Enough is Enough

With Monday’s Full Moon (20 June) on the degree of the Galactic Centre, this week is one of closure and new beginnings. Because it involves the Galactic Centre, we are talking about major karmic closure, soul contracts ending, huge chapters of our lives and soul evolutionary path transitioning into new cycles.


This feels like a ‘line in the sand’ kind of week, where you are feeling compelled from within, or being triggered by the outer, to say enough is enough. Maybe you need to change your life somehow, or change something about how you live your life. Maybe this change has been a long time coming, but suddenly something that no longer works or fits feels like an itchy scratchy jumper that you have to fling off once and for all.


The Galactic Centre, and the sign it is in of Sagittarius, is all about a search for truth.


Authentic truth, raw truth, vulnerable truth.


Personal truth. Greater truth.


Global truth. Collective truth.


Galactic truth.


We are feeling called to find it, live by it, and stand up for it.


The truth in our hearts: love, compassion, empathy, unity.


The truth in our souls: knowing things without knowing how or why we know, remembering our power, remembering why we came here.


At the same time, Mars is stationary direct which means he is spending a lot of time (seemingly) sitting in the one spot (23-24 degrees Scorpio), really making his presence felt. You may be getting your buttons pushed, anger being triggered or assertiveness being awakened. We are seeing in social media right now that everyone is wanting to state their opinion with not much time for hearing anyone else’s. Our inner “I” is being highlighted which can be a healthy thing or a destructive thing when unhealthily expressed.


Right now the Earth is like one of those snow cones where everything looks like it is in chaos and turmoil. It looks like everything is being turned upside down, but really everything is being turned the right way up after a long time of being upside down. This is not an overnight process or even one we will see the end of any time soon.


It is part of the process of a humanity awakening to truth, awakening to what we truly want for ourselves and our children and grandchildren, and awakening to everything that has been stopping us from having that. Be that subconscious beliefs within us, energy around us, or political and shadowy forces pulling the strings influencing every aspect of society.


In the process of what is a massive, global, unstoppable, shift in collective vibration and consciousness, people are quite literally losing their minds, and grasping at whatever continues to make them feel powerful and in control. When you haven’t shifted yourself from within, the higher energy around you doesn’t feel good at all. It has a tendency toamplify everything inside you; good, bad and ugly, truth, potential, pain and wounds.


Even though it may not seem like it, love and truth are becoming the dominant energies on the planet right now. It doesn’t seem like it because love and truth can really push people’s buttons, and make them hold even firmer onto their old, rigid beliefs. It can make a person lash out, it can make whole groups and systems of control feel threatened and respond with force and attempts to dominate. The harsher type responses to the higher energies are not identity indicators of what the higher energies look like, just like the dust cloud in the desert is not an identity indicator of the shiny, fast, red Ferrari that just sped by.


When things feel like too much, it’s a good idea to take a break from social and mainstream media, and do something to make you reconnect to your own inner place of truth, peace and clarity. Spend time with your friends and family. Play with your kids. Get outside in nature. Have a cup of tea. Read a book. Close your eyes and just focus on your breath for a few minutes.


Focus less on the dust clouds, and more on what love and truth are guiding you to do each day.


How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016


2 responses

  1. Dear friend. Thank you so much for this post. 4weeks ago I fell off a ladder and broke my pelvis in 5 places and my sacrum in one. Very very painful and having to learn to walk again. And yesterday my boss (who I loved was on the phone with me when I called to check in). And I told her I might be able to get back to work in the near future. Silence…and she told me she had to hire someone new..after telling me she could keep the shop running and my job would. Be there for me..I do understand her need for the hiring but felt very hurt she didn’t call me first and tell me she had to do it. I would have said I understand and that would have been that. Now I have very hurt feelings ..and this post really resonated with me…maybe things needed to change so I could Make other changes in my life. Thank you again and blessings to you on your new path..hugs Pat


    • Aw Pat, hugs to you for all you’ve been through lately. One thing I’ve learned is that when I don’t pay attention to the small signs my soul sends me, the signs get bigger and bigger. Your fall may have been one of those.
      Her choices were not reflective of you nor a rejection of you. It was based on her own needs. Though it feels crappy, it’s not personal. For you, it’s an indication that change is needed. And you know changes always start on the inside. You’ve changed. You are not the person who had that job, Current You is ready for something else.
      Remember, Eloheim’s first and only rule is not to beat yourself up, “You don’t get to be mean to yourself.” EVER. So don’t wonder what you could have done differently or wrong for this to happen. That’s just being mean to yourself.
      Allow yourself to move through the grieving of the loss but don’t keep re-living it. Riding the hamster wheel, thinking and rethinking the scenario to death, keeps you stuck. “If thinking could have solved it, you would have solved it long ago.” (Eloheim)
      What is, IS. Time to go forward from here, with who you are NOW.
      With love, Dorothy


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