Ikigai diagram

I am finding this diagram extremely fascinating so I thought I’d share it here. I have begun working with it to see what insights come out of it for me. I have lots of things I love and lots that I am good at. Not finding much I currently get paid for lol. Past, yes. Now. No. And what the world needs? Hmmm. Love and compassion and kindness, is that considered a cause? Anyway. See what you think.

Ikigai: Finding your Reason for Being

IkigaiWhat is your ikigai?

What is Your Ikigai?

Take a moment to draw your own version of the overlapping circles of the ikigai symbol and consider the following:

  • What do you Love? What aspects of your life bring you into your heart and make you come alive?
  • What are you Great at? What unique skills do you have that come most naturally to you? What talents have you cultivated and what do you excel at even when you aren’t trying?
  • What Cause do you believe in? What breaks your heart or pulls at your gut? What change would you most love to create in the world? What would you give your life for?
  • What do people Value and pay you for? What service, value or offering do you bring, or could you bring, that brings real value to others? Something people need and are happy to pay for or share some value in exchange?

Ikigai: Finding your Reason for Being


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