Recovery Time

The last week has been crazy busy for me as I worked to make this place cleaner than it was (after all, I haven’t been here to keep up with any of the maintenance I always used to do) and get it looking like I prefer, and then I prepared a lot of food for my grandson’s graduation party.

At one point, I also began dreading meeting up with my in-laws again – the last few meetings were not pleasant for me at all. I got a knot in my stomach just thinking about it, replaying old stories, this on top of working to get all the tasks done for Saturday, graduation day. After sharing my concerns with my spiritual family and asking for input, I was able to remember that “they don’t get to tell me who I am.” I sank back into the truth of me and back into my center. And I let those thoughts go. Whew.

The day turned out amazing. We had a great time, the food was plentiful and tasty, and all the extended family was pleasant and friendly, contributing not only to the food but the set up and clean up. My grandson even hung around hours longer than I expected. 🙂  The party lasted until almost midnight and that should tell you how much fun they had playing cornhole (google it- it’s similar to horseshoes) and harassing each other. My 84 year-old father-in-law played for a couple of hours for the first time ever, and as a long-time bowler, he showed some serious skills against the young’uns!

Today is the first day I feel like I am functioning properly again after the party. I was totally wiped out Sunday and Monday, body and mind too tired to process anything! After years of focusing on my spiritual growth, for me not to have the slightest draw to read or ponder it for almost three weeks is unheard of, not that I could make sense of it anyway. Fortunately, I have a solid foundation already under me to fall back on while I was busy, so anything my teachers introduced or talked about during that time could wait until I was ready again.

My daughter’s recovery from her surgery was challenging for her and much more painful than she anticipated, but finally she is feeling much better and has a little more energy than she did even a week ago. She looks good and is happily eating a bit more variety, though in smaller quantities, her system can’t handle much at one time yet.

Today has been a catch-up day for me now that my brain is functioning clearly again. Soon, I have to make concrete plans for my July visit to Vermont where I’ll visit a friend and also meet up with my Canadian friend who went to Panama with me but had to leave earlier. Think I’ll take another day or so before I start on all that though……

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Blessings.





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