A Happy Hangover

Sunday was a lovely Mother’s Day for me. I have a great, happy hangover from the day’s celebration.

The family shared a delicious breakfast at my daughter’s house where she and my son and their dad had prepared a feast for all of us – which also included the grandkids, my daughter’s man, and me – before my son went off to work for the day. We laughed a lot and shared memories and even had meaningful conversations, something my family is not known for, for over three hours. I stayed in my center with ease, and whether the others followed my energetic example or just felt into their own centers, it was peaceful, loving, and awesome.

My son patted my right shoulder as he left ( I was sitting and had gotten hugs earlier so a pat was his goodbye). I gasped teasingly, He touched my shoulder! – prompting my grandson to touch my other shoulder. Dramatically swooning like Elvis had touched me, I said, Omgosh, I can never wash this jacket again!! Both my boys touched me! The whole table broke up. Understand, signs of affection from these undemonstrative guys are few and far between…..  🙂

So, I am very grateful I was able to be here to celebrate with them after missing special moments like this for the last two years. Happy hangovers feel really nice.

Love to all you mamas out there, no matter your gender or who or what you mother.  ❤




2 responses

  1. Ah, I’m so glad to read that your Mother’s Day was so sweet for you!!
    Sounds like an absolutely precious time with your family.
    Happy Mother’s Day, Dorothy.

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