When You Create Your Reality

When You Create Your Reality ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

By sending out a vibrational signal into this universe, you are doing so much more than creating your reality. You are assisting others in co-creating a better reality for everyone. So even if you are only intending to create a better experience for yourself, you of course do not live in a vacuum. You live in a holographic universe. So what you intend for yourself, you intend for all others.

This does not mean that you are creating the reality for another who may or may not wish to experience that reality. What it does mean, however, is that those who resonate with the desire that you have to experience a certain reality for yourself are going to benefit. You are helping the collective by helping yourself.

And of course, when you intend for the collective to have a better future, cleaner air, cleaner water, better food, better governments, you are including yourself. You are operating as a collective now, and you are seeing that every single member of the collective has a role and is being of service in some way. You need not realize at this time what your specific role is in order to enjoy the experience you are having.

So many of you are wondering what you are supposed to do, or what you are supposed to be, but we want to assure you that you are exactly who you are supposed to be and that you will not miss an assignment. So if you want to be of value, if you want to be of service, you can focus upon what it is that you want to create for yourself.

You can show others the way. You can demonstrate to all others how it’s done, how they too can focus on the vibration of the reality that they want to experience and then manifest that reality.

So it is not selfish to want to create for yourself. What is selfish is playing the victim. Playing the victim so that others will feel sorry for you is the ultimate in a selfish act. Taking command of your vibration, accessing your power, and operating as the creator being that you truly are is of service and is of value to all others.

Recognize yourselves as big players in the shift in consciousness for the entire human collective. Because if you are aware and awake enough to know that you can create your reality with your determination, your intent, and your focus upon a particular vibration, then you are one of the ones who is leading the way for all of humanity.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”


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