The Recalibration

Marshmallow Message
From Kryon Book 13: The Recalibration of Humanity
Recalibration of Big Money

Marshmallow Message

This is a summary on this subject:  You have attacked your own financial systems in the past five years to try and make them fair and to clean out as much of the greed as possible.  Historians alive today will tell you that this would have been an impossible situation in the past, since big money was seen as untouchable. Yet you have disturbed the nest and started planting the seeds of a better system.
This recession you’re in is a re-calibration of big money.  You called them on it, and we told you it was coming almost a year before it happened.  We even told you what would fall first [insurance] and that it would be one of the largest insurance companies on the planet [and it was].
So think about this for a moment.  We could see it coming because energy is like that.  It creates slow, strong potentials that can be predicted.  It’s not over either, since the old system has to recreate itself.
Perhaps you’ve noticed that your bankers are confused.  It doesn’t matter what the government says they are allowed to do, or how much money they are being given to do it.  They’re not doing it!  They are frozen in the headlights of a new paradigm and don’t know how to operate.  That should tell you how new and uncertain this change is – like nothing you have seen.
Now that, my dear Human Being, is a shift of dark and light.  Do you see this?  Integrity won out over abundance and power, and the system gets altered.  It may get altered again, but there will come a day when the ones who have the money to lend must create win-win situations, instead of greed-based systems.

You haven’t even seen these systems yet, but you will.  You won’t believe some of the ideas that the Indigos will think of for banking where everybody wins, and there won’t be those left behind, scratching their heads and asking,“What happened to my house?”  New systems are coming and they won’t be ones that are in your economic textbooks.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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