Mistakes and Perspectives

Beautiful Mistakes

In retrospect, it may seem like some of your life decisions were huge mistakes.  The time and effort it took to recover from them felt as if they went on forever.  Today, you are invited to change your perspective on those decisions.

Think back on those moments…..what did you learn from them?  What emotions did you experience?  When the waves of discomfort stopped, how did you feel?  Please remember that each of those experiences was/is a teaching tool.  Without them, you would not be where you are today and that, in and of itself, is beautiful and amazing! ~ Creator


Nothing is a mistake. It’s an opportunity for growth. We learn from everything we create and experience.

Chaos precedes change.

At this point in the US electron process, I haven’t yet reconciled how I feel about the candidate of my heart’s choice not being in the position I dreamt of with what is being shown to us in the media. It feels like a mistake. And yet, it’s not. It just IS. Obviously, there is more going on than I am aware of, both in humanity and in the non-physical world, and I have no idea how this will all play out.

Spirit just said to me, “It requires trust in the trajectory of higher consciousness.”

This is a huge learning situation for all of us. For me, staying out of outcome focus about the other candidates and the rest of the world is important, it simply feeds my fears a Thanksgiving feast. Mass consciousness is rising and can’t be ignored anymore so I choose to focus there. The wave of higher consciousness is affecting everyone, despite what seems like current signs to the contrary.

Change is slow and sometimes invisible to the human eye, until the tipping point comes.

As I continue to choose again and again to pivot to my knowings, to my center, to my higher consciousness rather than run the hamster wheel with my fears and survival instincts, I change myself and the collective consciousness. The center of my own being and my emanation has to be where my focal point remains. It’s my biggest influence on the world. Let those waves of higher consciousness ripple outward instead of my fears.

So, what am I going learn about myself from this experience?


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