Stay Vigilant

When you allow your inner soul to shine through, with great love, you are allowing others to do the same.

When you shrink yourself – you tend to shrink others.

When you truly serve from the depths of your heart, soul and Being, you will do what needs to be done, without comparing yourself with others, without wanting to compete: – for truly there is no need for all of that, for we all have our own special place and special role to fulfill at soul level, under the Great Central Suns.

(Judith Kusel)


Dreamtime has been unusually quiet for me lately. I have always had lots of dreams and wonderful messages through them so I felt a little like something was missing lately. Was it quiet because I didn’t have any special needs that my dreams fulfilled? This last week or so my sleep has been full of dreams, some of them very violent and disturbing, and others simply busy, busy, full of people and activity. I haven’t taken much note of, except to wake up and wonder why I am dreaming of violence.

However, this dream (with no violence) held a clear message and so I thought I’d share it with you. It had me puzzling over the meaning for a bit. I didn’t write it down when I woke so details are fuzzy except for this one scene that stuck in my head.

I was in a house with lots of others and I had offered my room for someone else to sleep in, temporarily. When I went upstairs, this person had started redecorating it. They were repainting and putting some stuff on the walls. I looked around dismayed and said, Hey, this is MY room, why are you repainting, it looked great! Now it looks just like it did before!

When I woke up, I took this dream at face value and thought it was just funny. A few hours later, the truth hit me.

I am currently back in my old stomping grounds for a few months. It’s very easy to slide into old habits and old expectations, mine and others, while I am here. I am being reminded by my soul/higher self in this dream not to let others tell me who I am. Not to let others I allow in my life to cover over or ignore the growth and the work I’ve done on myself (my room). These others prefer I return to my “old” self, instead of enjoying and interacting with the me I currently am. So, I am being given a “heads up, pay attention, no backsliding!” notice from my inner being! Current me is to remain visible and in use.

Message received. I am grateful for the reminder.


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