Clarity vs. Certainty

Applicable, practical, actionable? OK, we did our job! ~ Eloheim

For those of you not familiar with Eloheim’s teachings, here is one of the tools and teachings that has helped change my life in the last few years. With great love, Eloheim’s focus is on steps we can take, simple and small changes we can make, to improve the quality of our life. Every Tuesday for the last couple of months, Veronica has shared one of Eloheim’s tools, and today it occurred to me to share them here as well. I wouldn’t be who I am if I hadn’t “stumbled” onto their teachings.

I no longer look for certainty in my life. Trying to figure out the future doesn’t give me anything but angst and creates suffering and stagnation. Staying in the present moment is where I find expansion and clarity. “Certainty is contracting. Clarity is expanding.” Read on for a taste what all this means.


Clarity vs. Certainty

In the fear-based operating system, you are programmed to look for certainty. Certainty says, “I’m not going to risk any change unless I know ahead of time how it’s going to work out.”

Certainty is a fallacy; it is actually impossible to be certain of anything, but the habit of seeking it runs very deep.

Clarity is the opportunity to experience insight. Clarity is only accessible in the moment. It does not come from the thinking mind, but is inspiration received by connecting with your soul’s perspective.

Clarity is, “Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea.” Acting on clarity is a step-by-step process, clarity to clarity. It is not driven by desire for outcome.

Certainty is, “I will not act unless I know how it’s going to turn out. I’m not going to leave this marriage, I’m not going to leave this job, I’m not going to move from this apartment, unless I know where the next man is going to come from, where the next job is going to be, and where the next house is going to be. I won’t leave until I know. I won’t change until I know. I can’t make a difference in my life until I know how it’s going to be.” That’s certainty.

Clarity is, “This relationship doesn’t work for me.” See how it’s just so much calmer? “This relationship doesn’t work for me. I don’t have to know what the next relationship is going to be in order to act on the fact that this one doesn’t work anymore.” That’s clarity. And the beauty of clarity is that clarity leads to clarity. Certainty stops. Certainty is contracting. Clarity is expanding. Clarity says, “Here is insight.” Certainty says, “Until I know, I’m not going to go.”

It’s so much more fun to live from clarity because it always opens, opens, opens. Certainty just closes doors. When you follow clarity, it opens up more opportunities; when you wait for certainty, you can wait a really long, miserable time. In fact, you’ll wait forever.
At times, the cry for certainty can be very loud; however, it is quite fascinating to see how often you are willing to operate in clarity without realizing it.

Let’s say you want to go to the park for a walk. You don’t know who you’re going to run into. You don’t know if you’re going to be warm or cold. It could start raining and you don’t have a raincoat. There are multiple levels of uncertainty and you handle all of them with ease: “Wear layers, it’ll work out. Bring an umbrella or don’t bring an umbrella. Who cares? I may walk alone or I may meet someone to walk with.”

You can do all that and not have to contend with certainty’s cry for attention. However, when you get into other areas, especially the relationship realms (“I don’t know how she feels about me.” “Is he going to want to stay married to me?” “Is my kid going to do well in school today?”), suddenly the demand for certainty is back in charge. Certainty can’t be attained. Seeking it only generates suffering. Notice the temptation to look for certainty; then return to the moment and ask for clarity.


Veronica writes:
This one took a while to sink in for me. I was confused about how to let go of certainty when clarity felt so elusive. However, when I finally realized that certainty was actually elusive and clarity was real, it really was quite a transformation.


My two favorite tools are “I don’t know anything” and “Clarity vs. certainty.” These tools have helped me by turning off “mind chatter” and not needing to have security in all things and choosing clarity over certainty has helped. I am less concerned now about survival needs and requirements but feel for sure that clarity and potentials offer me a greater sense of freedom and peace vs. having to have security at all times before I act.
—J.R., Ontario, Canada


How often this comes up! Certainty now has a visceral “tag” for me. It feels tense, as if I’m boxed tightly all around my body when I’m trying to figure something out. I recall “clarity” and relax into a spacious listening posture. Clarity’s point of reference is right now—open and available to anything new. Insight, seeing into the “clear bead at the center” wherein lies all possibility.

This makes “not knowing” a curious adventure instead of scary. I no longer expect myself to figure things out with my admittedly fine mind. I do expect that my mind will find the words to express what I gain from my insights and when I sense the authentic truth of my heart. A relaxed mind that observes my current reality has more access to intelligent and creative self-expression.

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