here” and abiding in the discomfort that the survival instinct throws up. Remember, the survival instinct isn’t a fan of you being in the moment. It wants to think about the past and plan for the future with a singular focus on staying alive.

Experiencing the discomfort of exploring “I don’t know” of being vulnerable is unlikely to feel “natural” to you. You have been programmed to believe “I don’t know” is weak. In reality it requires commitment to choose and choose again to be vulnerable with others and within yourself.

Boundaries are important in this exploration. Just because you are willing to explore “I don’t know” doesn’t mean “anything goes” You still want to be clear on what is acceptable to you in your interactions.

Vulnerability connects you to infinite possibilities which gives you more choices. It opens you to insight from your soul which adds more texture. It allows you to see the more that the moment offers. Be willing to neutrally “not know.” Be willing to be vulnerable.


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