The unsubscribe button has gotten a workout lately.

Feeling prolific this morning so here’s another post.

You know what I found still sneakily lurking in me? I don’t even recognize it when I’m doing it because it’s so habitual. Information gathering. I recently realized this as I perused my emails. I have way too many emails. And I don’t open most of them.

Eloheim has been teaching to this aspect of us recently, about how we big-brainers have a tendency to be information gatherers. From a conference call summary I wrote up: “If you’re one of those people who have read every book, watched every video, and followed a myriad of different teachers on any or all subjects that interest you, then you are what Eloheim terms “an information gatherer.” There are ramifications to being an information gatherer, including how it leads to our favorite familiar sufferings, uncertainty, and being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information we have gathered. This usually leads to not knowing how to use said information before we give up and move on to the next piece or teacher.”

So for me, that has meant sign up for the next summit, download the next free book, read a new-to-me spiritual teacher, subscribe to the newest find’s newsletter, check out an unfamiliar website, try the latest meditation, etc. There’s just too much available “information” out there to tap into. It’s like a magnet, I am drawn to it. Something new? I must check it out. Then there’s another part of me that says, ooh I might miss something if I let someone go so maybe I shouldn’t leave an old teacher! FOMO all of it, right? Fear of missing out?

Thing is, I sign up or download, then rarely listen to or read the information. Because I am aware I have that information already. It’s regurgitating old stuff for me. Or I know I don’t need to be “cleared” anymore or need another new process. Or I’ve outgrown the teacher, I’ve changed. Or it’s just too much for me to take in, too many different avenues, too many methods, too many concepts, all leading me on too many paths. It’s too much.

I get scattered and unfocused.

It’s become clear to me I need to become more selective. Just as I have with the people in my life, I need to be choosy and pay attention to what and who is really important to me and to let the rest go. I currently cannot pursue it all in this human form. I may want it all, but my mind and body go on overload, shut down, and then neither wants to process anything.

All of which has led to the decision to lighten my inbox load. Over the last few months I have begun unsubscribing, one at a time, from most everything I thought at some point I wanted to receive or be included in. Somehow I ended up on lists for reasons I don’t even remember and for that matter, with people I can’t even remember! I unsubscribed from newsletters I have received for years and no longer feel resonance with-sometimes having to unsubscribe more than once-it’s like they don’t believe that I no longer want to receive their materials! And I released weekly or daily messages I have no enthusiasm for anymore, if I ever did.

Time to get this information gatherer part of me to let go. I don’t need everything available to come to my inbox, I only want to interact with what feels authentic and resonates with the current version of me.

What does your inbox look like?


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