Catch Up

As you remember, I am currently in NY state visiting family and friends in my old stomping grounds. I am feeling much better than I was for the first week or two, energetically. Most important to me is that I have been able to hold my center and stay conscious during the majority of my interactions with people. It’s also nice to see the mirroring of myself in others via easy smiles and greetings from folks I don’t know. I can’t recall much of that happening before I left. I know I’ve changed a lot so it’s wonderful to see what I saw in Panama reflected back to me here.

This is a good time for me to visit because it’s likely that my daughter is going to have another surgery to fix a long-enduring problem, due to a past surgery and subsequent adhesions. It’s always nice to have your momma with you, if desired, when you go through things like this, and since I was there for her twenty-five years ago during the original surgery, I am more than happy to be here for her at this time. It should be far less traumatic all the way around for all of us, for many reasons.

I have been able to share some lovely times with my granddaughter. She is twelve, soon to be thirteen, and a smart, intuitive, and interesting person. My grandson, a senior, is way too cool to hang with Gramma lol, but that’s okay. We’re good and have also had a bit of time together.

I picked up a few odd jobs to fill my free time and my pockets. It’s nice to have some extra cash and not have to dip into the bank account. I do miss my income from my old job, but NOT the job, the hours, the rules, and the bosses. Also, it seemed like even on the pay I was bringing in back then, it disappeared just as fast. So, when putting all that on a scale, the balance tips towards taking jobs as I choose and living on what I make. I am happier and love the feeling of freedom. Things always seem to fall into line for me when I need them anymore. My needs are met. As Eloheim tells us, the dominoes will stand up for you when you are aligned and centered in yourself. I see that happening more and more for me.

Two days after I arrived, my good friend’s husband died at home and I have been spending quite a bit of time with her. It’s been really good to reconnect with her, something we had let slide over the years.

My kitties have decided to be my magnets. I always have one, if not both, attached to me whenever I am in the house. We all mutually missed each other. However, I have not missed the fur clinging everywhere!


Travel. In July I will be driving to Vermont to meet up with my original roommate in Panama, a Canadian, for a couple of days and also visiting a fellow Eloheimer I met at the first retreat. I am really happy about that trip! Also, in June my family from NJ will be coming to NY for a visit and it will be great to see them again after two years.

The relationship thing with my husband is odd and very cordial. And decisions need to be made. There’s a lot more to it but it doesn’t need to shared.

So, that’s my update. Looking forward to warmer weather here, I have been cold almost every day! I got spoiled in Panama!

Hasta luego!





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