Know Yourself

“The Core of Shadow Work is this: To KNOW YOURSELF FULLY, from as many angles as are required, in order that you might dare to let yourself go free. Being neither judge, jury, prosecutor, nor defender—you give no explanations, nor do you require any. You are AT HOME in your place between the sun and the moon.”

~The Reconnections

Daniel Jacob


“You can’t hold someone’s darkness so they can find their light.” this may be helpful to remember in the coming days, I think the next few days are going to be very hard for some people. The intense excavation energies of the next few days will bring out a lot of deep seated emotions such as shame, fear, self judgment, self criticism, doubt, and regret. You may inadvertently trigger someone and wonder why they are so upset or angry and you have no idea what they are talking about or why they are so angry. You just brought up the darkest of their darkness. The best thing to do is not engage, let them process it on their own and fight their own demons. You don’t have any insight into these matters which may involve this and many lifetimes of tough emotions rising to the surface now.
Just remember you can hold a space for light but you cannot hold someone’s darkness. Shine on now, it may get a little tough in the next few days.

I think this week’s eclipse on the 18th, whether it’s an ‘almost’ eclipse or not, is driving people crazy. I have heard some very weird things from people who sound like they are going out of their minds. I had to step out of a conversation because it was so inconsistent with what I knew the person was actually feeling and thinking, it was like talking to a stick figure and none of it made any sense. It’s going to be a wild couple of days I think.

~Jennifer Hoffman


We live in a society where an enormous number of what we call ‘suppressive agents’ are around us. Our media corporations give us ridiculously high aspirations. So let’s start with magazines. Models are all over magazines. You don’t tend to see the everyday person on the cover of a magazine and it really helps support this idea that we’re not enough. We’re not good enough. And if you can distract someone as to how not good enough they are for long enough, they’ll never uncover how good they are. So it’s a very clever suppression agent to someone’s authentic power. This is why working with your own self judgment becomes a practice until you get to the place where, either through age or through an enormous experience in your life, you get over the idea of self judgment.

Clearing out self judgment is a really important practice. And the truth about self judgment is, it’s all self-oriented. So even if your friend says to you, “You know, you’re a really terrible person,” you have to agree with them to make that a real horror to you. Yeah, you might be disappointed that they said that or they didn’t see you because you don’t feel you are a terrible person. The truth is, for anyone to wallop you with that kind of statement, they’ve got their own stuff going on anyway.

But when you get to the point where you no longer feel like you will take on their attacking and unsupportive words, you will walk away and go “Wow! I would never call someone a terrible person because that’s a bit like condemning them forever.”

– From Authentic Power

Lee Harris


All the teachers are sharing the same theme…the gist of which is to know yourself without judgment, and refrain from taking on the responsibility for others’ baggage. In this intense energy, knowing yourself and your truth while holding your center will be what carries you through. And remember, don’t claim another’s baggage, emotions, and energies as your own!


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